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Pacific Auction List for August 7, 2011

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Featuring………

    Complete set of Virtue Tile Seeds and Globes to Match!!
    Character Transfer Token
    Wind Spirit [Replica]
    Blue Barlin Trophy

    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    4 Dyed Metal Chests 5,000
    4 Creepy Vines 5,000
    10 Green Fis Nets 5,000
    6 Large Fish Nets 5,000
    Hair Restyle Deed 5,000

    Shield Of Invulnerability 25,000
    Character Transfer Token 20,000,000
    Wind Spirit [Replica] 10,000,000
    Peimeval Lich Statuette 5,000
    Rubble Bed half 400,000

    Blessed Black Sandals 50,000
    Boomstick 100,000
    Berserker's Scythe 100,000
    Your UO Eighth Anniversary Gift Token 50,000
    Your Evil Funiture Item 50,000

    Round Lamp Post 600,000
    2 Lamp Posts 50,000
    5 White Fish Nets 1,500,000
    A Deed For A Vendor Named Aqua (Do not double click ever) 100,000
    Complete set of Virtue Tile Seeds and Globes to Match!! 25,000,000

    21 Different Materials Weighing 197 Stones 100,000
    2 Flowers Arti 7 & 2 Paintings Arti 6 5,000
    Small Bar set up 5,000
    Apple Tree Deed 50,000
    Strong Box 100,000

    Rune Beetle Carapace (used) & Snow Statue Deed 10,000
    Talon Bite 10,000
    COOL WEAPONS!! 10,000
    Rubble Garbage 10,000
    Rubble Fern 10,000

    Scroll Of Alacrity "Provocation" 10,000
    Creepy Cake, Myrky Milk & Stuffing 10,000
    A Picture Of Water (GOLD!!) 50,000
    Donuts 100,000
    A Plate Decorated With A Beautiful Painting Of Mondain's Defeat As The Gem Of
    Immortality 50,000

    Barnacle Covered Prizes From the Ocean Floor 100,000
    Priceless Treasure 100,000
    A Wondrous Scroll Of Fishing (105 Skill) 100,000
    77 Giant Koi Baits 100,000
    10 Cracked Lava Rocks (open withaxe & get reward) 100,000

    An Exalted Scroll Of Fishing (110 Skill) 100,000
    20 "A Message In A Bottle" 100,000
    Pair of new Fishing Hooks and a Holy Mackerel 100,000
    Blue Barlin Trophy 5,000,000
    4 Ruined Ship Plans 100,000

    Gold & Agapite Elixirs 100,000
    An Exalted Scroll Of Fishing (110 Skill) 100,000
    Box Of Abuss Arties 500,000
    Tyball's Flask Stand 500,000
    Flowerpot 500,000

    Pair of Candelabra Of Souls 25,000
    Nystuls Hat 100,000
    Sticher's Mitt's 50,000
    Bookcase w/Books 50,000
    Goblin Disguise Ring 50,000

    10 "A Message In A Bottle" 100,000
    Golden Decorative Rug 100,000
    Horned Runic Sewing Kit 100,000
    10 Bronze Runic Hammers 10,000
    10 Powder of Fortifying 500,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House


    Watch for Comet Radio!!!!! Your Music and Music News Station!!!
    Going on air soon!!!!
    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House