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Pacific Auction House List for June 20th

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Crystal Rose, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    Our weekly auction starts at Noon PST every Sunday - All items are in the order they will be auctioned off.

    Ask/Answer Ball - 50k
    Guillotine Deed - 75k
    Chaos Tile Deed - 2mil
    2 Table w/Blue Tablecloth - 75k
    2 Table w/Red Tablecloth - 75k
    Pedestal - 75k
    AoS Robe (Yellow Kangaroos) - 75k
    Rubble Log Pile - 100k
    Crocodile Statuette - 75k
    Rubble Garbage - 50k
    Potted Tree - 400k
    Token of Passage (moonstone) - 200k
    Yucca Tree - 300k
    100 Blaze Cloth - 200k
    Swamp Tile - 700k
    Potted Tree - 100k
    Hanging Skeleton Deed - 100k
    2X Exceptional Tables (2) + Stool - 50k
    A Damaged Book (Out of Corroded Box) - 50k
    Wall Torch Deed - 50k
    Rubble Dead Tree - 100k
    Tombstone of the Damned - 75k
    2 pc Rubble Log Fence - 75k
    2 Whispering Roses - 40k
    Fire Elemental Statuette - 75k
    Heritage Token - 200k
    Conjurer's Garb - 4mil
    Conjurer's Trinket - 6mil
    Conjurer's Grimoire - 800k
    SS Frag - 200k
    Etheral Unicorn - 1mil
    2X Blessed Sandals - 1mil
    3 Ironwood Comp Bows - 100k
    Cloak of Life/Death Set - 500k
    Saddle (arti 9) - 3mil
    Britesite Lens - 10k
    Blessed Agapite Robe - 10k
    Giant Steps - 10k
    Navrey Slayer Full Spellbook - 10k
    Message in a Bottle (10) - 10k
    Saddle (arti 9) - 3mil
    Awesome Stat Jewelry Set - 300k
    Priceless Treasure - 300k
    Ancient Samurai Do - 50k
    Dragon Nunchaka - 50k
    Dying Plant Set - 200k
    Large Flowstone Set - 100k
    Blade of Battle - 300k
    Mechanical Life Manual (new skills for GM tinker) - 10k
    Pushme Pullyu - 1mil
    Crimson Cincture - 17mil
    120 Resist Spells PS - 6mil
    +25 Stats PS - 4mil
    Library Tali 20% DI - 1.5mil
    Library Tali Bird Slayer - 1.5mil
    Fey Leggings (human) - 600k
    The Most Knowledge Person (Replica) - 2.5mil
    Barbed Runic Sewing Kit - 600k
    Earring of Protection Token - 5mil
    Clothing Bless Deed - 550k

  2. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    Last 10 items added for tomorrow's auction.

    Enjoy :)