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OT important all millitary AFFES

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Saris, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Saris

    Saris Guest

    I have had my tax refund taken from me by AAFES everysince I got out and was given a disablity rating of 70%.

    They have so far colleceted about 350% more than I owed and have not obeyed laws involving FMS debt.

    It is not just me, though I have not taken part in it yet, there is a class action law suit against them for the very same reasons.

    They rip off those who serve and those who have served and those who gave up so much.

    I ask all military personel to cancel their star card and to boycott AFFES,
    We do not live in a corperate republic so why do we let buisness tell out goverment what to do.

    We fight for freedom around the world and we should start to fight the corrution in our own government as well.

    By using AFFES we support their cause of robbing soilders and its funny, WALMART is cheaper and you can get a differnt credit card for less interest than they charge if you military right now, I ask for help cause I can't fight them alone.
  2. RenaLynne

    RenaLynne Guest

    Yea...my husband made the mistake years ago in Boot camp of getting a card. Bit us in the ass bout a year ago when they notified his captain he had an outstanding bill. Funny thing is...we never used the card and never got any notices. We were charged over 200 dollars in fees just for having it and not charging anything and they never sent us one bill! :gun:

    Anyways, my husband ending up getting his promotion postponed because of it and you can imagine the embarrassment. So yea...nice way to stick it to the ones who serve (or have served). Unfortunatly its hard for overseas and hazard area military to boycot AAFES, but we def cut that dirty lil peice of plastic up.
  3. Zodiac19

    Zodiac19 Guest

    Sounds like you should have paid your bill on time then AAFES would not have put a garnishment on you. Also AAFES is not part of the military they are a civilian company that is contracted by the U.S. government to supply services to all of our military men and women around the world.
  4. Saris

    Saris Guest

    UMM I know that, they garnished 10x what I owed them and I am a disabled vet, its the whole reason I am not in the army anymore.

    I think they prey on the military not serve them.

    How come they get special rights to my tax money and Visa can't?

    I know they are not goverenmet silly, I was in 11 years.

    They are a greedy lot is all I know.

    The hate I have for a buisness that dictates policy in a democrocy is extreem.

    defending them is wrong if you realy know whats going on

    Also if you become disabled during war and no longer work and they pay you just the right amount to survive how do you ever pay off something that compounds on you.

    I may never put a dent in the company but I can try, and you would not want to be the general in charge of AAFES(yes they have one) or the presisdent of AAFES and meet up with me in a dark alley cuase ill take all that money back out of ya in hospital bills.
  5. eolsunder

    eolsunder Guest

    Yep its just another civilian company which screws the military, just like many other "support" companies that the goverment turned over to private contractors and friends to rake in money.

    So what they did was take the money and jobs that the military used to do (cook, clean, supply, etc) and pay civilian companies 2x the cost to do. You think Haliburton and similiar companies are cost effective? hell no, they are expensive to maintain, and their presidents/ceo's rake in the cash because the CIVILIAN government turns military matters over to civilian companies.

    The military is suppose to be run by civilians, not composed of it. Many crooked politicians turn over government jobs to civilian "friends" to make cash. Look at all the jails in the US that are now privately run, not state/federal ran. Did you know that the FDA, a government agency which is suppose to oversee drug companies, is funded by those same drug companies? You think they are impartial?

    Private companies are in the business for the money, not the effort. No civilian agency exists for the purpose of helping who they are created for, they exist to make money. Haliburton isn't there to help the soldiers, they are there to help themselves, and maybe the soldiers.

    Thats why the military is in such bad shape. Low numbers, civilian run agencies providing support at 2x the cost. Thats money that could be used to provide soldiers. Increase recruitment, more benefits. Yet it goes to greedy rich private company pockets instead of building troops.