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Owain Surrey Speaks at Counselor's Guild

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Solomon Wright, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. This evening, while evading a Britain innkeeper under the spell of the Shadowlords, I ran into Emissary Annendora and Owain Surrey. I will post a clean transcript below, but for those who do not wish to spend their time reading its entirety, the points of interest are as follows:

    - Emissary Annendora has only had one wedding registration so far, for the marriage of Va’lis Razele and Melina Gerson. For more information regarding this wedding, see the following thread: http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=122579

    - Emissary Annendora has no direct relationship to Casca, and is not involved with politics or the business of the king. She suspects Kasaven's interest in Casca to be involved with his disappearance.

    - A woman named Justine, whom Annendora calls "obnoxious", is closely related to her.

    - Owain Surrey is having restless nights, but has no new information regarding Kasaven's kidnapping.

    - Regarding the whereabouts of Avery and Ricardo, Owain stated Sherry the Mouse would probably know more, which might explain the mouse traps around Britain and at the Luna moongate.

    - Owain seems despondent regarding the loss of his wife and child. When it was brought to his attention that death is not permanent in Britannia, he explained that some tragedies were so horrible that a spirit may choose not to return to the living. Could his family be resurrected? Can Owain's desire for vengeance be consoled?

    - Regarding the Trinsic claim by the Purple Guardians of Honor, Owain stated he was British's augur at that time, but was not privy to or concerned regarding the specifics of what British awarded.

    - Owain can teleport and become invisible at will, without incantation. This sometimes involves lightning.

    - In one of his dreams, Owain saw the secret council that elected Casca as king holding office underground. He said it was possible it was under Blackthorn's castle, but he was not sure.

    - Owain promised to try and date the messages he leaves, so that the chronology of events is more clear to citizens who check in for his communication. This request may be relayed to Kasaven, as well...assuming he's alive, of course.

    Transcript follows.

    -Solomon Wright, Sosarian Monk
  2. Transcript with brief descriptions regarding the appearance of Emissary Annendora and Owain Surrey at the Counselor's Guild in Trammel's Britain on Sunday, 01/25/09...

    I awoke at the North Side Inn, shocked to find the innkeeper I had checked in with the night before in a state of rage.

    You see: Hazel (Hatred)

    Aware that she had come under the influence of the Shadowlords and was ultimately innocent despite her attacks, I evaded her by running to East Britain, where I found an epic battle between conjured energy vortexes, pirates, generals and wyrms underway. After healing those involved for a bit, I returned to the wedding registration office, where I encountered Emissary Annendora...

