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Origin Story?

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Frostmore, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Frostmore

    Frostmore Visitor

    Jan 17, 2014
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    ................................................................About one month ago........................................................
    A flutter of consciousness becomes brighter as the water passes over him, each time taking more dirt and sand with it. Eyes fly open and frantically look side to side while feeling comes back to his limbs. A stay dog passes by, sniffing curiously and cautiously. He reaches for the dog, grabbing it by the neck to help him sit up. He grins wide. Soon he was able to stand on two legs so he walked into the ocean to wash the caked sand from his body.

    Dressed in tattered rags he resented looking like a peasant. It was unbefitting of him. Wandering inland he soon glimpsed a small town. Most wouldn't pay attention he walked by. A local beggar finally acknowledged him. "I didn't think they got any poorer than me!" he said. "Where are we? What is this place?" Frostmore replied. The beggar says, "New Haven of course! You don't even know where you are?" Then he laughs and walks away mumbling to himself." He's right this is New Haven. It's beginning to come back now. On the side of the road he sees a local cobbler at work. Approaching him Frostmore asks, "You cobbler. Where can I find someone from the Order of the Ebon Skull? It is of vital importance." At these word the cobbler dropped the tools in his hands. "The Ebon Skull? Once I might have been afraid to answer that question pauper, but the Order fell many years back. They are no more. Now be gone I have work to do for men who could afford it," the cobbler said as he resumes his work. Gone? Gone? If this is true... I must start anew. All those great lords killed, destroyed, or worse, he thinks, as he reflecting on his own predicament.

    Making it to the bank he picks up a few stray coins on the floor and buys some better looking rags from the local tailor. Back at the bank he see's a knight clad in glittering gold. Looking up at the horsed knight Frostmore again inquires about the Ebon Skull and again gets the same reply. "So it is true then, my Order is no more." The golden knight replies, "I have a new order for you if you wish. Give yourself to Vesper and the city shall return your sacrifice many fold. I am Shadow a Knight of Vesper. Come and present yourself to the Governor. If she deems you worthy you will pledge your word your honor and your sword in service to her." In reply Frostmore humbly agreed, "I will give Vesper my word my honor and my sword." Shadow japed, "Then we better get you in some decent leathers and sword to pledge with" Frostmore laughed. "Aye sir, it would be difficult without one." Grinning with the prospect of a future Frostmore follows Shadoweye to Veseper. One with his bloodline belongs at the forefront society and politics. A feeling of relief slowly washes over the vast sense of grief he feels for his lost brethren.

    OOC: While this post is not verbatim Shadoweye was the first person I met after my 10 year hiatus and brought me into the Vesper community. This is a paraphrase where much artistic license has been taken with the interaction of Frostmore and Shadow.
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