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Overwhelming amount of misses

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Pinky Pepperpow, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Am I the only one that noticed that there as an abnormal amount of misses lately? When I say abnormal, I mean very noticeable missing. Not one here and there but repetitively missing. Especially in boss battles.

    I was in Mint today (w/3 other stratics members) and I just about ran out of tune up. My lure and drops would hit 1 out of 4 times. Same with everyone else. It took us almost an hour to get out of the bullion mint.

    Not only that but 3 toons dropped a cog and only one drop hit. Same thing has happened to me with throw.

    I'm a 120 and was with other high level toons, but if I were much lower I would have died....IN A MINT none the less!

    We all logged all the way out of TT and it the misses were very infrequent after that.

    I don't know how many OMG's were thrown out during our mint battle, but it was a lot!

    Just wondering if anyone else experienced this.

  2. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Yes, we did use up all of our OMG's
  3. Holocog

    Holocog Guest

    We were sitting there waitng for things to miss. It was funny.:lol::lol:
  4. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    The OMG's were being flung around, thats for sure. The hits and misses were the strangest ones I have ever seen. That first run we said we were going to make it fast and use sound, but I think we all but ran out of those by the third or fourth battle. I only had about two canes left when we got out of there. I go in with 2 lipstick, 3 canes, filled dust and bean bags. We waited for the miss, right after the SOS toons hit card, and were not suprised when we missed then too. It only worked for that round. Then we missed again, and again, and again, and again. Sorry, scratch on the record.... rolleyes: But at least one of us kept it in perspective. I started to get frustrated and I think was Bonzo who kept saying he was in hysterics. I remembered it's just a game and ended up laughing so hard I was crying by the time we got out of there.:popcorn:

    But WOW you guys are troopers and you have no idea (well maybe you do) how much it meant to me that you stuck with me so I could get my bux. Gran, Pinky, and Holocog you are AWESOME, GENEROUS, TOTALLY THE BOMB, WOOHOO folks. :grouphug:
  5. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Bean bags? :coco:

    Are you saying that even with the SOS card your gags missed, or that it only worked for one round and then the gags were missing again?

    If it's the first one, then that's weird indeed. SOS cards usually have a higher success rate, although not 100%.

    If it's the second, then that's normal. Toons hit is a 1-round only card.
  6. Holocog

    Holocog Guest

    Bean bags=Juggling cubes get it? lol and After the sos card our luck was flushed down the drain again....:sad3::sad3:
  7. yeah, it was just weird all together. Never saw anything like that with misses unless using weak gags on big cogs. Looks like it was just a fluke thing and it's all better now....well untill today with all the maintenance...

    and it was bonzo who kept us on a positive note and not too frustrated. I know I typed an "I QUIT" a couple of times...lol...but then we just expected the misses instead of the hits.

    Oh well, hopefully that's a one time thing!
  8. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    rolleyes:It was the next round that missed. We knew it was going to happen, just felt like it was inevitable.:popcorn:
  9. kiwi115

    kiwi115 Guest

    that happened when i SOSed franz neckvin!