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OT Threads!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Ovrkill, Aug 21, 2008.


What to do with the [OT] Threads

  1. Maximum of 3 [OT] threads allowed. Any others will be locked.

    3 vote(s)
  2. Create an [OT] Sticky thread that all [OT] posts go into.

    7 vote(s)
  1. Ovrkill

    Ovrkill Guest

    I belive it was last year... hmmm maybe it was even the year before (been doing this too long!) that it was decided there would be no more then a maximum of 3 [OT] threads on the first page at any given time.

    Looks like i have been lax in forcing that rule, and there is currently 8 [OT] threads on the first page. Thats quite excessive.

    A lot of people come on here to read things about Oceania UO, which is what the forum is here for, and get a little tired of constantly seeing [OT] threads flood the first page.

    So Im going to give you 2 choices....
    1: Stick to the maximum of 3 [OT] threads at any given time on the first page, locking any older [OT] page
    2: Create an [OT] sticky thread that everyone can post all of their OT stuff to their hearts content. This thread could be used as a discussion thread for anything outside UO, just as long as it sticks to the roc and there is no infractions. This will also mean that any [OT] thread outside of this one, will be locked and left to drop.

    Of course, if you folks want #2, then we would have to come up with a decent name for it.

    Thoughts ??? (be constructive, and dont break the roc)
  2. Given that the forums are not overly active I would just leave it as is......but thats just me. I mean I would rather see an OT then not see anything posted for weeks.
  3. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    I kinda understand the idea of 3 max, cos of people not wanting to wade through so much OT stuff - BUT, having said that, the forum's kinda mostly dead in regards to actual, in game, oceania specific stuff too =P

    In a way to OT sticky might be good - 'cept for the fact that sticky threads really suck, cos as habit your eyes kinda slide right past them to get to the "real" threads (well, when I say "your", I mean "my" =P) which is why I never understand why people want events stickied - much better to bump the thread every day IMO - hrmm, totally got of the track there didn't I? But also having ALL OT discussion in one thread makes it harder to actually carry on a conversation

    Maybe up it from 3 to 5? Leaves a bit more room to have a conversation, about irrelevant to game stuff, without being over the top for people that really don't want to see it?

    Alternately, a sticky, where people can post pictures, and then 3 assorted OT limit? I'm just looking at the ones that are on the first page at the moment - things like that egg thread could go away and get merged with the one (if it still exists) in the taming forum, or wherever it is now, if there was a picture sticky, Amathists incredibly psychedelic zebra could go in there, so could Jah's cool human sign.

    Just thinking out loud really, I do that a lot, verbal diarrhea I think it's called ;) Actually, since I'm typing, not talking in this case, would it make is digital diarrhea?
  4. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    this is the first i have heard about no more then 3 OT posts before. sure your not making it up? :p
    Oce is SOSOSO quiet, and ot posts are the thing that keeps the forum active most of the time.
    if your going to stick in some silly rule then make it what teeshy said 5. 5 is a good number!:thumbsup:
  5. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    aye..there are some shards that dont have a new topic on anything for hours if not days on end. Not saying what shard...due to the fact I cant remember for the ale and sea water in me blood right now..but still..

    Not saying every topic should be OT. that would get very annoying..but on the same side..The pvpers have there thread to vent. Anyone can post about almost anything else if they wanted to. heck if they even know about stratics and the help it can bring them..

    So aye..5 is a good number. if every thread is OT..then ya..its pointless..but having a few here and there doesnt really hurt. :D Im sure something can be worked out. :D

    If you put it in a sticky..then I have to go thru Every comment to find the one that I want to know. Which is not really that bad to be honest. But when a thread has 200 posts with 190 differnet subjects matter it does get tiring... :D

    If ya delete it..then its gone for good and someone is going to get hurt.

