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Pacific Auction House list for October 30, 2011

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Events' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. Check out the great items in this Sundays auction!!!! Plus we have HUGE GOLD CHECKS as door prizes!!! THe auction starts at 12 noon Pacific time ~ 3:00 PM Eastern. THe house is located North East of the Luna Moon Gate just 2 screens!! CYA THERE!!!


    White Lava Tile
    Bucket Of Water
    Marble Character Statue Maker (6th Year Veteran Reward)
    Etoile Bleue and Novo Bleue
    Rideable Boura Statuette
    10 Blue Crystallized Essence
    Rideable Boura Statuette
    Mesanna's Jaxk O' Lantern BLACK!!
    Archery Butte Deed
    Bless Deed

    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pushme Pullyu 100,000
    Talking Crystal Ball Named "Blessed" 250,000
    Rotted Oars 50,000
    White Lava Tile 1,000,000
    Fountain Deed 50,000

    Heritage Token 50,000
    Ring and Bracelet with 40% LRC 25,000
    Tunic Of Fire Artifact Rarity 11 200,000
    Stone Sandals (make your enemy wear them and he can't run away) 10,000
    White Leather Dye Tub 300,000

    6 Magical Shortbows (Good for Imbuing) 100,000
    Abyssal Infernal Statuette 100,000
    Small Ship Deed 200,000
    Beehive 150,000
    Beehive 150,000

    Twilight Lantern's …both colors 50,000
    Dread's Revenge 100,000
    Channeler's Defender 100,000
    Soul Seeker 50,000
    Dragon's End 75,000

    A Codex Of Virtue Deed 25,000
    2x Bonnet and Blessed Sandals 50,000
    60k of Horned Leather on Commodity Deed 100,000
    Royal Leggings Of Embers dyed Black 150,000
    Nystul's Wizard's Hat~Museum Of Vesper Replica 300,000

    Bucket Of Water 1,000,000
    Flowerpot 500,000
    Two 13th Anniversary Gift Tickets 100,000
    Ancient Oak Bonsai Tree 300,000
    Marble Character Statue Maker (6th Year Veteran Reward) 1,000,000

    Bless Deed 2,000,000
    Hunters Headdress (Cursed) 2,000,000
    Pendant Of The Magi 1,000,000
    A Legendary Scroll Of Healing and Ninjitsu (120 Skill) 750,000
    Three "A Special Fishing Nets" 100,000

    A Legendary Scroll Of Animal Lore (120 Skill) 1,000,000
    Blessed Deed 2,000,000
    Etoile Bleue and Novo Bleue 8,000,000
    Archery Butte 2,000,000
    Rideable Boura Statuette 10,000,000

    10 Blue Crystallized Essence 10,000,000
    5 Shimmering Crystals 2,000,000
    Mesanna's Jaxk O' Lantern BLACK!! 5,000,000
    Rubble Necklace 8,000,000
    5 White Holiday Bells 3,000,000

    Box of Rare Booze 100,000
    2 Heritage Tokens 100,000
    Box of Geodes & Geode Shards 100,000
    Set of Stone Footwear 100,000
    Your UO Eight Anniversary Gift Token 100,000

    Gargish Painting 10,000
    Gargish Vase 10,000
    Gargish Sculpture 10,000
    Lava Infused Weapons 50,000
    Felucca Moonstone 100,000

    5 Level 6 T Maps 50,000
    5 Bronze Runic Hammers 50,000
    10 Shadow Runic Hammers 50,000
    Vollum in Crystal 50,000
    10 Powder of Fortifying 500,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House

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