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Pacific Action List for Sunday September 23, 2012 at 1:00 PM Pacific

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Pacific Auction House brings super items up for auction for your buying pleasure.

    We are located North East of the Luna Moon Gate on Pacific.

    Come and join us at 1:00 PM Pacific Time


    Golden Harpsicord
    Tokuno Dyed Saddle
    50 Powders of Fortifying
    Prismatic Lenses

    !!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

    A Banner Deed 50,000
    Fountain Deed 10,000
    2 Scrolls Of Transendence Book 10,000
    Necklace Of Diligence 10,000
    Oak Runic Fletcher's Tool 25,000
    Gargish Knowledge Totem & Gargish Proctive Totem 50,000
    Special Cloth Robe 50,000
    Pendant Of The Magi 50,000
    2X Blessed Sandals (white) 100,000
    A Whispering Rose From A Magic Garden 50,000
    Two 12th Anniversary Gift Tickets and a Holiday Gift Ticket 25,000
    Ranger Suit 50,000
    Wooden Box with 20 different Commodity Deeds 5,000
    10 Ingots (special orange color) 100,000
    Scrapper's Compendium IB 5, SDI 25%, FCR 1, FC 1, LMC 10%, LRC 14% 25,000
    Set of Dye Tubs 500,000
    Set of Rare Dyes 400,000
    Soulstone Fragment Token 400,000
    Green Ale mug 100,000
    Cloak Of Silence 100,000
    2 Hand-Folded Dragons 500,000
    All 6 Halloween Masks 500,000
    Golden Harpsichord 15,000,000
    Shard Made Soulstone Fragment 500,000
    Cloak Of Corruption 200,000
    Dragon Brazier 100,000
    Ladder Deed 200,000
    Bag of 2X Exceptionals 200,000
    Stone Crab Deed 250,000
    Glossy Fuchsia with 4 uses 400,000
    Blanket Of Darkness 500,000
    Tokuno Dyed Saddle 900,000
    Rubble Palm 200,000
    Snake Skin 100,000
    Rubble Log Pile 300,000
    4 Pretty Lamps 50,000
    25 MIB's 50,000
    Commodity Deed Box 1,000,000
    Seed Box 1,000,000
    50 Powders Of Fortifying 5,000,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House