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PAH ~ Pacific Auction House #573 Sunday October 4

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by DJ_Sandman, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. DJ_Sandman

    DJ_Sandman Adventurer

    Aug 17, 2014
    Likes Received:
    WOW!!!! Did you miss our come back last Sunday. A lot of players picked up some really great deals at super prices!!!

    Pacific Auction House (PAH) # 573 will be happening this Sunday October 4, 2015.

    We have a HUGE amount of great deals that we have gathered together and we have added more Door Prizes!!

    Get there before the Auction starts and you may win the 1 million UO GOLD Early Bird Drawing!!!


    Rubble Wall

    Full Set Of Potted Plants and Potted Trees

    Veterinary 5.0 Pinky

    Valorite Runic Hammer with 100 Uses

    Glossy Fuchsia Pigment (5 uses)

    Dread Horse Statuette

    Auction Items Part 1

    Your Race Change Token 1,250,000

    Your Race Change.jpg
    Rubble Wall 2,500,000

    Rubble Wall.jpg
    Fishing Pole Crafted By A MAD Magician 5,000

    Fishing Pole (Mad Magician.jpg
    Violet Courage 5,000

    Violet Courage.jpg
    A Slippery Snake Skin 5,000

    Violet Courage.jpg
    Picnic Basket (With all the goodies) 5,000

    Picnic Basket.jpg
    Two Golden Skulls 100,000

    Golden Skull (2).jpg
    Bloodwood Small Forge and Bloodwood Anvil 50,000

    Anvil & Forge (Bloodwood)).jpg
    Book of Truth (Artifact Rarity 6) 5,000

    Book Of Truth.jpg
    Bronze Robe (1st Year Veteran Reward) 50,000

    Bronze Robe.jpg
    Phillip's Wooden Steed 5,000

    Phillip's Wooden Steed.jpg
    A Gingerbread House Deed 50,000

    Gingerbread House Deed.jpg
    Shadow Pillar 25,000

    Shadow Pillar.jpg
    Stygian Abyss Statuette Token 150,000

    Your Stygian Abyss Statuette.jpg
    A Wooden Box Od Exceptional Quality ~ Exceptional 50,000

    A Wood Box Of Exeptional Quality ~ Exceptional.jpg
    Mistletoe Deed 100,000

    Mistletoe Deed.jpg
    Your Maple Tree Token 200,000

    Your Maple Tree Token.jpg
    The Holy Sword (RED) 350,000

    Holy Sword.jpg
    Metallic Cloth Dye Tub 20,000

    Metallic Cloth Dye Tub.jpg
    Full set of Potted Plants and Potted Trees 3,000,000

    Potted Plants and Potted Tree.jpg

    Part 2 next post
  2. DJ_Sandman

    DJ_Sandman Adventurer

    Aug 17, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Part 2
    Rubble Rope & Hook 100,000
    Rubble Rope Hook And Pully.jpg

    A Runebook Of Exceptional Quality 750,000
    A Runebook Of Exceptional Quality.jpg

    A Decorative Topiary 300,000
    A Decorative Topiary.jpg
    Stalagmites 500,000
    Special Hair Dye 300,000
    Special Hair Dye.jpg
    Hunter's Headdress 50,000
    Hunter's Headdress.jpg
    Boomstick 50,000
    Seed Box 5,000
    Seed Box.jpg
    Soulstone Fragment 100,000
    Your Soulstone Fragment.jpg
    Veterinary 5.0 Pinky 1,000,000
    Veterinary 5.0 Pinky.jpg
    Essence of Battle Recipe 5,000
    Essence of Battle Recipe.jpg
    5k Enhanced Bandages 50,000

    5k Enhanced Bandages.jpg
    Shroud Of The Condemned 100,000
    Shroud Of The Condemned.jpg
    Library Talisman-Birds Of Britannia Random Summoner-Owned By No One 100,000
    Library Talisman-Birds Of Britannia Random Summoner-Owned By No One.jpg
    Valorite Runic Hammer 100 Uses 10,000,000
    Valorite Runic Hammer 100 Uses.jpg
    Glowing Rune 5,000,000
    Glowing  Rune.jpg
    Peach Fairy Statue 200,000
    Peach Fairy Statue.jpg
    Lucky Necklace 200,000
    Lucky Necklace.jpg
    Cow Statuette (3rd Year Veteran Reward) 2,000,000
    Cow Statuette (3rd Year Veteran Reward).jpg
    2 Horned Runic Sewing Kits 2,000,000
    2 Horned Runic Sewing Kits.jpg

    Part 3 Next Post
  3. DJ_Sandman

    DJ_Sandman Adventurer

    Aug 17, 2014
    Likes Received:
  4. DJ_Sandman

    DJ_Sandman Adventurer

    Aug 17, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Part 3 (last part)

    Potted Tree 450,000
    Potted Tree.jpg
    Glossy Fuchsia Pigment (5 uses) 2,500,000
    Glossy Fuchsia Pigment (5 uses).jpg
    Cloak Of Corruption 500,000
    Cloak Of Corruption.jpg
    5 Piece Daemon Bone Armor Set 1,000,000
    5 Piece Daemon Bone Armor Set.jpg
    Your Soulstone Fragment 1,500,000
    Your Soulstone Fragment.jpg
    Pair of 500 Diamonds Weddingband 250,000
    Pair of 500 Diamonds Weddingband.jpg
    Hitching Post (with 28 uses, not a Replica) 10,000,000
    Hitching Rope.jpg
    Hitching Rope 100,000
    Hitching Rope1.jpg
    Happy 6th Anniversary! Bag withGreen Bell From Greenman and cake Fire wand 50,000
    Happy 6th Anniversary! Bag withGreen Bell From Greenman and cake Fire wand.jpg
    Dread Horse Statuette 85,000,000
    Dread Horse Statuette.jpg

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House



  5. Kirthag

    Kirthag Former Stratics Publisher
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    oh pooh i missed it!
    when will be the next one?