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Pacific Action List for Sunday December 11, 2011 at 1:00 PM Pacific

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Events' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Pacific Auction House is now starting at a new time on the Pacific Shard just North East of the Luna Moon Gate at 1:00 PM Pacific ~ 4:00 PM Eastern.


    Arcane Shield Artifact Rarity 11
    12 Slayer Spellbooks
    Blade Of Insanity
    Sophiscated Elven Tapestry
    Sophisticated Elven Tapestry
    Complete Virtue Tile Set

    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    Pretty Pink Garden Deco 25,000
    Commodity Deed worth 10,000 Clean Bandages 50,000
    Arcane Shield Artifact Rarity 11 1,500,000
    Fans Bowls and painting……O'My!! 5,000

    Followers of Bane Robes 5,000
    Lilly Pads 100,000
    Lilly Pads 100,000
    Scroll Of Transcendence .1 Skill Forensic Evaluation 5,000
    Error Token 1,000,000

    A Statue Of Mondain 500,000
    Crystal Ball Of Knowledge 50,000
    A Snowy Scene Of Wind 50,000
    Swords Of Prosperity 5,000
    Scroll Binders (21 count) 5,000

    Rock 5,000
    Phillip's Woodedn Steed 5,000
    Advanced Training Dummy (south) 5,000
    Stuffy Bear 5,000
    Abbatoir & Large Stone Table (south) 5,000

    Animal Taming +13 Bracelet 10,000
    Globe of Sosaria Deed 10,000
    Runebook Dye Tub 50,000
    two Curtain deeds 100,000
    Funiture, Special & Leather Dye tubs 50,000

    Dangerous Creatures Replica: Exodus Overseer ~ Museum Of Vesper 50,000
    Dangerous Creatures Replica: Solen Queen ~ Museum Of Vesper 50,000
    A Stool Of Exceptional Quality "Exceptional" 75,000
    Tombstone Of The Dammed 50,000
    A Clothing Bless Deed 50,000

    Unsettling & Disturbing Portraits (Makes sounds) 50,000
    Exceptional Barbed Leather Tunic "Exceptional" Crafted By Lady Fisher Price 50,000
    Five Braziers all different colors 25,000
    Harvest Wine 2009 10,000
    An Extra Large Firecracker 10,000

    Holy Knight's Breastplate 10,000
    HEARDERS DREAM!!! 6 Scrolls Of Alacrity = 1 hour 30 minutes 50,000
    Dawn's Music Box (29 common tracks & 2 uncommon) 50,000
    Fire Elemental Statuette (5th Year Veteran Reward) 100,000
    !!!!!HAY!!!!! 25,000

    An Exalted Scroll Of Throwing (110 Skill) 25,000
    A Magical Wizard's Hat 75,000
    Blade Of Insanity 1,300,000
    The Night Reaper 400,000
    Yucca 675,000

    4 Ornithology Maps 100,000
    Rare DragonFish Book 100,000
    Box Of Geodes 100,000
    Box Of Stone Pavers 100,000
    Medusa Statuette 100,000

    Primevil Lich Statuette 100,000
    3 Pirate Robes 100,000
    Distillery 100,000
    12 Slayer Spellbooks 1,000,000
    Box of Rare Booze 100,000

    Totem Of The Void 50,000
    Clothing Bless Deed 50,000
    10 Messages In A Bottle 50,000
    SUPER HOT!!!! Fishing Pole Crafted by an Evil Sorcerer 50,000
    10 Powders of Fortifying 500,000

    Sophisticated Elven Tapestry 1,000,000
    Complete Virtue Tile Set 4,000,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House

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