    Just let it run its course down the thread to page 2 and 3 and so forth. If it does get to much lock it then go from there. Most of us read these boards at least once a day or heck at least once or twice per week. Nothing goes as fast as the threads on UOhall.
  6. Jahira-Tor

    Jahira-Tor Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 3, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I dont remember ever hearing about that. But anyway, imagine of all the OT threads wernt here, theres nothing else happening atm!

    Id also like to point out that if anyone was posting anything else the OT posts would ofcourse be moved down and eventualy out of the main page, but due to complete lack of anything else happening thats not the case. This does not mean there are excessive OT posts. Just that there is a lack of anything game related...

    This is quoted from the RoC. There is no rule about a specific number of OT posts allowed, just that excessive topics will be dealt with on a case by case basis. As far as im aware forum mods are unable to create rules.

    Quoted from RoC-

    Off Topic And No Text Posts:
    "Q. Off Topic (OT) are not prohibited, but should be posted within reason. There are some topics that are not appropriate for the forums. All posts are subject to these rules. Excessive OT posts will be dealt with on a case by case basis."
    Also please note Off Topic posts should have [OT] in there topic line. Similarly, any posts with just a question or statement in the title line that contain no text, should have [nt] in there topic line.
  7. Ovrkill

    Ovrkill Guest

    Excessive OT posts will be dealt with on a case by case basis

    and im dealing with the EXCESSIVE OT posts that are currently on our forum.
    I tend to agree with the others, that 5 will be the max i will allow on this forum at any given time. Any OT post that i deem is not worth being here, will be instantly locked, and or removed.

    Yes I can make the rules on our forum Jahira, part of our job is to put in plece measures that accomodate our forums needs, in this regard it is the amount of OT posts, another example of this is the PVP thread and the rules i put in place for that thread to exist.

    Even though the thought of a picture thread is nice, it would just open the doors to a lot of trolling and personal insult, so im going to have to say no to that one.
  8. I respect you Ovrkill and consider you a friend, however I just feel this might be a bit obsessive action. You are in Control without a doubt but I ask what harm has really been done given the lack of use of our forums. And it is not like all relevant topics have been pushed under or to the side they are having equal input added to them.

    You are trying to keep peace I understand that BUT I feel perhaps over reaction is now happening. Threads have been recently locked that where harmless fun and now OT. I know this is a game forum for our shard but it is also for our community that includes when we are away from the computer or it would not include such events as meet ups and so on.

    Just my two cents and said with utter respect as I do not envy your job and understand you cop banter from all angles of all arguments. But perhaps take a step back on this issue and even discuss it further with other moderators before coming to a conclusion.

    I also see your comment about the picture thread and sorry but other shards manage to have these. It may cause extra work for the moderators but some people are mature enough to share pictures and get to know the people behind the characters without it turning into a flame fest or a troll. The simple answer is deal with those who break the roc not to punish those who act within it by cutting them off from things because of those few.

    NOTE: As such I have selected neither poll option because I do not agree with either respectfully sorry. As I was up front and said to you in icq I have also sent this thread to Orvago just to get his perspective and input. As I feel outside judgment is needed and perhaps a better way to go. I do not mean that disrespectfully but things of late have made me feel perhaps you are burnt out or over burdened. Again all is said with utter respect and open honesty.
  9. Jahira-Tor

    Jahira-Tor Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 3, 2005
    Likes Received:

    As i said, i dont think that there is excessive OT threads here. There is simply a lack of anything else to push these threads down or space them apart from the game related ones. Of all the 7 OT threads currently on the first page (not 8) no one has more then 2.

    Shiney new trash talk - 18th of Aug by Katlene
    I want one - 20th of Aug by Ama
    Warhammer - 21st of Aug by UOPODCASTING
    Human Sign - 21st of Aug by Jahira-Tor
    Wedding announcment- 20th of Aug by Ama
    Dragon eggs - 6th of June by Lady Arden
    Colin the whale - 22nd of Aug by Jahira-Tor

    I think having 2 OT threads is not over the top. If you want to set a personal limit to how many OT threads are started i cant see the problem with that. How bout 3 each, seeing how you like the number 3?

