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OT: How would you deal with a cyberbully?

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by RedDaTeef, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. RedDaTeef

    RedDaTeef Guest

    Ya know some one who is repeatedly(ever few days) sending nasty emails. All with the attempt to hurt ones feeling (my wifes).
    Someone who I know, not game realted however. Not living in the same state as me or other wise would have already taken care or it.
    The emails aren't particularly vulgur or threatening, its just that they are full of lies and allegations with the intent to hurt ppl.
    I've blocked the email address but he continues on from othere email address'.
    I've also told the guy to stop sending, along with a few choice word of my own, but to no avail.
    So any advice on what I could do in this matter.. would be appriciated.
  2. Goron

    Goron Guest

    honestly? just don't open the emails...

    next step is to change your own email address.
  3. Trep

    Trep Guest

    change your email

    i have all important emails routed through a pseudo address that just redirects it to whatever address i want...and anything else (junk, personal emails) sent to the specific address...

    if i start getting crap....i change e-mails....all my important stuff still can be sent to the same address and redirected to the new one but the junk stops.

    works pretty well.....cant help you right now but it would fix the issue if it happened again
  4. JasmineSP

    JasmineSP Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 23, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I wouldn't have responded to him. Now he knows that what he sends is being read and bothers you/her. I guess that's what he wants, so don't give it to him anymore. I'd change my email address too. If he starts making anything that sounds like a threat, don't forget to save a copy. You might need it later, but let's hope not.
  5. I get a lot of sick e-mails everyday from weirdos. Just delete or (spam) all the creepy stuff and ignore it. They're really not worth your time.
  6. Zip

    Zip Guest

    From my MacBook I'd bounce the emails. They've been working on adding the functionality to Thunderbird for a couple of years now, but I haven't seen any goodness yet.
  7. GoodGuy

    GoodGuy Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    duh change your email. Then hire someone to kill his cat.
  8. ayahuasca

    ayahuasca Guest

    isn't there some kind of stalking harrassment law that would pertain?
    Don't forget the astronaut that drove 60 ga-zillion miles with the diaper. You may not want to delete the e-mails if he is indeed a fruitcake with some screws missing. You might wish to save them, and report him, to create a history and a paper trail about this fellow, if you think it might be necessary.

    On a side note, don't you know anyone in his sstate of origin?
  9. Castor

    Castor Guest

    restraining order through the cops/courts.

    the police are becoming more savy on this stuff and harrassing emails are no different thant harrassing phone calls in the court of law
  10. Quira

    Quira Guest

    As they said, switch to a new e-mail address, or if that is not possible (because too many legitimite people have your address) try something like MailWasher, it will send the mails back as if your address doesn't exist.

    Kind regards
  11. Mogluk

    Mogluk Guest

    which state do you live in? there are a handful of states that now have cyber-bully laws. And in all reality it may be something you may have to confront. is it libel? are they printing it in a public forum? you may be able to pursue defamation of character.