    You see: EM Annendora
    EM Annendora: Oh my
    Solomon Wright: Good evening.
    EM Annendora: Hello
    Solomon Wright: The citizens of Britain have been overcome by the influence of the Shadowlords.
    EM Annendora: Aye!
    Solomon Wright: I would recommend staying inside.
    EM Annendora: I hope that we push them back soon
    Solomon Wright: There are warriors to the east dealing with the situation.
    EM Annendora: wonderful
    Solomon Wright: So how has the wedding planning business been going, my friend?
    EM Annendora: *frowns* Surprisingly I only have one official registration. Perhaps once the word gets out more I will see more registrations
    Solomon Wright: In times of great unrest, celebratory rituals are perhaps secondary to righting the ship.
    EM Annendora: Aye, true. That was an interesting speech you gave so says Justine
    Solomon Wright: Justine?
    EM Annendora: Aye, I suppose you have not met her
    Solomon Wright: No, I'm afraid not. Maybe in time.
    EM Annendora: A quite obnoxious woman, comes about sometimes
    Solomon Wright: *nods*
    EM Annendora: She and I are almost like sisters *smiles*
    Solomon Wright: A positive relationship to have with another.
    EM Annendora: Aye, its like I can read her mind nearly. A handy tool to have
    Solomon Wright: For certain. I regret I don't have any bonds like that to speak of.
    EM Annendora: Perhaps in time
    Solomon Wright: Perhaps. *smiles* Any word from Owain on Kasaven's disappearance?
    EM Annendora: There is a book, have you read it?
    Solomon Wright: Aye, I did. On the shield.
    EM Annendora: Well that is all I know as well
    Solomon Wright: *nods* *fidgets*
    EM Annendora: Yes I know, quite cramped
    Solomon Wright: Just a little. *smiles* But we make do with what we have.
    EM Annendora: We had around 20 people in here the other night. At the same time, I might add
    Solomon Wright: Sounds like a circus act.
    EM Annendora: Aye, was the night of the speech when i got hit on the head. I still don't see how an EM gets captured
    Solomon Wright: Yes, have any additional memories regarding that incident returned to you?
    EM Annendora: *shakes head*
    Solomon Wright: So, what is your role, in relation to Casca?
    EM Annendora: None
    EM Annendora: I do weddings, he is the new King I have heard of his speech
    Solomon Wright: *nods* Is your position as Emissary condoned by the King?
    EM Annendora: Aye, in a way. I don't get much into his politics. But then again I haven't bothered to put my nose into the Kings business. I fear that is what led to Kasaven's current..... state
    Solomon Wright: There is a whisper on the winds as of late. A movement stirring. The people of this shard are discussing organizing themselves for self-governance, as an alternative to an imposed monarchy.
    EM Annendora: Hmm. Now that would be interesting to see!
    Solomon Wright: I know you are not involved with politics...however...the aim is to increase population density, encourage cooperation and strengthen community. This would, theoretically, increase your business a bit. We are trying to determine the population's scale.
    EM Annendora: Aye, Catskills has a fair population. You do have a very nice community
    Solomon Wright: The concern is that while you apply the adjective fair, the population decline has been substantial. We have some high quality organizations currently operating. The goal is to increase their accessibility and interaction.
    EM Annendora: Wonderful. Though, I hope they can find a safe spot to meet!
    Solomon Wright: *glances over* Did you just see...lightning? *looks out the window*
    EM Annendora: Hrm, strange
    Solomon Wright: Pardon me. An investigation might be in order. I will return shortly.
    EM Annendora: Alright
    Opening door...
    Opening door...
    Solomon Wright: *looks puzzled* (It is here I notice a stack of coins that was previously on the floor had moved to the top of a candelabra.)
    Opening door...
    EM Annendora: What did you discover?
    Solomon Wright: A poltergeist, perhaps. Coins being placed on candelabras. A box that flickers in and out of existence.
    EM Annendora: Hrm, I was here the whole time. Why on earth would someone do that
    Solomon Wright: *shrugs* That would seem a bit...random. *listens* I hear thunder again. Quite the curious evening. Wyrms invading the capital.
    EM Annendora: Aye, I should dispatch Justine to check it out
    Solomon Wright: A wedding planner with only one registration. Thunder and lightning and strange moving coins. I will let you get back to your work. It has been a pleasure to meet you.
    EM Annendora: It is nice to meet you
    Solomon Wright: I hope your head is feeling better.
    Opening door...

    Hazel is still in the thrall of the Shadowlords, and is still intent on separating my head from my body. Still intent on evading her attacks and doing her no harm, I find my attempts at nonviolence interrupted by a robed stranger...

    A Robed Stranger: Vas Flam
    Opening door...
    Solomon Wright: Greetings.
    A Robed Stranger: Why bring such demons here!
    A Robed Stranger: Vas Flam

    I recognize the man as Owain Surrey, and watch as he uses a hybrid of invisibility and teleportation that requires no incantation to easily bring Hazel down. I run back in to the wedding registration office to Emissary Annendora...

    Solomon Wright: He keeps fading in and out of view. A curious ability.
    A Robed Stranger: *looks at Solomon*
    Solomon Wright: Greetings, Mr. Surrey.
    A Robed Stranger: good day, why bring such evils here?
    Solomon Wright: The people of Britain are crazed, but still innocent. Try not to kill them so hastily, aye?
    Owain Surrey: When they strike at me, I will strike back
    Solomon Wright: That is a fair attitude, I suppose. But technically, they were attacking me. *smiles*
    Owain Surrey: *shrugs*
    EM Annendora: Hrm
    Owain Surrey: Why bring them here, then?
    Solomon Wright: Oh, the doorstop stops their advance. That is why I entered this building.
    Owain Surrey: I see.
    Solomon Wright: Have you learned more of Kasaven's disappearance?
    Owain Surrey: nay, sleep has brought me no solace. Nay I rest but rest does not come
    EM Annendora: Excuse me

    Emissary Annendora leaves for the Counselor's Guild next door.