    Not a single one of those threads broke the RoC.

    Edit: Im curious about somthing. If you were to be allowed to make a limit of OT threads allowed on the forums, how would it work? I mean, is it first in best dressed? Or do we post our threads and you simply delete what you think isnt important to you? What happend if you post a new OT thread becuase theres room for another but then someone bumps up old ones? Are we not allowed to go back and post in an OT thread thats gone past the first page? Would you simply lock any thread that you feel isnt valid to you? :coco:
  10. Ovrkill

    Ovrkill Guest

    lol no, 5 in total is as far as its going to go. 5 is fair and reasonable. We will see how that goes for now.
    3 per person is an Ovrkill *chuckle* think about that one for a minute.... you might have to use to fingers and toes to count it out.

    oh and there WAS 8, your forgetting about YOUR own olympic thread.

    Penny, the picture thread would be a disaster in our forum right now, and i think you can agree with that one. To create a picture thread would be an uphill battle for me to keep watch on it. So at least for now we will leave that out of the equasion. Im not rulling it out all together.
  11. ack you posted while I was updating...I do not doubt some would make a picture thread...shall we say hard work BUT I still do not think everyone should be being punished and treated like children for the simple fact we are not and it is allowed on other shard forums.

    I believe that however if the people who make it hard are punished and posts deleted things will just go on as they should...and as your warning thread stated that would include people who responded (remembers she has to be a good girl too).

    As for your rule on the OT threads again I do not see why there has to be one...NOT at this time any way because the forums are just not busy enough to warrant it. And perhaps you are creating more work for yourself by a task that is not needed.

    And perhaps acting too many steps in front to try and jump in front of things going wrong.....only that may or may not happen.

    IF the forum became super active and busy busy busy then yeah okay such a rule could be needed but for now I think you will just make the forums a wasteland further.
  12. Sneaky Que

    Sneaky Que Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 14, 2006
    Likes Received:
    The problem here is that apart from the PvP thread, this forum is basically dead, barring the odd post here or there. The Oceania forum is a place for players on the Oceania shard to converse, regardless of the topic as long as it is within the RoC, not that having a RoC means anything at all anymore (obviously). Thats not a dig at you Ovr, or any Mod, it is not your fault the internet is the way it is.

    I just say let the OT threads be, maybe make a sticky "General discussion" thread for people to use to chat about whatever also. Don't put a set limit on them as this will force you to Mod things that you probably shouldn't. Just play it by ear.
  13. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    I was going to reword what I meant by picture thread, but I can see no matter whether it's just a "post a humorous picture" thread, or a thread that allows real-life pics as well, it could be trouble =P

    I don't actually like real-life picture threads much, they always lead to the same thing, someone posts cos they think they're gorgeous, and then 20 people post derogatory comments to disabuse them of the notion =P And who wants to read that, let alone force someone else to moderate it? =P

    And on a totally unrealted topic - why is this smiley called "coco" :coco: Shouldn't it be loco? or cuckoo? Or... something not coco?

    *edits* And I'm voting on the poll for maximum of 3, even though I mean 5. That's just not there as an option =P
  14. Fink

    Fink Guest

    How about stickied-OT's? That way we don't have to vie for places. Plus we won't run into trouble with people reviving old OT's and exceeding the limit or pushing out more current threads. If we're working to a limit of three, I'd call them:

    [OT] Recent News (topical stuff)
    [OT] Picture Posts (bandwidth sinks)
    [OT] General (everything else)

    They'd only ever take up as much space as the Max-Of-Three rule, but they'd be a little more organised than All-OT's-In-One. Also any OT's outside this structure could be removed without drama (one would hope).
  15. Doesn't the fact that the OT thread about OT threads has received a lot of response speak for itself. People like to read them and reply to them just as much as normal threads.

