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Pacific Auction House 4/17/2011

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Apr 16, 2011.

    OPENED February 12, 2003

    Come join us at the longest running auction on the Pacific Shard.
    We Have ATM Machines for you convenience *** no need to “run” to the bank after winning a bid.
    Loads of Great Deals just waiting for your bids!
    We have worked hard to bring you the best deals in the lands!
    Loads of Great Items this week.
    Auction is [email protected] noon Pacific Standard Time.
    Pacific Auction House is located on the east side of Luna one screen from the Luna Moon Gate.


    Green Soulstone Token
    Malas House North West of Luna (with out items 2 million)
    Crimson Cinture
    Ornament Of The Magician
    Rideable Polar Bear (9th Year Veteran Reward)

    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!
    Shroud Of The Condemned 25,000
    SUPER KRYSS 10,000
    Ring Of The Elements 10,000
    Basket Of Herbs 50,000
    Hitching Post 50,000
    Strong Box 50,000
    Ecru Citrine Ring 10,000
    Icy Heart with Long Candle 10,000
    4 Faction Fancy Shirts "#1" 50,000
    Malas House North West of Luna (with out items 2 million) 20,000,000
    Soulstone Fragment Token 200,000
    3 Commodity Deeds (93 Relic Fragments, 4,499 Enhanced Essence, 3,448 Magical Residue 100,000
    2 Spider Web Deeds 75,000
    Beehive 250,000
    Leather Dye Tub 50,000
    2 Ropes (Facing Right) 2 Ropes (Facing Left) 10,000
    Swords Of Prosperity 10,000
    Metal Box 10,000
    A Whispering Rose From Strawberry 25,000
    5 Tall Totems 10,000
    A Race Change Token 25,000
    Melissa's Cloak 10,000
    A Heart Blackened By Despise 50,000
    "Magincia Pride" Fancy Shirt 10,000
    Ladder Deed 50,000
    An Exalted Scroll Of Ninjitsu (110 Skill) & Scroll Of Transcendence 0.9 Ninjitsu Skill Points 50,000
    10th Anniversary Sculpture 10,000
    Brightsight Lenses 10,000
    Ring Of The Vile 10,000
    Snale Skin Boots 50,000
    Bronze Cloak (1st Year Veteran Reward) 25,000
    Totem Of The Void 150,000
    Conjurer's Garb 250,000
    Crimson Cinture 4,000,000
    Ethereal Llama Statuette (3rd Year Veteran Reward) 1,500,000
    Jet Black Robe (5th Year Veteran Reward) 50,000
    Rideable Polar Bear (9th Year Veteran Reward) 2,000,000
    Ornament Of The Magician 4,000,000
    Royal Leggings Of Embers 25,000
    Conjurer's Trinket 1,000,000
    Pouch of New Fish Stuff 50,000
    6 Different Baits 50,000
    Full Set Navrey's Webs 50,000
    Enchanted Kelp Woven Legs 50,000
    Runed Driftwood Bow 50,000
    An Exalted Scroll of Imbuing (110 Skill) 100,000
    Zyronic Claw 1,000,000
    Set Of Rare Dragonfish Books 25,000
    Hanging Leather Tunic 100,000
    Bloody Sash 1,000,000
    Unicorn Fish Trophy Deed 1,000,000
    Autumn Dragonfish Trophy Deed 1,000,000
    Summer Dragonfish Trophy Deed 1,000,000
    Lava Fish Trophy Deed 1,000,000
    Green Soulstone Token 10,000,000
    Little Head Deed 50,000
    5 MIB's 50,000
    5 Ancient +15 Hammers 50,000
    Buddy Token 50,000
    Clothing Bless Deed 100,000
    Ter Mer House 2,000,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House
    and DJ Sandman ​