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Pacific Action List for Sunday August 26, 2012 at 1:00 PM Pacific

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Events' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. Pacific Auction House is proud to present another fun day of great items.

    The Pacific Auction House is located North East of the Luna Moon Gate in Luna on the Pacific Shard.

    We will have huge Door Prizes. CYA THERE!!!

    53 Powders Of Fortifying
    Pen Of Wisdom with 100 uses
    Blanket Of Darkness
    Brave Knight Of The Britannia (Replica)

    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Display Case, Lamp Post, Rose Of Trinsic and The Most Knowledge Person (Replica) all in special green color 100,000
    Wood Workers Bench Deed 100,000
    53 Powders Of Fortifying 2,000,000
    Commodity Deed Worth 10,000 Arrows 40,000
    A Deco Hedge 5,000

    Blaxe Armor Clothing Set with a Heart Shaped Box with Cupid's Arrow 2012,Cupid Statue and Valentine's Day 2012 50,000
    Start Your own Winery with 9 Vat sections 50,000
    Pen Of Wisdom with 100 uses 1,000,000
    Hearth Of The Home Fire 50,000
    Endless Decanter Of Water with a Dragon Statuette 10,000

    Alchemist's Bauble 25,000
    2 Lamp Posts, Candelabra Of Souls abd a Trinsic Rose in a Gold/Yellow color 75,000
    Conjurer's Grimoire 50,000
    Stormgrip (used) 50,000
    Blue Marlin "Caught By Pure Luck" 25,000

    Cloak Of Corruption 50,000
    COOL White Outfit with a lot of 2x exceptional and Double Blessed Sandals 100,000
    2 Display Cases Deeds (South) 50,000
    A Mug Of Ale 25,000
    Contest 2004 Winning House Design Deed 25,000

    Bloody Sash and a Greetings From EM Asiantam ~ Yamato 2010 10,000
    Platemail Legs (Made in Japan) and a Black Cat Statuette 10,000
    White Leather Dye Tub 10,000
    A Hatchet and A Spear (Both Practice Weapons) 10,000
    A Whispering Rose From Buck Naked and a War Fork Named "Arf" 10,000

    Blanket Of Darkness 500,000
    Large Piece Of Black Rock 100,000
    Rubble Rock 100,000
    Slipperey Snack Skin 100,000
    Melissa's Cloak 100,000

    Brightsight Lenses 100,000
    Voice Of The Fallen King 500,000
    Ornate Crown Of The Harrower 500,000
    Brave Knight Of The Britannia (Replica) 500,000
    2 Golden Skulls 100,000

    14th Anniversary Gift Ticket (Mannequin or Display Case) 25,000
    Fountain Of Life (Gives Enhanced Bandies) 50,000
    Heritage Token 100,000
    Full Set Wall Trophys (Includes Old School "A Large Fish") 500,000
    Pretty Pendant Of The Magi 500,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.