    BUT even more to the point is normal threads still have a high if not higher post count so the OT threads are affecting nothing except to make the forum look busy and to give us something to read.
  16. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    Why? As Ovr said, it was decided on last year, or year before, it's not like he's just deciding to be an arse and bring in an abitrary new rule. PVPers have to put up with PVP stuff only being allowed in the one thread, at least we're allowed 5 OT threads ;)
  17. Sneaky Que

    Sneaky Que Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 14, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Wrong country. :p
  18. Can we add to the poll the option of 5 OT and the option of Just Leave it for now. Cause the options we have been given just do not cover everyones opinions.

    And we can not say Ovr is over moderating (personally) because he has at least asked us our input alot of others would have simply just gone ahead and done it. - and he says he is acting on an old decision...I don't remember it either but I also took like months off from the forums at a time so that isn't saying much.

    I think if we all just put forward our ideas without turning it into a sling match or a DOWN WITH THE MAN protest we might actually get listened to.
  19. Jahira-Tor

    Jahira-Tor Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 3, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Wrong forums anyway... :thumbsup:
  20. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    I do actually remember that rule. At least, I remember a discussion about the over abundance of OT threads, and a decision being made, I don't remember the specifics unfortunately.
  21. Ovrkill

    Ovrkill Guest

    if i was over modding, i wouldnt have bothered to have asked for you all to discuss this. I would have just done it.

    Thank you teeshy, at least someone remembers, and i think i know a few others who do as well.

    Discuss this, dont turn it into a troll fest of personal insult.

    I make a pic thread afte3r all, and see how we go with that ?!?! but i would need your help to make sure it actually works and doesnt go down hill.

    Its not easy!
  22. Thank you for the picture thread.....I shall behave myself and report those who do not without trolling them back.....can I have more chocolate now????
  23. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest


    You expect people the share chocolate? =o

    Oh, wait, he's a man, he might ;)

    *carefully hides her block of rum 'n raisin dark*

    Picture thread should be fun - I expect a HUGE amount of lolcats ;)
  24. strange enough I do not like rum and rasin chocolate BUT I love the ice cream.
  25. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    Oooh, any idea how YUM it is to like crush up the rum 'n raisin chocolate and sprinkle it over the rum 'n raisin ice cream?


    *stops derailing thread* Sorry! I'm hyperactive tonight =P
  26. Yeah Farscape, can definitely picture Ovr and Mijac faking kids ages so they can perform in the Gymnastics......

    I just find it funny that one week you all complain about too little and now its too much moderating. Get over yourselves and if you do have a problem with a less interesting forum, make some threads that have something to do with the game.
  27. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    stuff rum n raisn!! Ice cream shop here has some gelato sorta stuff but its ferrero rocher flavoured i had a taste today and *drools* is good next time im down town im going to get myself a cup of it :D

    Be stuffed posting pics of RL pics on here again, i know im no super model, but after being called and continually called a fat walrus after a pic i posted of me 9 months preggers with odema, i seriously couldnt be bothered.
    Good luck to anyone else that does though.

    LOL cats i can help with. Over the course of a few weeks i looked through the entire lot of pics in the i can has cheeseburger site, yeah sad i know
    I saved all my fav pics so ive plenty to post up hehe.

    Ive not voted on this poll either as i dont like either of the options there.
    If its going to happen, id prefer the 5 per front page.
  28. Fink

    Fink Guest

    All to'ing & fro'ing aside for a moment:

    I think as much as anything else, there's definitely a place for OT posts here from an e-community standpoint. Just about anything you legitimately post here could be funnelled to another forum, but it usually means more to hear the contributions & feedback of people you already know. People rarely value the opinions of complete strangers.
  29. Request To Ovrkill about photo thread - I know you want to set rules for it and sticky it but is it possible for you to move the pictures from the one that was started that fit into your rules just so we dont have to repost ..........I SO LAZY I know.
  30. Has a decision been made yet will more options be added to the poll or will we receive 5 OT threads or 3...what be the result oh mighty moderator gods. *grins*
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