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(OT) Emergency.

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by imported_AstarianJewel, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. I realize this isn't the sale/trade boards. I'm hoping Mystra will cut me some slack due to the nature of the situation.

    My mother (Who plays Lady in Your Dreams in M*A) is in Memphis TN, and her house was one of the ones affected by the tornados. Specifically, a house fire. She's in a hotel and safe, but she's alone, and I feel like I should be there. The cost of an emergency ticket is out of this world, to travel into a disaster area from 2000 miles away. I'm exactly $375.00 short. I have both my accounts for sale, including both my vendor houses. One of them is 18 by 18 right outside the luna walls. There is probably 20 or 30 mil on the account, and tons and tons of items, plus all my stocked vendors and items. Rent alone generated there almost a mil a week. Fully scrolled out 120 Mage/Tamer. All the barbed armor on the vendors, and in stock goes with it. Killer jewels, suits, artifacts the works.

    My secondary account has the legendary tailor AstarianJewel, and a red Necro Mage fully scrolled out to 120 everything. The account is like.. 115 months or something close to that. Both have time on them.

    I'm wanting to fly out in the morning, if flights aren't still grounded out of Memphis International. If there is anyone interested in these accounts, please ICQ me at 315111885 or call me at 252 732 5655.

    If no one is interested, I'll just take out a cash advance and roll out anyway. But Mom trumps UO anyday.



    P.S. I should mention that besides loss of personal property, and a beloved pet, my mother is safe and healthy. No reason to worry over her, M*A people. I simply feel like this is a time when family should be together. That part of the south is a national disaster area, and looks like a war zone. I hate the thought of her being alone.
  2. good luck and safe travels!!!
  3. Is it any cheaper to send her a bus ticket out of that area until FEMA or someone can manage to get in there and clean up the mess? If she lost everything, sometimes its better to get away from it all until the smoke clears.
    This may give ya some more time to raise more money until she can get back to rebuild or revisit the area at a later date. You may try to contact FEMA.gov to see what type of assistance is being offered to the region or residents at this time. It may take a day or two, but they do have federal funds to help those who lost everything.
    Another source of assistance may be the local emergency management agencies, such as Fire Depts. and the Red Cross, or the local counties that were hit by the storms. Rather than putting people up in temporary housing, they may offer bus tickets for afflicted citizens of ravaged areas to stay with family members. Its a long shot, but depending on the local state and federal gov't it may be a while before you could even get a flight into that area.
    Best of luck to you and your mother, sorry to hear about her loss and hopefully everything works out okay.
  4. I understand someone has already sent her a plane ticket. I will leave the details of it to AJ to post but i just love the GL community when we need to pull together !
  5. Aye good work whoever our samaritan is, we may play like we hate each other but in a crunch there we are.

    My prayers are with you and your mom AJ.
  6. Glad to hear that someone could help. Our prayers are with you and your mom, AJ
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Certainly your family is in my prayers. May you all stay safe and sound. I pray things come out alright for your family. Tornado's are such a powerful force of nature. I live in a town once destroyed by one.
    Wishing you the best,
    Jennifer, Willa's Player
  8. Bent

    Bent Guest

    Well I am very glad Dreams is Ok ,I know I had my falling out with MA.

    But this far overides that .

    Family is most important and I am very proud of AJ for realising that and happy Dreams is OK.

    My best wishes for you both and your other sibling at this time and I hope everything works out for Dreams.

    Also my best wishes to anyone else reading here that encountered any bad times due to the tornadoes and storms.

