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Pacific Action List for Sunday February 26, 2012 at 1:00 PM Pacific

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Events' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Come and Join us for another great auction on Pacific this Sunday February 26, 2012 at 1:00 PM Pacific ~ 4:00 PM Eastern. Always lots of fun and the Door prizes are huge UO GOLD CHECKS!!!!!


    Hunter's Headdress (cursed)
    Tokuno Pigment, Luna White 50 uses
    Armor Of Fortune (cursed)
    Novo Bleue and Etoile Bleue
    Valorite Runic Hammer
    Rare Hare Dye

    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    Full Spell Book 5,000
    Set of 3 Coconut Graphics 5,000
    isguise Kit 5,000
    Bandaid Graphic 5,000
    Two Green Tickets 5,000

    Paint & Brush 5,000
    10 Green Nets 5,000
    4pc Set Old Deeds 100,000
    Old Shovel & Pick (no uses) Comes with 3000th Aniversary Bag 200,000
    Old Helm Set with Sash , Comes With 300th Anniversary Bag 200,000

    Hunter's Headdress (cursed) 2,000,000
    Pendant Of The Magi 250,000
    Arctic Death Dealer 200,000
    Statues 100,000
    10,000 Clean Bandage on a Commodity Deed 500,000

    Very Rare Bamboo Stool 50,000
    Dbl Exceptional Blesed Boots 300,000
    Tokuno Pigment, Luna White 50 uses 1,500,000
    Shroud Of The Condemned 500,000
    190 Luck, 115 Resist Gloves, Great for Tamer 300,000

    Armor Of Fortune (cursed) 2,500,000
    Novo Bleue and Etoile Bleue 5,000,000
    Valorite Runic Hammer 10,000,000
    Spirit Of The Totem (cursed) 100,000
    Rare Hare Dye 5,000,000

    Soul Seeker 5,000
    Sign Of Order 5,000
    Aegis Of Grace 5,000
    Cloak Of Humility (part of the Virtue Armor Set) 5,000
    Monsterous Interred Grizzile Maggots 5,000

    Alchmist's Bauble 5,000
    Nox Ranger's Heavy Crossbow 5,000
    2 Recipes 5,000
    Dread Pirate Hat 5,000
    "A COFFIN"!!!! 1,000,000

    Virtue Armor Set (no cloak) 100,000
    Tomb Of Lost Knowledge 5,000
    Pixie Swatter 5,000
    Bloodwood Spirit 5,000
    Ancient Samurai Do 5,000

    Set of Flutes 5,000
    Planeshield 5,000
    Helm Of Swiftness 5,000
    Lucky Necklace 5,000
    A Forged Pardon 5,000

    10th Anniversary Sculpture 5,000
    A Bow Of Daemon Dismissal 5,000
    Deed For A Hanging Skeleton Decoration 5,000
    A Longsword (practice Weapon) Imburd 5,000
    Royal Leggings Of Embers 5,000

    Melissa's Cloak 100,000
    Giant Aquarium Shells 100,000
    2 Tainted Mushrooms 100,000
    Christmas Dragon Hand Folded By EM Leonidas and EM CynoRazik 100,000
    Ethereal Hourse Statuette 100,000

    Your Race Change Token 100,000
    Your Stygian Abyss Statuette Token 100,000
    Hitching Post (28 uses) 100,000
    A Vollem Held In A Crystal 100,000
    Ornament Of The Magician (cursed) 100,000

    10 Dull Copper Runic Hammers 100,000
    5 Copper Runic Hammers 100,000
    Your Stygian Abyss Statuette Token 100,000
    Your SoulStone Fragment 250,000
    10 Powders Of Fortfying 500,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House

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