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OT: Poetry Thread (there are enough RPers here to make it work)

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Braelynn Aria, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Braelynn Aria

    Braelynn Aria Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 29, 2004
    Likes Received:

    I wander around in a world unwanted, and forgotten, lost in a life unforgiving. In misery I walk through life with pain and strife. Who am I, I don’t even know. My life is torn, how many pieces I cannot find, the wind takes them, hides them, toys with them as it toys with me and my emotions. Love is but a word I do not know the meaning of, lust is all I feel…silence is where I am lost. Just one look from you and I would soar, could fly, but it would only be a temporary fix. The high would be gone too soon, leaving me lost and unfound. Pass me by and smile like nothing, the emptiness is behind it, swirling and surrounding me. It’s all there is now, all there can be. Nothing can harm me, nothing can free me. Why am I lost, why can’t I see?
  2. LizzyT

    LizzyT Guest


    Blackened sky on a crisp, winter day,
    Windblown tears streaking my cheeks.
    I am walking you out of my mind,
    Or am I?
    You call to me over and over;
    I try to ignore you but am powerless.
    I claw for air.
    I taste the morning on my lips,
    Feeling the sun billow in through gaping windows.
    Is it finally over?
    Your messages fall on deaf ears;
    Reality washes me clean as I smile again.
    You are a memory.
  3. Tis' one of me' favorite poems written by someone who is dear to me, and I shall forever remember and keep her' in me' heart.

    The Elven Dance

    O ye' who dance among the trees
    With endless grace and tireless ease
    Would it disrupt yer' song to speak
    Of who ye' are and what ye' seek?
    We circle through the forest green
    In patterns left to ye' unseen
    And when the sunlight lights the sky
    To other places we must fly.

    O ye' who fly into the night
    With eyes that shine like stars and light,
    Please tell me now where do ye' run
    When ye' depart from day and sun?

    With light that ye' will never see
    We travel over rock and tree
    Yet in the blazing glare of dawn
    Our own devices must be gone.

    O ye' who flee from sun and day
    With strange enigmas ye' must play
    To be so wary not to tell
    Of who you are and where ye' dwell.

    We would inform ye' of our thought
    Yet even willing we could not
    Albeit you will wonder why
    We must instruct ye' not to pry.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That's lovely. Would you object to sending me via ICQ her real name? I would love to save that to my computer and maybe sometime put music to it, but I like to give credit to the author(s) when I have the info.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just to prove it can be done, here's a little poem I wrote for one of my UO characters, named Heart of the Rose

    Heart of the Rose (c) 2001 Jan Kelson

    She stands before her bank box,
    And gazes pleased within
    At treasures, trash, momentos,
    Of what her past has been.

    A sapphire dark as midnight,
    A deep and royal hue,
    Given as reminder of
    Her own eyes’ pretty blue.

    A sack of flour--worthless
    But to her treasured is.
    Reminder of the differences
    Between her height and his.

    A book by one named Refti,
    To thank her for her care,
    And two by one named Wesson,
    Whose love she could not share.

    A cup and dice so thinly shaved
    To land a certain way,
    Used one night for kissing games,
    She quickly stole away.

    A bit of cheese to tease him,
    A feather from a hen,
    An ale bottle not quite full
    All speak "remember when?"

    A spyglass given by a friend,
    To tell her always try
    For love and friends and don’t despair
    If they aren’t found nearby.

    A rose that whispers softly
    Of someone’s name now gone,
    Though Mugse isn’t with us now
    His memory lives on.

    Her bank holds many weapons strong,
    And armor made of steel
    But it’s the worthless little bits,
    That Rose’s heart reveal.
  6. Publius

    Publius Guest


    Blackened trammie on a crisp stake,
    Windblown tears streaking his cheeks.
    I am makin you cry,
    and you hate it
    You call to me over and over;
    I ignore you, and smile.
    I throw the good loot on the ground.
    I taste the fresh victory on my lips,
    Feeling the ownage billow in through gaping windows.
    Its not even close to over over?
    Your messages will carry on forever;
    Reality washes me clean as I smile everynight.
    You are not even a memory to me.
  7. LizzyT

    LizzyT Guest

    Thank you for literally making me LOL.

