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Overpowered Superdragons...

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by noxyoursox, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. noxyoursox

    noxyoursox Guest

    Is it me or are the superdragons way overpowered? They are really nice for pvm but people are starting to bring more and more of them to the pvp side..just b/c they are IMPOSSIBLE to kill 1v1. The damn things take 3/4 of my life in 1 spell! They need to cap these on the pvp side and leave them alone on the pvm imho.
  2. To reference one of your responses to another post on the sonoma board,

    "Are you crying? Please take your sob stories somewhere else b/c no one cares. Thx"
  3. RenaLynne

    RenaLynne Guest

    Actually theyre not impossible to kill, just difficult.
  4. Scratch

    Scratch Guest

    they are overpowered in pvp for sure

    trammies have 4 facets
    fellucians have 1 facet

    this made the trammies jealous
    so they griped on stratics
    they got rune beetles and bakes and reptalons
    but they were not enuff for the trammy to survive
    so they griped more
    they got the super dragon
    120 tame lore vet, a bola, and an all kill macro is all that the trammy needs to lay claim to all 5 facets

    yes dragons can be killed
    it takes a group of people just like any other champ boss doom boss or event monster
    at the hands of a trammy
    they kill player chars with ease using bleed bite and 60 point fireballs against an all 70 suit

    all kill isn't and will never be considered a pvp template
    its more of a monkey template considering that a monkey can learn to push two buttons in sequence rather fast using only a banana as a motivational learning tool.

    a single player has no chance of killing a super dragon on his own before he is killed by said trammy pet.

    this is unfair and overpowered and anyone stating otherwise is obviously an all kill button masher hiding behind a 900 hp meatshield.

    there is no balance in pvp that requires a single person to weild such a powerful pet
    superdragons should not be allowed in fel at all. its what makes fel a pvp zone and not a pvm party for the trammies. you want to play in fel build a pvper not a petvsplayer char

    tram is >>>>>>>>>>.
  5. noxyoursox

    noxyoursox Guest

    Couldnt of said it better myself...
  6. Bouche835

    Bouche835 Guest

    Just the kill the tamer.
  7. Scratch

    Scratch Guest

    you go kill the tamer with 120 parry and maxed out overpowered dci before the dragon eats you

    ill watch as you show us your expertise
  8. Mongbat Kid

    Mongbat Kid Guest

    Wah, get a tamer and tame your own then
  9. Shanna

    Shanna Guest

    You all forget that a superdragon is still AI. You can run faster than it and they get stuck on corners. Also, you can invis or can use pots. Once the dragon is away, you can kill the tamer easily because they have to be on foot.
    But in a tamer's defense, it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time just to get your taming at the point where you can control of those guys. Plus with so many "pvpers" speed and heal scripting, some "so called trammies" need any advantage given.