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pacific Valvakka

Discussion in 'UHall' started by burnttrees, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. burnttrees

    burnttrees Guest

    OK so i didn't want to go near destard for a fight with the strangers due to the greater dragons, dragons are one thing i can solo them but its a tough fight but the greater forget it!

    well to make a long story short i decided to go anyway and see if i could get lucky and well i did the dragons wyvern and greater dragons don't spawn and or just don't spawn around Valvakka which is good and the fight is interesting as you get to see players who most likely wouldn't be fighting the same thing but going to other dungeon spots all in the same area we also had several players outside the entrance rezzing people (very welcomed and appreciated)

    funny thing is tho as each day a new stranger shows up only one thing pops into my head and thats the fact the first stranger was ok not bad despise was an interesting location first one spawned around the entrance and went down the stairs to the entrance (just inside to be accurate) and well yes there where bodies and everyone did a great job of cross healing small area made it real easy to do the second one was in luna and did more damage then the first and the first one of the day caused several of us to say "Did you just see the odd message that was really weird" rolleyes: (i was the first ot say it) we then had a nice fight about 5-10 minutes later when we realized where she was this took longer then the first guy also and there was more damage done to us as well but now we have the third one this guy dosnt just show up kill the players but if i saw correctly at one point he killed the dragon spawn as well but that isnt the half of it i have a darkwood suit with 2 (yes 2 i dont have the money for the rest) pices of bloodwood and gm resists as well and Valvakka towards the end was hitting me for 243 hitpoints at a time now unless there is someone out there with a higher hit point then that feal free to proove me wrong but this guy is a one hit wonder (as you hit the ground the first time your wondering what the H was that)

    Also so every one knows this is not a rant rave or anything else i love this current event i think its funny to see the players start working together and even better to see them die together yes thats right to see them dieing together is nice as it shows they are actually trying to accomplish something especially with the one hit wonder taking people down the way he did and we where still getting rezzed and running back in to fight and die some more

    but if anything back to my curiosity if this one is more powerful then the last and she was more powerful then the first i am really interested to see what happens when the 6th one shows up

    i think this is going to be rather interesting to see just how this works out

    P.S. Jeremy there was a point where Valvakka was by the intrance to destard and was pinned and started teleporting out to the black area of the entrance door so no one could hit him he didnt get stuck just hopped out hung out for a bit and then acouple of jumps later was back out killing us :) i am glad he didnt decide to keeping jumping to the se or we would never have seen him again