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[Auction] Pacific Auction House Rares Auction March 28th

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Crystal Rose, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    Thanks to all that attended our last rares auction on Sunday Feb. 28th. We had several xsharders as well as some Pacific shoppers. We are holding these rares auctions each month on the Pacific Shard. All auctions will take place on the last Sunday of each month (except for the Pacific Rares/Events Festival auction which will be on April 18th.

    We are the longest running auction house on the Pacific Shard (7 years).
    Our motto is: Your satisfaction is our success.
    Here is how it will work:

    1. All items for auction must be considered RARES and delivered no later then the weekend before the auction is to take place.

    2. Each month the Pacific Auction house will sponsor a Free Transfer Service from a different shard to bring your items to market. This month the shard will be Sonoma. You must have 20+ items to transfer at a minimum. If there is room in the xfer after the initial auction items.. then surely we can xfer extra items as well.
    Our goal is to get at least 60 items for each monthly rares auction.

    3. The first 60 items to arrive at the Pacific Auction House on the Pacific shard will be auctioned off...the remainder will be auctioned off the following week. So, basically first come first serve. It pays to get your items in early.

    4. All auction items will be listed on the Stratics Rares Forum and on the PAH website. After the auction takes place, the price each item sold for will be posted as well.

    5. The Pacific Auction House will collect 10% of the final sales price from each seller.

    6. If you wish to store gold on a vendor on the Pacific shard, we can provide space for a small fee.

    Our next one will be on March 28th at noon PST, 3pm EST. If you are from the Sonoma shard and would like to make arrangements for this month's FREE transfer of rares to the Pacific Auction House [edit: xfer is complete], please contact myself (Crystal Rose) at ICQ 98206739
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Pics to come.
    Here is the beginning of the list-items still comming in (items are in the order that they will be auctioned off):

    1. Hanging Lantern In A Box - 500k
    2. Leg of Lamb (purple) - 100k
    3. Thin Hay - 2mil
    4. A Deed for a Potted Plant - 2mil
    5. Corroded Box - 500k
    6. Lemon Fudge (yellow lemon) - 1mil
    7. Christmas Angel Food Cake (white) - 5mil
    8. Equinox Wine - 25mil
    9. Elderberry Wine - 10mil
    10. Bushel - 1mil
    11. Ruined Painting - 50mil
    12. Dbl X Platemail Made By Chris Everridge - 2mil
    13. Dbl X Platemail Gorget Made By Chris Everridge - 2mil
    14. Hanging Lantern in a box - 500k
    15. A Magical Lockbox - 2mil
    16. Brimstone (old necro reg) - 2mil
    17. Dragon's Blood (green-old necro reg) - 2mil
    18. Wyrm's Heart (old necro reg) - 2mil
    19. Eye of Newt (old necro reg) - 500k
    20. Pumice (old necro reg) - 500k
    21. Little Rubble Garbage - 50k
    22. Flowerpot - 100k
    23. Book (open) - 5mil
    24. The Head of Lord GrEmlo (lockdownable) - 1mil
    25. 2 Whispering Roses (Lancelot & Father of Souls) - 500k
    26. *Pink Stalagmites - 5mil
    27. *Hanging Chainmail Legs - 5mil
    28. *Easel w/out canvas - 1mil
    29. *Small Stalagmites - 1mil
    30. *Ruined Banner - 8mil
    31. *Hanging Ringmail - 8mil
    32. Katana made with Blue Dye Bug (bannable offense in 2000) long before colored weops introduced to the game - 1mil
    33. Leg of Speedy of KGB (original player on Pac 1997-not lockdownable) - 1mil
    34. *Red Tapestry - 1mil
    35. *Giant Flowstone - 1mil
    36. *Plucked Chicken - 1mil
    37. Set of 4 rare ingot pairs (no names) - 4mil
    38. Pac EM Event Robe - 200k
    39. Rare Color Boards and Yellow Potion set - 5mil
    40. HCI Shields (set of 3) - 200k
    41. Old Gem Jewelry (4) - 200k
    42. 666 Diamonds Necklace - 5mil
    43. Diving Bell Helmet - 10mil
    44. Diving Bell Helmet - 10mil
    45. Full Set Mini House Deeds - 30mil
    46. Sigil Ranger Armor set/Regular Ranger Armor set - 5mil
    47. Megencia Black Rift Pillar - 50mil
    48. Golden Compass (12-22-09 event looted off of Golden Goose 2 given out) - 40mil
    49. Rubble Showcase - 5mil
    50. Item Bless Deed - 40mil
    51. Skull w/Candle (not arti) - 5mil
    52. Golden Chess Board - 5mil
    53. Scroll "A Badly Damaged Scroll That Reads...." - 9mil
    54. Sickly Egg - 1mil
    55. Eggnog With Rum - 9mil
    56. Unused Tile (not in bag) - 2mil
    57. Light - 2mil
    58. Holloweenie Armor (orange bone helmet) - 10mil
    59. Blood - 1mil
    60. Tear of Sacrifice - 2mil
    61. Corrupted Exodus Energy Cells (blue lg vase) - 10mil
    62. Dark Seeker Suit (4 pc) - 200mil
    63. Rowan Tree - 10mil
    64. Naughty Shirt - 30mil
    65. Irish Whiskey - 20mil
    66. Reindeer Booties - 20mil
    67. Mistas Cider - 5mil
    68. Gingerbread Cookie from Napa - 500k
    69. Naughty Switch - 500k
    70. Pan of Cookies - 500k
    71. Special Reindeer Treat - 500k

    *Not rare but hard to obtain (plz correct me if I'm wrong)
  2. Lord Nabin

    Lord Nabin High Council Sage - Greater Sosaria
    Professional Stratics Veteran Supporter Stratics Legend Glorious Lord ACW

    Sep 3, 2007
    Likes Received:
    I have some items on Sonoma which I would like brought over. Let me know when you are xfering!!!
  3. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    The train leaves Sonoma this Sunday!! Get your rares together for the March 28th Auction and get on board!
  4. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    The ride from Sonoma is complete. Thanks everyone that jumped on the "train". I will be posting items with startiang bids for this weekend's rares auction on Pacific here soon.

  5. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    Auction items list started in main post.
  6. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    The auction list is now complete with items in the order they will be auctioned off. I will be posting the selling prices after the auction is over.

    Thanks and see everyone on Sunday!