    ODE TO THE *******!

    Newbie guild,
    Afraid to acknowledge their own inferiority
    Behold the heathens,
    Afraid of mediocity
    Trapped in obscurity,
    Plagued by obesity of cranium
    And constant proliferation of profundity.
    They, like the rest before,
    Will vanish with time
    Becoming what they fear most--
  8. Hey, all you poets! Come to Elen'Mar on Sunday evening and display your skills! Prizes for the best story/song/poem. Socialize with Elves, humans, and One Smelly Old Dwarf. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Great elven ale available /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif See the Origin events calendar
  9. Pirotess

    Pirotess Guest

    "A Dark Day In Doom"
    by the Lady Pirotess

    The other day, just on a whim...
    I went to Doom, singing this hymm.
    As I wandered, through its dire halls...
    Admiring corpses, strewn on the walls...
    I started to wonder, if maybe...perhaps...
    I should be cautious, of dark nasty traps.
    Then...lo and behold, did my eyes see...
    "Lord of the Abyss" staring at me.
    I straightened my dress, and brushed off my hat
    And marched right up to where the Daemon sat.
    Its eyes looked at mine, and filled up with dread...
    That grew as he heard each word that I said:

    "Go away! Begone! You can't be here!
    Nor mongbats, nor plague beasts, nor creatures of Meer.
    This dungeon is Doom, this isn't your spawn!
    And so I say that you must BEGONE!"

    His nostrils flared flame as his eyes opened wide,
    He leapt to his feet and then tried to hide.
    But sadly, too late...the Dev team caught on.
    And banished him back to his native spawn.

    I lived, yes indeed...yet the point is moot.
    'Cuz he left no corpse, and I GOT NO LOOT!
  10. LizzyT

    LizzyT Guest

    lol nice!
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

  12. What a way to start my morning lol, I come to check the boards and lol ye' got me laughing. I must say those are all really quite good, and funny.
  13. Odio-o

    Odio-o Guest

    Cheating is a crime against oneself,
    Hardening the insufficient heart.
    Each finds in lies an easy path to pleasure,
    Abandoning the way that leads to joy.
    The choice is ever open, but the gulf
    Increases as the actor plays his part.
    No one who cheats can cherish long his treasure,
    Given what of hope lies can destroy.

    ~Nicholas Gordon
  14. LizzyT

    LizzyT Guest

    TY Robert Frost:

    Love and a Question
    A stranger came to the door at eve,
    And he spoke the bridegroom fair.
    He bore a green-white stick in his hand,
    And, for all burden, care.
    He asked with the eyes more than the lips
    For a shelter for the night,
    And he turned and looked at the road afar
    Without a window light.

    The bridegroom came forth into the porch
    With, 'Let us look at the sky,
    And question what of the night to be,
    Stranger, you and I.'
    The woodbine leaves littered the yard,
    The woodbine berries were blue,
    Autumn, yes, winter was in the wind;
    'Stranger, I wish I knew.'

    Within, the bride in the dusk alone
    Bent over the open fire,
    Her face rose-red with the glowing coal
    And the thought of the heart's desire.

    The bridegroom looked at the weary road,
    Yet saw but her within,
    And wished her heart in a case of gold
    And pinned with a silver pin.

    The bridegroom thought it little to give
    A dole of bread, a purse,
    A heartfelt prayer for the poor of God,
    Or for the rich a curse;

    But whether or not a man was asked
    To mar the love of two
    By harboring woe in the bridal house,
    The bridegroom wished he knew.
  15. Odio-o

    Odio-o Guest

    Love undoes its heritage quite slowly,
    Spinning like a planet through its dust.
    Sometimes it feels like hatred, sometimes mourning,
    Sometimes pain long paralyzed by rust.
    Sometimes shame of past humiliation
    Wrings the heart with hands inured to toil,
    And once again some drops of unspent fury
    Spill upon the dry and barren soil.

    Ay, me! When will it end? The seasoned sorrow
    Of unforgiven trespasses of old?
    No matter new love blossoming! There's somewhere
    A place within untenanted and cold.

