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Pacific General Discord

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Elusive Guinea Hen, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Elusive Guinea Hen

    May 13, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Hello, everyone, we have taken the liberty of creating a public discord for our shard. we believe it will be beneficial to our community as a whole, as Discord allows us to keep in touch much easier, even if we don't plan to be on the game at the time.

    First if you don't know what Discord is, it's similar to ICQ and Ventrilo or Teamspeak, you can run it in a web browser, or download the application, you can add friends and talk to them privately, or join a server with multiple people, public text and voice chats, etc.

    How to join: You may download the application, and add E N#3469 and message him asking for an invite.

    Here's a list of some information...

    Purpose: Pacific General Discord was started in the hopes that we could build a stronger community, and keep people in touch with each other. we believe it makes a more public environment where people can trade, find groups, guilds, and friends much easier.

    Text Channels:

    General: Accessed by everyone who is in the discord server, it would ordinarily be the main chat of a discord server.

    Hunting: Preferably for those looking for groups, information, templates, or information relate-able to these topics.

    Trade-Chat: Preferably for those looking to sell, buy, or trade any items as they please. It would be courteous to private message after figuring out if you plan to buy something from someone, instead of discussing it in the channel and flooding out other posts.

    Auction: We imagine the auctions will be semi-live, as in they could go on longer than a live auction where things sell within seconds, or even minutes. It's up to the seller how he chooses to auction his items, and up to the buyer to buy it or not.

    Atlantic-Trade-Runs: We will simply try to warn people, if someone asks for a payment first to buy something for you, they can choose to scam you if you pay. As well if you choose to buy something for someone and they don't pay you for it, then you may be stuck with a high priced item you can't sell. As well, if you give an item to someone to transfer, they could possibly steal it. Please report any incidences to a Moderator of items being stolen, non-payments, etc.... But.. this would ideally be used for someone to ask publicly for someone to transfer something for them, or buy it from Atlantic and bring it to Pacific so they could purchase it from them. Not all people will offer free services, and not all people will offer legitimate services either, so please be careful, and we would recommend you only use well known and trusted players who have been playing Pacific for a while.

    Moderators: This will be used for Moderators to converse privately among themselves.

    Voice Channels:
    Channels with same name would have same purpose as their text counter-parts.

    VIP Channel: This will be a place the VIP members can privately converse among each other.

    Members Channel: Similarly to VIP, Members can privately converse away from non-members.

    AFK: Anyone will be moved here automatically after being inactive a full hour within a voice channel.

    Moderators purpose: Now obviously in any situation where groups of people merge, and personalities meet, people will like each other, and dislike each other. The Moderators therefore were picked out as some of the most helpful, friendly, kind, and level headed people known on the shard. Their goal is to keep the server friendly and make sure those who cannot behave properly in a public social gathering (Such as inappropriate behavior and postings, harassment, vulgarity, scammers etc.) will be secluded from the others to keep everyone happy and in a safe environment.
    The Moderators are also meant to be fair, non-biased, and friendly, if an issue arises where a Moderator has abused their position, behaves poorly, etc. Please report it to E N.

    1. No posting of nude, racist, or sexist images, or messages.
    2. No posts that attack, insult, flame, defame, or abuse others.
    3. Do not post offline personal contact information of yourself or others in chat.
    4. Be respectful of any member, VIP, or Moderators in chat, and in private messages on Discord.
    5. No Scamming people, known scammers will be removed from the Discord permanently upon discovery.

    (I hope this allowed on Stratics, haha.. just trying to get the community together..)