    Sorry I cant help any further but I just went through a month of no work due to weather .
  9. gargomel

    gargomel Guest

    Glad to hear that she is ok, thats what matters, the rest well... We will be in a depression soon enough and all learn to love the ramen noodles. Michigan: 1st state in recession. #1 Baby!
  10. kkgurl

    kkgurl Guest

    AJ, please let your Mom know that Volts & I are both thankful she is alright. Thank god she is safe, it is such a tragedy, but material things can be replaced. Again please let her know we are both thinking of her & we both have her in our prayers....Kandi
  11. mist

    mist Guest

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help or if there is anything you need. Wish you a safe trip.
  12. Zynia

    Zynia Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jun 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Ohh my god Jen [​IMG] I hope everything goes well. I guess this is what that voicemail was about, sorry I got to it too late. My prayers are with you and your family during this time, I'll pm you my new number doll. Good luck!!
  13. Black Betty

    Black Betty Guest

    I should have known better!!!!:coco:
  14. landon27

    landon27 Guest

    You should contact people in her area there are services in the us goverment to help with such a thing. I know your mom good luck I hope things work out well but also use your resource provided by your goverment to try and help. There are also non for profit groups that might be able to help. Good luck jen your pal always.
  15. Black Betty

    Black Betty Guest

    :bs:She isn't in need. This happened in February. She sold the ticket that was sent for her to go see her mom. The ticket sold on Ebay in April. She never used it other than for cash.
  16. Alvinho

    Alvinho Great Lakes Forever!
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 7, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Dude read everything, She scamed the ticket useing a natural disaster and claiming that her mother lost her home in it, then selling the ticket on E-bay. Googleing it i am not sure the place that Lady in your Dreams calls home even belongs to that family, Sanga Farms is what Dreams claimed that her spread of land was called. Which is not that far of a ride to where AJ claims to work on the poker tour as a reporter, in tunica, a hour south of memphis.

    How do I know all this geographical information, Being staitioned in Millington for a year and a half for the rate AT, we spent alot of friday nights in Tunica Ms at the all you can eat lobster buffet
  17. What Sadie is making reference to here is the fact that she provided me with a plane ticket (For which I thanked her profusely), actually a buddy pass which she got from an ex husband who works for an airline.

    While this was wonderful, one of the things I realized I needed was my fiance' with me (to help with clean up) and my car. I sold the plane ticket (For $182 I think) to a good friend of mine, and used the money for gas to get to Memphis. Sadie said through tracking the ticket was sold online. I needed the gas more than the ticket. I also sold all of my UO accounts to pay for the rest of the gas, and two of my computers. In a family emergency, you do what you have to do.

    I actually live in Memphis now. Together, with the help of good friends, we were able to get things in order. The home will be finished in August and inhabitable again. Thank you to those who have kept in touch with Mom (Rhey, Slimy & others) and for understanding why she hasn't been online (Things have been crazy).

    Justin and I were both able to find excellent jobs here, and the farm looks better than it did PRE-tornado. Mom suffered a little lung damage, but nothing unusual for a woman her age and is otherwise healthy as ever.

    I understand if you're angry Sadie that the ticket was sold rather than used. Upon evaluation, being here alone without a vehicle would have rendered me a burden on my already overburdened mother. It was my mistake to believe that it was strings free, and I apologize profusely. If it were not for your help, I wouldn't have been here within a week of the fire, and subsequently able to move here (Which totaled almost $4,000 in the end but was worth it!).

    I will happily PayPal you whatever value you put on the ticket, or at the very least the $182 in gas money it was able to provide. I'm just so happy I was able to be here. I probably should have been in better contact during that time, but now just 4 months later we're still sorting through 30 years of possesions in storage, cleaning, dealing with contractors (A nightmare!) and regaining a semblance of normalcy. My 59 year old mother is cooking off a George Foreman grill in the barn apartment she built because she can't be away from the animals/horses long enough to warrant her to stay in my apartment with me.

    But we're all better for it. Thanks to everyone who offered to help, and for those who purchased my accounts. I'm sorry if you're bitter Sadie, let me know what I can do to make ammends. I don't get by here often, but I will check back.

    (& Charlotte & Justin of Sanga Farm)
  18. Martin,

    You're welcome to call Sanga Farm at 901-754-7686 or 901-888-4141, or visit us at www.sangaparties.com, www.sangafarm.com or perhaps talk to ULT, Lacey, Gemini or any of the dozens of other UO players that have visited the farm and stayed as a guest on the farm over the years.