    Solomon Wright: Your dreams...have you had a prophecy?
    Owain Surrey: I have slept little and when I slept, I have dreamt only of death.
    Solomon Wright: Hmm.

    It is at this point a lighting bolt crashes down, and I see, through the window, that Owain has teleported into the Counselor's Guild next door. I follow, and find him engaged in conversation with Annendora, with a small audience beginning to assemble.

    Opening door...
    Owain Surrey: Marriage most oft ends in heartbreak
    Tropicana: lol
    EM Annendora: *eyes Owain* Shush
    Solomon Wright: It actually depends on demographic factors, Owain. Class, age, geographic location...
    Owain Surrey: Oh?
    Solomon Wright: Aye, marriage as an institution can be quite stable. It simply depends. We'll have the first Emissary-guided wedding here shortly. Annendora has one scheduled.
    EM Annendora: Aye, a lovely midnight ceremony
    Owain Surrey: through death do we part reigns all too true *sighs*
    Tropicana: lol
    Solomon Wright: Some believe the connection made lasts beyond death. And oddly enough, death in this realm is very transitory. A simple spell, and we return to flesh. So I can't imagine that vow makes a terrible amount of sense here.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Depending on its circumstances
    Solomon Wright: Aye, I suppose that is true.
    Lord Owain Surrey: a death of such tragedy, one may not want to return amongst the living
    Solomon Wright: Non-existence is different from disincorporation.
    Lord Owain Surrey: and then they just end up another tortured soul, a skeleton in the graveyard
    EM Annendora: hm
    Solomon Wright: *nods*
    EM Annendora: I have work to do, if you will excuse me
    Solomon Wright: Be safe, Emissary.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Aye,, good day Lady Ann.

    Emissary Annendora leaves the building for parts unknown.

    Lord Owain Surrey: Have you done anything to search for Kasaven, Solomon? or do you merely preach?
    Solomon Wright: *smiles*
    Tropicana: lol
    Solomon Wright: I have been throughout the lands, my friend. Both in search of Kasaven, and cataloguing the mouse trap locations. We only had success with the latter.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Aye. I apologize, the last days have only brought me great pain and stress.
    Solomon Wright: The dreams, or something more?
    Solomon Wright: Rel Sanct

    I attempt to bless him, but find my spell has no effect.

    Lord Owain Surrey: Pointless dreams, the state of the land. All too many things have gone wrong and I have been no where to help
    Solomon Wright: Existence is unfolding in the manner in which it must. We can torture ourselves with judgment of what we perceive...or we can allow the ebb and flow to carry us to its conclusion.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I suppose, but we can influence its course
    Solomon Wright: On some level, I believe that attitude is practical and positive. And I am actively involved with trying to facilitate that here, through community-building.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I rather be the dam the stops the river than swim the same course until my lungs fill with water
    Solomon Wright: An interesting turn of phrase.

    It is here we are joined by Jean Smith and Skwisgaar...