    ~Nicholas Gordon
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Cold blows the wind to my true love,
    And gently drops the rain.
    I've never had but one true love,
    And in green-wood he lies slain.
    I'll do as much for my true love,
    As any young girl may,
    I'll sit and mourn all on his grave,
    For twelve months and a day.
    And when twelve months and a day was passed,
    The ghost did rise and speak,
    "why sittest thou all on my grave
    And will no let me sleep?"
    "Go fetch me water from the desert,
    And blood from out the stone,
    Go fetch me milk from a fair maid's breast
    That young man never has known."
    "My breast is cold as clay,
    My breath is earthly strong,
    And if you kiss my cold clay lips,
    You days they won't be long."
    "How oft on yonder grave, sweetheart,
    Where we were want to walk,
    The fairest flower that e'er I saw
    Has withered to a stalk."
    "when will we meet again, sweetheart,
    When will we meet again?"
    "when the autumn leaves that fall from the trees
    Are green and spring up again."

  17. LadyTalia

    LadyTalia Guest

    A column reaching to the sky
    Raining tendrils of flames

    Emerging from the very belly of the beast
    Waves crashing down over her enemies
    Wiping away their futile existences.

    A face within the blaze
    Eyes filled with rage, a smile filled with venom.

    An inferno of malice
    Forked tongues that dance like snakes
    Reducing all they touch to cinder and ash.
  18. TizzyL

    TizzyL Guest

    Darkened haze and whispered wills
    Lost upon torrential seas
    Drifting, drifting ever faster
    to the one who calls to me.

    Winter snows and harlequin moons
    Play their games with light and vision
    Swirling, stirring ever higher
    to the one whose love I seek.

    Baited breath and pulses racing
    As two entwine as one,
    Touching, holding ever closer
    to the one who is all I need.
  19. TizzyL

    TizzyL Guest

    BTW, beautiful stuff, guys...=)

    Soldiers of fortune
    in two sullen rows,
    Marching ever onward
    wherever the war goes.
    They are lost in a game
    of violence and chance,
    Caught in the moments
    of dangerous stance.
    Soldiers of fortune
    in sullied fatigues,
    Finding God for the first time
    on bended knees.
    They know they will
    make it back home again
    But will it be as men
    or in pinewood come what when?
    Soldiers of misfortune,
    too numerous to recall,
    we pray for you safe return,
    one and all.
  20. Orvago

    Orvago Stratics' Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    <font color=8B0000>My oldest Niece wrote this, she just turned 10, not sure if she got it from somewhere or made it up, but it is really nice I think.<blockquote>Love

    Love isn't just believing,
    Believing in your loved ones heart.

    But does anyone ever,
    Ever do their part?

    Their Part of Loving and Caring,
    So are some just not barring,
    Barring to Love?

    Love is not just a feeling.</blockquote>
  21. azmodanb

    azmodanb Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish....

    This one had a little car ...

    No even better ...

    Twas the Night before xmas,
    And all though the house,
    Not a creature was stiring,
    NOT EVEN a MOUSE!!!!!

    *shakes head*

    Isn't there a writers forum?

    BTW: nice poems.
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm with azmodanb, Ill sit back relax and enjoy all your peom's but never ask me to make one lol.
  23. TizzyL

    TizzyL Guest

    Two pieces I wrote quite some time ago:

    As the embers die
    And fade to night
    The sky grows dark
    The stars' guiding light.

    The voyagers traveled
    Without a sound
    Through rush and bow
    And into a little town.

    The innkeeper says,
    in a husky tone,
    "What brings your fearless group
    Out in the night alone?"

    No one utters a word
    As the gold is paid
    And they leave for their rooms
    With not a sound made.

    The innkeeper wonders
    As he heads into bed
    Will I be killed in my sleep?
    Should I have turned them away instead?

    When he wakes in the morn
    Our pilgrims have left
    And he thinks to himself'
    "I had no reason to be bereft".

    The travelers, by this time,
    Are in a forest dense
    On their way to crystal waves
    Upon the seas immense.

    And when they reach that fateful place
    Will the road have been too long?
    Perhaps they should havestayed at home
    And not come along.

