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Package Sale - Don't Miss This.

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by mdacc#one, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    ICQ me at 123172317, Will take gold on Atlantic, Baja, GL, LS, Pac.

    More items added to separate items sale list, these are individual for sale items, located on Sonoma:
    old hair dye, square bottle 5 mil
    Balhae pvp event glacial staff 40 mil
    Servant of Talkeesh robe - blessed 35 mil Sale Pending
    Arrirang 3rd Annual Event Member - blessed white robe 65 mil Sale Pending
    Acolyte of Ocrmfg Ocig (blessed)- blue robe 90 mil Sale Pending

    Below is a separate package. Asking only 70 MIL for this package, it is located on Sonoma:

    Complete set of colored Anvils
    2 charger of the fallen
    Double blessed black sandles
    Double blessed blue sandles
    Sonoma royal guard sash dark red
    Reward house deeds (sand stone with patio, sm stone keep, tower, thatched roof cottage, marble house with patio, castle, sm stone tower, 2 winning house designs)
    1 ethy horse
    5 Black Bust Statues – Fastidious Clerk, Melodic Bard, Melancholy Clown, Imaginative Designer, Squeamish Assassin
    3 White Xmas Busts – 2 x Blackthorn, Shamino
    5 White Xmas Lady statues – Minax, Malabelle (rare), Dawn, Gwenno x 3
    Pink bust statue of Keeonean
    Snowy Scene of Exodus Lair
    Snowy Scene of Blackthorn’s Castle x 2
    Snowy Scene Shrine of Chaos
    Complete Happy 300th Anniversary Bag and contents
    5 Whispering Roses
    1 AoS rose
    3 Green Mugs
    1 Mondain’s plate
    12 Donuts
    7 Soulstone Fragment Tokens
    4 old hair dye bottles
    Light fur
    200 luck necklace
    4 practice bows
    2 practice hatchets
    8 regular lamp posts
    1 violet lamp post (non dyed)
    1 white lamp post
    Bones that don’t decay (bone shard, pelvis, jaw, spine) very old
    Furniture Dye tub
    Ogre statue
    Ratman statue
    Etin statue
    2 x lich statue
    Troll statue
    Gargoyle statue
    2 x dragon statue
    Lizardman statue
    Skeleton statue
    Fire elemental statue
    Croc statue
    Zombie statue
    Cow statue x 2
    Mongbat statue
    Wolf statue
    Gazer statue
    Ophidian statue
    Orc statue
    Reaper statue
    Gorilla statue
    Llama statue
    30 x animal head trophy mounts
    7 old half price tickets, 2 styles gold and white letters
    Tapestry of sosaria
    Hooded Robe of Umbra
    Hearth of the Home Fire
    Holy Swords
    Shamino Best Crossbow
    10000 diamond necklace x 2
    2 invisibility jewry with high charges
    20 + exceptional double leather armor pieces
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1 semi rare regular xmas statue - ~500K

    full happy 300th anniversary bag - Cant find a price these will sell at.

    5 black busts - Obsidian statues? 125-250K

    2 blackthorn castle globe -200K on a good day

    1 exodus globe -2-7mil

    1 chaos globe -?

    7 soul stone fragment tokens - ~250K each

    2 charger of fallen ~4-6M

    1 ehty horse - 2M

    1 furniture dye tub - 75K

    27 reward monster statues - Depends on year/which one

    8 regular colored lamp posts - 125Kea

    1 violet/blue lamp post - Tokono dye or ??

    1 white lamp post - 5M

    1 fur -75K light 125K dark

    4 practice bows - free to good home?

    2 practice hatchets -?

    bone shard never decay - ?
    spine never decay - ?
    pelvis never decay - ?
    jaw never decay - ? How would you proove it? lol

    12 donuts - 125K ea

    blue double blessed snadle - 2M

    black double blessed sandles - 4M

    royal guard sash - color?

    3 old hair dye bottles - 2M ea

    palte with modain's defeat - 1M on a good day

    6 roses - 100K ea

    20 double exceptional leather armor pieces - Didn't know these had value

    full set of colored anvils - ?

    award house deeds castle, keep, thatched roof, small tower, sand stone patio -5M for all but sandstone I think

    20 animal trophy head deeds - 125K ea on a good day
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There are also 2 different colors of white lamps, one fetches more than the other one as it spawns less. you almost have to have them side by side or pull up an old pic of all side by side, but the collectors of the lamps looking for the true white knows the difference [​IMG]
  4. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    It's for salw now
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I need to give up my real job!!!

    And go idoc hunting multi - shard style!!!

    Not a critisimn but jeepers how do u do all shards??
  6. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest


    I need to give up my real job!!!

    And go idoc hunting multi - shard style!!!

    Not a critisimn but jeepers how do u do all shards??

    [/ QUOTE ]

    actualy its a funny story. I created a char on each shard back then for attending events. Never really trained them except during events. After 5 years, they are all pretty well developed. Since I've met many people throughout the shards these past 5 years, if they invited me from time to time for hunts, I can log a char in and keep up with them without dying. While moving event items from shard to shard, I've always brought extra gear for my char so they are now all ready to go.

    But since 1997 I've moved from Pac - Sonoma - siege - GL - Baja so chars on those shard are more developed.
  7. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    current bid on the 70 mil package is 45 mil bid via icq.
  8. mdacc#one

    mdacc#one Guest

    high bid on package 50 mil by Treyster