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[OT] Ruffles'/Freya's Discussion on Modern Society/Children and Whatnot

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Freya/Passion, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Heres a list of what Freya would do if she had 12 kids;

    Bath them, feed them, hold them, kiss them, play with them, read to them, teach them, take them to the park, take them to the zoo, go camping, stop and smell the flowers with them, teach them how to hunt, fish, cook. How to be women, how to be men. How to plant a bean plant, play with sidewalk chalk. How to share, how to be respectful. Take them to the library. Hunt Ladybugs. Take them to school everyday and spend lunch with them. Take them swimming. Make coolaide. Make popcorn. Watch The Little Mermaid. Cleaning the house, washing dishes, doing laundry. < that in itself would take all day with 12 kids > Last but not least I would teach all my child about the procreation.... And the importance of not having children so I can play on the game all day.
  2. Ruffles

    Ruffles Guest

    Well jolly good for you. Let's see...First I am not blessed with 12 children, we have 9, and the last two are adopted. Eight of the nine are 5 and under, and take naps. THAT is when I actually get to sit down and play UO. Somedays, I get to PvP, somedays I don't depending how naptime goes and IF they LET me play. We are blessed to have a successful business and have hired help to do the "Cleaning the house, washing dishes, doing laundry" as well as help with the youngest 5 that are 2 and under. It's a matter of safety with so many so small. My children get to watch television as a treat, maybe once every two weeks. We live on a Station (Ranch for you Yanks). We bake bread, have a 3 acre garden, can and freeze our own veggies and fruits. We raise sheep, horses, goats and have 3 dairy cows. We have hands that help, but the children all participate in helping according to their ability.

    We also have dance lessons, karate & music lessons, volunteer at the local shelter. My older two, 11 & 5 can feed a baby kitten or kangaroo with a bottle and understand and appreciate the fragility of life.

    When the little ones get older, we will take trips to the museums, zoo, theater, etc. We did go camping at the beach when the fires got too close to the station last year, but camping wasn't an experience they are quite ready for yet. My oldest is certainly not deprived. He can sail, fly a plane, ride a horse with the best of them. He also plays UO, but with some of the language and attitudes at the gate, well, he has to wait until he is 14 to PvP. Doesn't like that, but hey...you know what it is like.

    As far as teaching our daughters to be women? I will do that. But, for raising our sons to be men? I 'm going to let my husband handle that, as he is an extraordinary man.

    One of the things I am instilling in my children, is to treat ALL people kindly and don't draw conclusions based on what you assume. We also try to teach them to show respect for other regardless if you feel that respect for them.Also, to use self control in your actions and thoughts. The youngest 5 are still working on that, but I can see the older 4 practicing what we are trying to instill.

    What makes me wonder, Freya, is why you are so condeming that I have my children and take 3 hours a day to have time to relax and enjoy time with adults?

  3. morgawr68

    morgawr68 Guest

    Ruffles is doing a good thing by adopting and raising their own food. saves a lot of money and is a lot of work. good job!
  4. Well besides being speechless, I'm alittle impressed Ruffles. My concern is with today's society, and the lack of parenting. The social structures of family is greatly declining and more and more young children are left to their own to feed and entertain themself. My feelings of concern have now been replaced with jealousy. So congrats lol.
  5. Ruffles

    Ruffles Guest

    Why thank you, Freya. My husband and I are aso concerned with many of the negative influences in todays society. We are blessed to have the choice to live where we do which minimizes the impact on our children.

    Heavens! Don't be jealous, imagine trying to potty train 2 year old triplets... no sane person could be jealous with that :p

    6:30 am here, children are waking up, and my working day has begun....hopefully, if all goes well, see you at the gate in 6-7 hours :) You bring your mount and I'll bring my bow :p

  6. Well honestly Ruffles don't take it personally, its just a game to me and thats how I play. I would never want anyone to be personally hurt by my comments. I take what I know about people and turn it negative. I mean are you guys surprised haven't you seen the drool on my chin the club in my hand?

    On the fact of children, I just cry myself to sleep, spend as much time with your babies, EVERYONE, I'd hate to see another Colisto Dumb in the world.
  7. UO's Old.

    UO's Old. Guest

    You can only hope to raise them right, but as far as raising a football team? Please, most people pop out kids for welfare, and as a tax increase at the end of the year. I see it all the time parents using their kids for money, and stamps. It's disgusting.

    To all you kiddies, make sure you actually really want kids before you jump off boat.

    I don't have kids, and do not need to have kids to pull myself away from UO months if not years at a time. Your addiction to UO you created, and let control your hours. No amount of children is going to remove the thoughts of UO from your head.

    Just get out and mingle, sheesh.

    and can this be moved to UO off topic? Seriously.
  8. Ruffles

    Ruffles Guest

    Look at the title...it says [OT] You DON'T have to read the thread...you CAN pass it over.

    Maybe for you and maybe others UO is an addiction, but for me its a relaxing thing to do while my little ones nap. If I am having fun, I'll play while they nap. If it ceases to be fun, I find something else to do.

    One of the things that totally amazes me in game and irl, are the negative assumptions people make regarding each other and the need to share [sarcasm] "insights" [/sarcasm] with others.

    Did you even read my post? let me make it simple.

    All our children were planned. We have 3 sets of multiples (twins-triplets-twins). The last two were adopted.

    We can afford them. Both my husband and myself are successful in our respective careers before we started having children, though I am taking a 5 year hiatus while the babies are little, he is not.

    Tell me where to "mingle" unless it is for business reasons and right now that is seldom. My priority is my family...I guess you could say we mingle among ourselves for now.

    I Do agree with ONE point. Make sure you want "kiddies" before you have them, especially if you are addicted to ANYTHING. They deserve the best of you.
  9. Ruffles

    Ruffles Guest


    Not totally sure who you are at the gate, haven't seen Freya or Passion there. Are you Don't Shoot? or spankalicious? I'm not the best nor ever even hope to be at PvP. I DO have fun when I can get there and play. Just come and have fun.

    Before he was in COP, I didn't like CD much either. Once he joined I found I was wrong. He can be caustic and abrasive in his taunts...but I think that is just his style of play. He's really a nice guy that enjoys enthusiastically playing the game. In my guild we PVP to kill people without prejudice. This does not endear us to the other PVP guilds of Sonoma. But, think about this...for some its much easier to PVP against someone you "hate" than it is to PVP against someone you are friends with. CD just makes ya love to try to kill him :)
  10. I am sometimes Don't Shoot, its very easy to tell, If you can kill Don't Shoot its me. But because of my addiction I have 4 accounts so you may also see me at the gate as Demos/Perseus... and a few others. I can't give all my secrets away.

    And yes, I have to hate people to kill them, I'm much to much of a softie .. So yeah thanks for making me not hate you now its gonna be real hard :wall:
  11. Black Majick

    Black Majick Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 14, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Its easy to dislike anyone with a COP tag. I just think of a few select members that are in COP I dont like and picture whoever I am killing as them!
  12. Ruffles

    Ruffles Guest

    I know what you mean Freya! It's hard to attack someone you like. There are a few "blues" at the gate I like and respect as PVP'ers. Rant Casey, XXX, Chief Wahoo, Spank, Bre Alle Bleu, Skull...to mention a few.

    What I do is think of them as opportunities to improve my PVP skills. Most of them I hope understand that its not personal when I attack, but playing a game and having fun. I know that some of them also feel the same way so understand. When you see me, it will help to think that we have the opportunity to improve each others PVP skills :)

  13. TrustMeInc

    TrustMeInc Guest

    Ruffles is an absolute Diamond!

    Nuff Said!