    You can say what you like about whatever in game persona I had 5 years ago, but there isn't a soul on this shard that can say one negative thing about my mother Lady in Your Dreams. She did suffer a family emergency, a very devastating one, that resulted in my relocation. I don't play UO anymore, so I don't know why I ever care to respond. This is just the typical of what happens here.

    As for Poker Pro magazine, pick up Septembers issue and look for Jennifer Gay, I'm bylined. Or call www.commercialappeal.com the newspaper I work for here at 901-529-2733. You'll get my voicemail, unless it's Monday-Friday 9-5.

    I have nothing to hide, and I don't care to be involved in UO squabbles. I've got to go, I still spend my nights/weekends helping on the farm when I can.

    For those of you who actually care, Mom is doing well and by September 1st at the latest, she'll be back playing in UO as usual. :)
  19. Alvinho

    Alvinho Great Lakes Forever!
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 7, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Wow Something is not adding up, The farm may be finished in August but looking at a certian website this is in the 2008 events

    ***RARE OPENING! 7/26 Morning Day Camp has two spots available due to last minute Cancellation!**** EMAIl [email protected] or call 901-888-4141 and someone will get back to you ASAP***

    Funny that there are sold out events at your familys farm, The home will be finished in August and inhabitable again. Habitable means you can live in it a Reporter should know that
  20. Black Betty

    Black Betty Guest

    Sorry, too little too late. After messages left on your cell phone and via ICQ and no response For MONTHS trying to check in with you and see how things were, now you are going to offer to pay for monetary value of the ticket? AGAIN, the tickets are NOT to be sold. You were wrong. You said what was needed, and then changed your mind. If they were such a good friend, why not just lend the money to you? You were wrong.

    I messaged you back and you didn't respond when you tried to tell me that you sold it to your friend. And now only because it was made public are you going to respond? Nice and typical.

    The anger I feel is mostly directed at myself for trusting or feeling compassion for someone that I should have known better.

    This had NOTHING to do with some in-game persona, but rather REAL LIFE ISSUES.
  21. Alvinho

    Alvinho Great Lakes Forever!
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 7, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Dreams is a Liar and a back stabbing person seems like the daughter didn't fall far from the tree, Funny you mentioned all the names that check on her, as they all were in a clique and took advantage of folks who were in a group when they ran it.
  22. Zynia

    Zynia Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jun 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Sadie, she didn't answer my messages or texts either. But I don't hold that against her.

    Jen, I'm glad to hear everythings getting better and I hope you'll be joining your mother in game soon. It takes a lot to pick up your entire life and move back home no matter when or what happens. Your gorgeous apartment, and starting your life all over again there and having to move away so soon must have been rough. I'll always be here for you, even if I did miss you when you were in CT! Take care of yourself hun.
  23. Black Betty

    Black Betty Guest

    When a person waits until it is made public to offer an explanation like this, sorry, it doesn't jive.

    Yes, it made me angry. Yes I feel like it was lied about. Making it public doesn't equal me being bitter. Bitterness for me is not an option. I refuse to allow anyone that kind of control over me, sorry. Anyone that has known the history between AJ/Jen and I would know that it took a LOT to trust enough to send the ticket.

    Bringing attention to this was NOT to create a 'let's bash AJ' event, but rather to bring it to the attention that things like this do happen. I'm sorry, but when the only time you answer your phone or any messages is to get items/money from them and then no responses for 5 months, it doesn't sit well, sorry.
  24. landon27

    landon27 Guest

    THe cost of gas .its cheaper then a plane ticket. Also is this a good place to bringing your private info into a public forum? I would never tell anyone where my folks live or that they are in trouble. Use a car its faster
  25. Luvs2PvP

    Luvs2PvP Guest

    Betty, I am shocked that you got took by AJ. You have always impressed me to be highly intelligent as well as most amusing in your responses. Not that what I think matters. But at least you tried to do a good deed, so although it cost you plenty in cash, you're still an awesome lady.
    Trusting AJ is like trusting Reno.
    She has even tried taking UO accounts from people that trusted her r/l, fortunately they changed their passwords before she had the chance. I'm sorry this happened to you Betty.
    AJ shame on you, will you ever change?
  26. ice6

    ice6 Guest

    I don't usually post here and hell I don't even know any of these people involved in this post other than seeing them around the forums and passing by in game on great lakes. But anyhow this supposed deception and controversy caught my curiosity so I called on my good friend -PUBLIC INFORMATION- to see what's going on with the Sanga Farm these days. Here's what I found out:

    Property Location and Owner Information
    Parcel ID: 091054 00005
    Property Address: 800 SANGA CREEK RD
    Municipal Jurisdiction: MEMPHIS
    Neighborhood Number: 00610A00
    Land Square Footage: 263755
    Acres: 6.0550
    Lot Dimensions: 163 X 1617.98/1618.17
    Subdivision Name:
    Subdivision Lot Number:
    Plat Book and Page:
    Number of Improvements: 1
    In Care Of:
    Owner Address: 800 SANGA CREEK RD
    Owner City/State/Zip: CORDOVA, TN 38018 6573

    2008 Appraisal and Assessment Information
    Land Appraisal: $ 161,400
    Building Appraisal: $ 283,300
    Total Appraisal: $ 444,700

    Total Assessment: $ 111,175

    So this mystery farm does in fact exist. But does that mean it was really damaged? Was there really a devastating storm out there? Well ever so conveniently Shelby County Tennessee requires by law that all building, residential improvements, AND repair require a building permit.

    The Sanga farm has had a total of 3 permits filed for and approved since it was built in 1986.

    Date of Permit Amount of Permit Reason Permit Number
    05/06/2008 40000.00 REP B1000660
    05/17/1994 19000.00 IMP 137094
    09/11/1985 75000.00 CON 259350

    So there you have it. The original permit for construction which started in 1985 completed in 1986, a permit for 2 stables and a swimming pool in 1994, and a permit filed for building repair in May 2008.

    I'll refrain from spreading around my own personal thoughts on the subject. I will let the rest of you take that part up. Just my contribution towards finding out what the truth is. Or at least part of it.
  27. Karsalyn

    Karsalyn Guest

  28. Luvs2PvP

    Luvs2PvP Guest

    After reading the other post I understand now. I have never flown so I didn't understand. My apologies. Still case in point, even after the property proof. AJ is not a good person, she (being a reporter and one would expect above average knowledge and intellect) would have known the rules. I have delt with AJ in the past and know for a fact she is a self destructing, self centered, power hungry, greedy person. I expect nothing but the worst from her. Her guilt of hurting another is minimal at best. She will respond or contribute to posts or hell, anything for that matter when there is personal gain only.
    My condolances to anyone hit with the AJ virus.
  29. Black Betty

    Black Betty Guest

    Let me be very clear about the problem. The problem is not whether the farm was damaged or not nor if it exists or not. The problem is that she sold the ticket instead of using it for what she stated she needed it for. Minimizing the effects of what she did by trying to moralize her actions didn't help appearances.

    She did not respond to many messages over 5 months left on her cell phone, ICQ and this forum. Suddenly, within an hour of the thread being posted she wants to respond? That's just ********.

    Luvs2 is correct with the picture he painted.

    This was not to try and start a "let's bash Jen thread", but rather to honestly warn others of the risks. Again, I knew better.
  30. angie

    angie Guest

    Sorry, but it looks like trusting this "girl" is like trusting your kids to a baby sitter named Jeffrey Dahmer. Why is she allowed on these boards and in the game at all?
    Guess cheating is welcomed in uo. And now rewarded.
  31. FDAU

    FDAU Guest

    The whole thing was pretty low class Jen. I thought maybe you were maturing as you grew older. Sad to see your still that self centered. People offered to help you and in turn you are threatening their very lively hood. Your trying to rationalize it is very self serving. If you couldn't use the ticket it should have been returned WITH your heartfelt thank you. Not sold for a quick buck endangering someone else's carrier to get what you want. Low class, self centered useless piece of human flotsam. That about covers AJ/Jen.

    Betty a weekend booking at the "farm" would be an excellent opportunity to get her alone and "express your displeasure" my monies on you lady. Your right though you should have known better. Trash will always remain trash no matter how much they try to pretty it up.
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