    Skwisgaar: greetings all
    Lord Owain Surrey: Hail, Skwis and Jean
    Solomon Wright: Good evening, Jean.
    Jean Smithe: Hello Solomon, Hello Owain
    Skwisgaar: *bows* invasion going on
    Lord Owain Surrey: I have noticed as such, some came this way following Solomon.
    Jean Smithe: :laughs
    Solomon Wright: Owain killed the innkeeper. Twice. *smiles*
    Skwisgaar: everyone follows solomon
    Lord Owain Surrey: even evil follows him *shrugs*
    Solomon Wright: I hope no one follows me. I hope we all stand side by side.
    Jean Smithe: Yes, there've been two invasions, or more, in the two days since we decided to try east Britain
    Solomon Wright: I believe those involved with the faction wars see Britain as a greater prize, given the establishment of this facility. (referring to Kasaven's office in the Counselor's Guild)
    Skwisgaar: aye
    Jean Smithe: Makes sense
    Skwisgaar: i helped pgoh with the invasion of trin just a short while ago
    Lord Owain Surrey: Ah, it is good to know they protect Trinsic as they swore to
    Solomon Wright: Owain, you have been in this realm for quite some time, aye? Since Lord British's time?
    Lord Owain Surrey: indeed
    Solomon Wright: If I may ask you a question unrelated to Kasaven's disappearance...were you a member of the Royal Court during the invasion of Trinsic by Minax's forces?
    Lord Owain Surrey: I was never an official 'member' of the court, I was an advisor, I did not participate in its defenses, though I knew who was here, and I advised the king in the course he should take
    Solomon Wright: Ah, excellent...
    Lord Owain Surrey: You ask, why?
    Solomon Wright: When Juo'nar was defeated, there was a ceremony involving Lord British, and an organization known as the Purple Guardians of Honor.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Indeed, I have saw it, quite a gathering
    Solomon Wright: During this ceremony, the title of "Protectors of Trinsic" was given to the guild, and a section of the city was named in their honor..."The Imperial Quarter", I believe.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I did not see the actual contents of the note but I saw British sitting down at a table, with two PGoH on the other side of it, discussing matters over a piece of parchment
    Solomon Wright: Ah, so you do not know the specifics regarding British's proclamation regarding the relationship between Trinsic and the Guardians?
    Lord Owain Surrey: I saw a document exchange hands, Yet I was not privy to its contents
    Solomon Wright: *nods* Very well. There is a dispute we are attempting to settle. Thank you for sharing.
    Lord Owain Surrey: It was not a matter I needed concern myself with, Though it would be a powerful tool now, could the Guardians show it to Casca, perhaps he would accept their claim
    Jean Smithe: Well, I don't think it is a dispute, so much as a need to have some ready proof
    Lord Owain Surrey: If his council did not know of it..Though would Casca act faithfully on that document? I cannot say, I'm sure he would still levy taxes, for they still use the same roads we do..
    Solomon Wright: If he is truly King, his word is law. Precedent holds no bearing. But historical documentation can serve as a legal shield, if necessary.
    Jean Smithe: Casca has already announced an anulment of any such document, I heard him speak the words, But for the people of the lands, it would be nice to have a ready proof to point to
    Solomon Wright: He technically announced that all independent cities would be subject to his rule. He did not specifically reference Trinsic.
    Jean Smithe: Right, what Solomon said
    Lord Owain Surrey: Indeed, but hiding behind a legal shield when judge brandishes an Axe behind you does little good
    Solomon Wright: It does good, as it rallies the people to the cause.
    Lord Owain Surrey: It did little good for Ricardo
    Solomon Wright: Ricardo...you spent much time with British, and surely know of the prisons of this land. Where do you think Ricardo and Avery might be held?
    Lord Owain Surrey: Why would you need to know? Perhaps Sherry would know more than I, though. I have not encountered him in my searches and I doubt Casca would use the same jails as Lord British
    Solomon Wright: Aye, that is an excellent point. And perhaps might explain the mouse traps.
    Skwisgaar: But has anyone seen sherry since Casca's speach?
    Lord Owain Surrey: I have not
    Jean Smithe: If I may inquire, Owain, how did you manage to get into Casca's castle?

    Here, Owain shows his invisibility/teleportation hybrid magic to the audience...

    Lord Owain Surrey: I have many ways of transportation
    Skwisgaar: ahh
    Jean Smithe: That would be useful, yes
    Solomon Wright: Quite the mage, my friend.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Powerful, nay, learned, yes. When do you mean, though?
    Jean Smithe: Well, i wanted to snoop around myself and see if there was anything in there that might reveal Casca's personal life
    Solomon Wright: When we last entered the castle, we found nothing of interest.
    Lord Owain Surrey: hmm not that our eyes would see, I saw his council in a vision..but they were underground
    Jean Smithe: I see
    Solomon Wright: Underground, you say?
    Lord Owain Surrey: Under Blackthorne's Castle?? It is possible.
    Solomon Wright: There is also a means by which the Armageddon spell might be used.
    Skwisgaar: Armageddon?
    Solomon Wright: There are those who have learned to wield the magic of Armageddon in creative ways.
    Lord Owain Surrey: indeed, though its use should not be taken lightly
    Solomon Wright: The man known as Va'lis used it on the evening of Casca's first speech to pass the gates.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I shudder every time it is used, it is not a magic to be used as novelty
    Solomon Wright: That is quite true. I argued he was a madman for wielding it.
    Bryghton: the mouse once sey that brit castle was built on top of an older castle

    At this point, a woman named Mariam in brilliant white and green clothing enters the room...