    But they know the fruits of adventure
    Lie in the travels we make
    And that in every life there is a time
    And a risk that we must take.

    We follow our heart, our faithful guide
    And wind the path so true
    And when we reach where we have sought
    It is betterthen we knew.

    Sometimes a thicket comes
    And stops us on our track
    But the path is never easy
    And on it, we can't go back.

    So make your choices wisely
    For in the end it seems
    That the path you take today
    May end in peril or in dreams.


    Fallen Sister

    She spoke to me by firelight
    And we shared our secret worlds.
    I came to think of her as sister
    Though we were such different girls.

    She had a glow about her
    That one could not mistake
    And on that fateful evening
    Her spirit, it did break.

    She closed the doors on happiness
    And bid all joy farewell
    And expressed to me her undying hope
    That love would break her spell.

    I saw that hazy glare
    She had in the firelight
    And feared the worst for her
    When she rode out of sight.

    But as a loving sister
    I mounted and gave chase
    Though her steed was sound and speedy
    I was able to keep pace.

    I found her in a grotto
    With tears streaking her eyes
    I asked her what I could do for her
    And she said, "End my lonely cries."

    This gift, you see,
    I could not give
    Her torment, I couldn't ease
    And her ardent moans rolled over hills
    In the echoes of the breeze.

    And on that day I found her
    The sun was in her hair
    And the beauty of her rounded face
    Was more then I could bare.

    I cried alone that evening
    As I sat by the firelight
    And mourned my fallen sister
    Who was not with me that clear, crisp night.

    I will not forget my sister
    No matter where she may go
    For she was more to me
    Then she will ever know.

  24. LadyTalia

    LadyTalia Guest

    This is another one of my favorites. I wrote it sometime ago for a friend and I thought I would share it

    One morning from the rooftop a raven did spread it's wings, lifting to sky to glance down upon the world as it soared.

    It was a beautiful morn...

    It flew and it flew till no longer it could
    and somewhere in the afternoon it settled to the ground, to sleep away until the calling of the moon.

    It was a lazy afternoon....

    The hours did pass, and the seasons did change.
    But there in that tree the raven did peacefully lay. Not knowing that it had slept so long, it opened it's eyes and began with a song. A song dedicated to magic and lore. A song that could not be mimicked by flute whistle or piano chord. A song of greeting to the pale moonlight, that is when it realized not all was right.

    It was a strange and Devious evening.....

    To the sky it lifted again, cocking it's head. Some how while in the hours of afternoon the world had changed and darkened with gloom, and there below a war had settled in, a war that had no visible casualites, no blood soaked earth. This was a war a war with in.

    It was hard to understand...

    And so to the earth the raven swooped, following the sounds of crying. and there on a window sill the raven did land.

    This had started as a beautiful morning...

    "Why oh Why" a voice did exclaim. The raven he tilted his head, and cawed the figures way. Saying in his own special way "Do nay be sad, be glad ye live this day!"

    This morning she should have stayed sleeping...

    "Oh magical bird, oh beautiful bird have ye come this day to witness my end. My heart it is barren, my life it is cold. My dreams they are shattered, this life has grown old."

    So was the saddness foretold, the heartbroken moment
    When love did fold.

    The raven now he could not speak, all he could do was sing. His voice echo'ed on so peacefully. He found himself wishing he could dry her eyes, take away the pain and tell her it would be alright.

    The Maiden she was stunning....

    "Would ye love me, what if I was to come to ye and offer myself to thee. Would ye take me into thy heart, would ye let love grow, will it be a new start."

    So was the pledge of forever, where the rains did fall light as a feather. Where the thunder boomed in the heat of the night, where magic did happen and passion did ignite.

    And so the Raven fell in love....

    Now that eve had passed, and time marched on. The Maiden had all but forgetten the Raven's song. Till one eve she looked to her window bare, and remember the promise of love she had made there.

    So it is told that love is eternal...

    Was it true, could it be. The bird that had soared so peacefully. That had sung to her that very night, when her heart was broke, and life was not right.

    Is love truly never-ending....

