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Pacific Auction House list for 5/29/2011

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by PacificAuctionHouse, May 28, 2011.

  1. Pacific Auction House starts at 10 Noon Pacific ~ 3 PM Eastern
    It is located in East Luna 2 screens North East from the Luna Moon Gate


    Character Transfer Token
    Legacy Token
    An Exalted Scroll Of Fishing (110 Skill)
    Virtue Tile Set [All 9 Virtues Including Chaos]
    10Fabled Fishing Nets
    A Vicious Cuddly Drop Bear in Celebration Of Australia Day


    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    The Taskmaster (cursed) 10,000
    The Dragon Slayer (cursed) 10,000
    Frostbringer (cursed) 10,000
    Holy Knight's Breastplate (cursed) 10,000
    Leggings Of Bane (cursed) 25,000

    Ornate Crown Of The Harrower (cursed) 25,000
    Helm Of Insite (cursed) 10,000
    Divine Countenance (cursed) 25,000
    Serphant's Fang (cursed) 25,000
    The Berserker's Maul (cursed) 10,000

    Aegis (cursed) 25,000
    Blade Of Insanity (cursed) 25,000
    Gauntlets Of Nobility (cursed) 25,000
    Arcane Shield (cursed) 25,000
    The Dryade Bow (cursed) 25,000

    Axe Of The Heavens (cursed) 25,000
    Bone Crusher (cursed) 10,000
    Legacy Of The Dread Lord (cursed) 10,000
    Midnight Bracers (cursed) 25,000
    Breath Of The Dead (cursed) 10,000

    Ring Of The Elements (cursed) 25,000
    Ring Of The Vile (cursed) 25,000
    Yucca 500,000
    Glacial Staff 25,000
    Rubble Fern 100,000

    10 Waterstained SOS Bottles 250,000
    10 Messages in a Bottle 500,000
    10 Ancient SOS 1,000,000
    Virtuous Epiphany Set ~ Gargoyle ~ 6 Pieces 5,000,000
    Villainous Epiphany Set ~ Gargoyle ~ 6 Pieces 5,000,000

    Character Transfer Token 15,000,000
    Armor Engraving Tool [30 Uses] 1,500,000
    Rare Cursed leather Shorts 1,000,000
    A Vicious Cuddly Drop Bear in Celebration Of Australia Day 2,000,000
    5 Forged Pardons 5,000,000

    10 Fabled Fishing Nets 5,000,000
    Yuletide Log 4,000,000
    10 Antique Wedding Dresses 1,000,000
    Legacy Token 10,000,000
    Rare Green Cloak 2,000,000

    Olmecian Access Orb 2,000,000
    Christmas Rocks for the Naughty List 2,000,000
    A Bell Painted By Santa's Elves 1,000,000
    Doublet "Crafted By Leprechaun Cyno Razik (2010)" 1,000,000
    Virtue Tile Set [All 9 Virtues Including Chaos] 5,000,000

    Blue Lobster & Stone Crab 200,000
    Firefish & Giant Koi 100,000
    A Wondrous Scroll Of Fishing [105 Skill] 100,000
    Dojo Flowers 100,000
    13th Anniversary Gift Ticket 500,000

    Ancient Oak Bonsai Tree 100,000
    Dragon Easter Egg 100,000
    Dried Up Ink Well 100,000
    An Exalted Scroll Of Fishing [110 Skill] 1,000,000
    An Autumn Dragonfish 100,000

    Ethereal Ridgeback Statuette (4th Year Veteran Reward) 1,000,000
    5 MIB's 50,000
    Horned Runic Sewing Kit 100,000
    4 Powders of Fortifying 400,000
    A Deed For A Cannon (7th Year Veteran Reward) 1,000,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House


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    Going on air soon!!!!

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House


    Atlantic Auction House (Atlantic) on Myspace