    Lord Owain Surrey: *is blinded by Mariam's outfit*
    Hagrid: Hail
    Lord Owain Surrey: Hail, Mariam
    Mariam: hehe
    Skwisgaar: greetings mariam
    Lord Owain Surrey: Aye, as I stated before, If it was the Guards who took Kasaven they did not do it alone. he would be able to avoid a few guards..
    Skwisgaar: aye i agree
    Hagrid: Owain.....do you wear a gorget? Forgive me for asking.
    Lord Owain Surrey: nay, a Necklace
    Jean Smithe: Solomon, who was that investigator fellow from the other night, was it Westhouse?
    Skwisgaar: investigator?
    Solomon Wright: Aye, Brian, I believe.
    Jean Smithe: Thanks. Owain, have you met Bryan Westhouse?
    Lord Owain Surrey: Nay I have not, who is he?
    Jean Smithe: He is an investigator, a royal advisor, from another shard who came here recently, I think he could be useful in your investigation
    Skwisgaar: hmm did not meet him
    Lord Owain Surrey: hmm, interesting, I am not sure what he could provide, though. I see no clues that we do not already have that we are able to act upon
    Jean Smithe: Well, Even though he lived in another realm, his reputation is such that I know I have heard of him
    Lord Owain Surrey: indeed, then have him seek me out if you see him again
    Jean Smithe: He is very smart and very clever, and persistent
    Skwisgaar: Have you checked the Ophidian lair Owain?
    Lord Owain Surrey: Aye, I did, There are hundreds of them, as always. I had to be quite stealthy..I did not suspect him to be there, though, and he was not
    Skwisgaar: not easy in the least. i had a suspision but i was wrong
    Lord Owain Surrey: hmm, I don't think they are intelligent enough to have abducted him and left no trace
    Jean Smithe: Kasaven has access to travel magics not unlike yours, Owain, so I would suspect anyplace you can get to, Kasaven could get out of
    Lord Owain Surrey: Aye, indeed, he could not leave this place though and I suspect there is a similar barrier in his current hold
    Jean Smithe: Interesting, then perhaps all of the old Counselor halls should be checked
    Bryghton: hes prob in a cell wit recardo an avery
    Hagrid: Forgive me for inturupting....but isnt' there a way that...an EM could make the lantern unaccessible
    Skwisgaar: i thought of that also
    Lord Owain Surrey: The RBG Office lantern?
    Hagrid: aye *looks nearvous*
    Lord Owain Surrey: I'm sure there is a way
    Solomon Wright: Aye, we also were discussing asking Kasaven to begin dating his messages. You might do the same, Owain. So that the public is not confused as to the chronology of events.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Which messages?
    Solomon Wright: *gestures* (I point to the shield and the book on the ground, used by Owain for communication)
    Lord Owain Surrey: Ah, indeed, A shield can only take so many words, though Lord Owain, but aye I can do so in the future
    Solomon Wright: The criers still scream of Casca's speech. For example.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Aye, I cannot fix that lest I slay them!
    Jean Smithe: Did Magincia have a Counselor's Guild hall?
    Solomon Wright: Aye, it did.
    Skwisgaar: All bigger towns did
    Bryghton: it seems like theres nothing we can do to help
    Lord Owain Surrey: I am going to sit and think for a bit. Solomon, how often are you about?
    Jean Smithe: I wonder if the rubble from it could be used to construct a cell
    Solomon Wright: Quite often, my friend. Is there something that would require my presence?
    Lord Owain Surrey: Nay not now
    Solomon Wright: *nods*
    Lord Owain Surrey: I suspect we will all be able to play a part in this in the coming weeks, though, if Kasaven still survives!
    Hagrid: Oh my.
    Solomon Wright: *nods slowly* I suspect he is alive.
    Lord Owain Surrey: As do I
    Solomon Wright: I don't see any record of the Robed Ones being slain. Save British dying once on a distant shard.

    It is here Owain decides to retire for the evening. Goodbyes are exchanged, and the conversation veers in new directions as new people enter and leave the Counselor's Guild.