    From her cottage she ran, to the skies she did stare. Hoping and praying her Raven was still there. In all the memories the two did share. She had forgotten as of late to remind her Raven she cared.

    Is the nature of Love Forgiving....

    "Sing for me once more Bird of Mystical Lore, Sing for me sing for me, open loves door. I am here, just as I always have been, thank ye dear Raven for ye are my truest friend."

    So was the offer of friendship...

    See it was said that love came in all shapes and all size. It never announced it's self, one only knew when it arrived. This was a love she could never forget, a love she could not replace, a love that could not quit. For the Raven had been there to dry her tears, calm her panicks and surpress her fears and even now When the Raven thought she forgot. She reached out her arms, for she simply could not.

    And so the wheel turned once more...

    Her heart almost broken, the tears stining her eyes. She turned from the stars that filled the evening sky. Just as her feet found the path to her door. The song began again, her Raven had come once more.

    And so they were brought back together...

    It was said in a story she told her grandchildren, during a time when the snows covered the earth and they knelt upon their knees thanking the Goddess for their birth. That she would always tell them just before they closed their eyes to look out the window and bid the Raven good night, for even though he had been gone many a year. His spirit and song always lingered near.

    When I told you I loved you I meant forever....

    Now she laid upon her bed, her last breathe she did draw. Her eyes simply closing, and we heard a caw. Out in the tree such a perculiar sight two raven's sitting side by side.

    And We knew the had found each other.....

    Talia 7/01
  25. TizzyL

    TizzyL Guest


    That was beautiful, Talia =)
  26. LadyTalia

    LadyTalia Guest

    Thank you =)
  27. TizzyL

    TizzyL Guest


    Morning beckons,
    It's time to rise.
    I roll over slowly
    and see my angel's eyes.

    He kisses me gently
    and envelops my waist.
    I close my eyes
    in his delicious embrace.

    He pulls away slowly;
    I'm sorry for the kiss to end,
    but life is calling
    and to it we must attend.

    He gets up from his side
    and I from mine;
    I head off to the internet
    to pay some bills online.

    He walks the dog,
    I feed the girls;
    in a crazy universe
    our little life unfurls.

    But throughout the day
    in the minutes I'm alone,
    I think of him in our bed
    and I can't wait til I get home.

    All my stresses dissipate,
    all my pressures cease.
    My angel's eyes are watching over me
    And I can finally find peace.
  28. Orvago

    Orvago Stratics' Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    <font color=8B0000>In an effort to reduce the ammount of stickies, this has been set back to normal.
    However, for the time being, it will not be automatically purged by the database.

    *bump back to page 1*
  29. TizzyL

    TizzyL Guest

  30. TizzyL

    TizzyL Guest


    &lt;br&gt;Morning beckons,
    &lt;br&gt;It's time to rise.
    &lt;br&gt;I roll over slowly
    &lt;br&gt;and see my angel's eyes.
    &lt;br&gt;He kisses me gently
    &lt;br&gt;and envelops my waist.
    &lt;br&gt;I close my eyes
    &lt;br&gt;in his delicious embrace.
    &lt;br&gt;He pulls away slowly;
    &lt;br&gt;I'm sorry for the kiss to end,
    &lt;br&gt;but life is calling
    &lt;br&gt;and to it we must attend.
    &lt;br&gt;He gets up from his side
    &lt;br&gt;and I from mine;
    &lt;br&gt;I head off to the internet
    &lt;br&gt;to pay some bills online.
    &lt;br&gt;He walks the dog,
    &lt;br&gt;I feed the girls;
    &lt;br&gt;in a crazy universe
    &lt;br&gt;our little life unfurls.
    &lt;br&gt;But throughout the day
    &lt;br&gt;in the minutes I'm alone,
    &lt;br&gt;I think of him in our bed
    &lt;br&gt;and I can't wait til I get home.
    &lt;br&gt;All my stresses dissipate,
    &lt;br&gt;all my pressures cease.
    &lt;br&gt;My angel's eyes are watching over me
    &lt;br&gt;And I can finally find peace.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I was just notified that I am a semi-finalist in a poetry contest for this poem. w00t!