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[Auction] Pacific Auction House Monthly Rares Auction June 27th

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Crystal Rose, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    Pacific Auction House Rares Auction Sunday June 27th at Noon PST/3pm EST.

    Thanks to all that attended our last monthly rares auction on Sunday May 23rd. We had several xsharders as well as some Pacific shoppers. We are holding these rares auctions each month on the Pacific Shard. All auctions will take place on the last Sunday of each month (unless it falls on a holiday).

    We are the longest running auction house on the Pacific Shard (7.5 years).
    Our motto is: Your satisfaction is our success.
    Here is how it works:

    1. All items for auction must be considered RARES or RARE EVENT ITEMS/DROPS and delivered no later then the weekend before the auction is to take place. Some rubble will be accepted.

    2. Each month the Pacific Auction house will sponsor a FREE Transfer Service from a different shard to bring your items to market. This month the shard will be Baja. You must have 20+ items at a minimum to transfer. If there is room in the xfer after the initial auction items.. then surely we can xfer extra items as well.
    Our goal is to get at least 60 items for each monthly rares auction.

    3. I will post on this thread when the 60 item limit has been reached. So, basically first come first serve. It pays to get your items in early.

    4. All auction items will be listed on this thread and on the PAH website. After the auction takes place, the price each item sold for will be posted as well.

    5. The Pacific Auction House will collect 10% of the final sales price from each seller.

    6. If you wish to store gold on a vendor on the Pacific shard, we can provide space for a small fee.

    If you are from the Baja shard and would like to make arrangements for this month's FREE transfer of rares to the Pacific Auction House, please contact myself (Crystal Rose) at ICQ 98206739

    After the June Rares Auction, our next one will be on Sunday July 25th at the normal starting time..noon PST, 3pm EST. The FREE shard for transfers will be Napa Valley.

    Items listed in the order they will be auctioned:

    Old NPC Hair Dye - 500k
    Tree Ornament bracelet (Made by tinkers when Xmas trees first came out) - 500k
    Captain Morgan's Rum (Legends/Atlantic Season 7 event item) - 15mil
    Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum (Atlantic Season 7 event item) - 18mil
    Thin Hay (No longer spawns) - 1mil
    Scroll - "A Badly Damaged Scroll That Reads: Se..ret Entr..nce...Zen..o's Tre..sury" - 11mil
    Scroll (no longer obtainable) - 50k
    Book (Open E/W) - 11mil
    Easter Egg "Happy Easter 2009 Napa Valley" - 1mil
    An Icy Patch (different from xmas gift) - 7mil
    Blue Sandals (2X blessed) - 500k
    Green Robe - 750k
    Green Tricon Hat - 500k
    Green Straw Hat - 500k
    Green Jester Hat - 500k
    Light - 2mil
    Rune "The Darkness" (From old quest) - 750k
    Donuts - 200k
    Rubble Light Switch - 1mil
    Nest With Eggs - 750k
    Deed for Potted Plant - 1mil
    Deed to Guildstone (Shades of Evermore [SEV]) - 750k
    A Chainmail Tunic made by Wolfman (2X Exceptional) - 1mil
    Singing Ball - 50mil
    Golden Chessboard - 7mil
    Tray (server birth) - 9mil
    Goblin Oil (Atlantic Season 8 event item) ~20 - 50mil
    HORN (no graphic) Used to be looted off of gargoyle refugees outside of the Royal City - 10mil
    A Bottle Of Wine (purple) - 5mil
    Eagle Statue stuck in a backpack - 2mil
    Nocturne Earrings (Clean up Brit event) - 2.5mil
    Bloodied Parchment (Not blessed for the first week of event - 2008 Melissa quest) - 1mil
    A Statue of Jua'nar (aqua bust) - 5mil
    Statue of Crawworth (orange bust) - 5mil
    Runebook Made By HKX [Exceptional] - 1mil
    Mutant Turkey Blood - 45mil
    Quill of Justice - 5mil
    Wig - 15mil
    Special Beard Dye (green square bottle) - 3mil
    Napa Valley's Finest Holiday Ale - Season 7 event item [UR] - 20mil
    Rubble Sandstone Block - 1mil
    Unused tile (not in bag) - 1mil
    A Heater Shield Made By SMellyMel (2X Exceptional) - 1mil
    Halloween On Chesapeake (Tribal Grey/White Mask) Season 3 ~15-20 - 45mil
    Ruined Banner - 500k

    Last items added:
    Wrist Watch - Christmas 1997 - 3 Million
    Myrmidon Armor Set (6 Piece Set) - Rare Named Monster Drop- 15 Million
    Studded Gorget of the Phoenix - 25 Million
    Burnt Rubble Palm Tree - Magincia Rubble Event - 10 Million
    Bushel (No Longer Spawns) - 1 Million
    Rubble 3 Piece Log Set - Magincia Rubble Event - 10 Million
    Pumice - Old "Pagan" Necro Reagent -3 Million
    Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune - Treasures of Tokuno Event Fall 2009 - 5 Million
    Horn - (no graphic) - Used to be Looted off of Gargoyle Refugees outside of the Royal City - 5 Million
    Glacial Ice Blue Long Pants - 15 Million
    Glacial Ice Blue Bandana - 15 Milion
    Head of Lord Supreme Evil (not lockable) - 1 Million
    Soggy Parchment - Murder Mystery Event Summer 2009 - 5 Million
    Green Cloak - 1 Million
    Maleki's Honor (Juggernaut Set) - 5 Million
    Studded Gloves Sewn by Versace (Exceptional) - 2 Million
    Greymist Armor Set (4 Piece Set) Rare Named Monster Drop - 15 Million
    Rubble Earrings - Magincia Rubble Event - 10 Million
    Cursed Cloak (-10 Strength Bonus, -10 Dex Bonus, -10 Int Bonus) - 10 Million

  2. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    Items listed in order they will be auctioned.