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[Auction] ~PAH Results From Rares Auctions Per Request~

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Crystal Rose, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose Guest

    I am posting all results from our rares auctions because it's been requested by several people. This way they don't have to do a search for previous auctions for starting/ending bids.



    January 31, 2010 auction results:

    Hay (thin) - 8mil No Sale
    Tree Ornament - Wedding Band 500k 1mil
    Battle Axe (Practice Weapon) - 5mil 5mil
    Champagne Flute - 200,000 No Sale
    A Champagne Glass (green) - 300k 600k
    Bucket of Water (full) - 3mil 4mil 50k
    Naughty Bag - 10mil 31mil
    Tray (Facing East) - 5mil 5mil
    Silverware - 35mil 36mil
    Wig - 35mil 45mil
    Ballot Box - 900k No Sale
    Open Book (Facing South) - 11mil 14.5mil
    Ceramic Mug - 14mil 51mil
    4 Leg of Lamb (purple) - 2mil 5.6mil
    Battle Axe (Practice Weapon) - 5mil 5.5mil
    Statue of Juo'nar (pink bust) - 5mil 5mil
    Statue of Relvinian (red bust) - 5mil No Sale
    Statue of Hartham (green bust) - 7mil 7mil
    Runbook Dye Tub - 800k 1.5mil
    Hay (thin) - 8mil 7mil (starting bid lowered)
    Light - 3mil 6mil
    Bucket of Water (full) - 3mil 5mil
    Ship Model - 500k 1mil
    Mini House Deed (keep) - 4mil 4mil
    Mini House Deed (Thatched-Roof Cottage) - 4mil 4mil
    Mini House Deed (Large Tower) - 4mil 4mil
    Mini House Deed (Castle) - 20mil 20mil
    Mini House Deed (Thatched-Roof Cottage) - 4mil 4mil
    Mini House Deed (keep)- 4mil 4.1mil
    Valek's Diamond - 900k 6mil
    Rock - 2mil 20mil
    Unused Tile (2) - 2mil 7mil
    Lieutenant Of The Britannian Royal Guard (not replica) - 180mil 180mil
    Wrist Watch - 200k 1mil
    Goblet (gold-lockdawnable) - 6mil 40mil
    The Head of Lord Dustmonger (lockdownable) - 3mil 8mil
    Black Sandals ( 7 pairs) - 1mil 3mil 555k
    Bloody Bandage - 15mil 21mil
    Wood Curls - 20mil 47mil
    Pillow (Large) spelling "Pilllow" - 10mil 93mil
    Blood - 2mil 2.5mil
    Blood - 2mil 2.5mil
    Light - 3mil 5.8mil
    Hair Dye (old Green Bottle) - 5mil 5.5mil
    Hay (thin) - 8mil 8mil
    Tray (facing South) - 5mil 26mil
    Rock - 2mil 20mil
    2 Story Statue - 95mil 215mil
    Pillow (Small) - 10mil 21mil
    4 Leg of Lamb (purple) - 2mil 3mil
    The Head of Lord Quasar (lockdownable) - 3mil 22mil
    Unused Tile - 2mil 3.5mil
    Open Book (Facing South) - 11mil 15.5mil
    Vase - 6mil 8.5mil
    Robe (Olive Team Orienteering Challenge, October 2004 - 35mil 51mil
    Special Beard Dye (green bottle) - 5mil 5mil
    Ruined Painting - 125mil 125mil
    Unused Tile - 2mil 3mil
    Snowy Scene of Blackthorn's Castle - 200k 200k
    Head of Lord Zog Cabalist (not Lockdownable) - 500k 1mil
    Open Book (Facing East) - 11mil 19mil

    February 28, 2010 auction results:

    2 Hanging Lanterns stuck in a box - 250k 750k
    Purple Leg of Lamb - 1mil No Sale
    Valek's Diamond - 900k 2.7mil
    Broken Crystals - 2mil 2mil
    Ballot Box - 500k 500k
    3 Hanging Lanterns stuck in a box - 500k 1.5mil
    Castle Mini House Deed - 20mil 20mil
    Keep Mini House Deed - 4mil 4mil 5k
    Tower Mini House Deed - 4mil No Sale
    Eagle Statue stuck in a box - 1mil 2mil
    Blood - 1mil 2mil
    Corroded Box - 5mil No Sale
    Stretched Hide stuck in a box - 500k 500k
    2 Green Champagne Glasses - 50k 1.5mil
    2 Red Champagne Glasses - 50k 50k
    Neon Swirl Box - 5mil 7mil
    Angel Box - 15mil 15mil
    Ice Blue Spellbook - 5mil 5.5mil
    Named Crate - 5mil 25.1mil
    Surcoat "Lenshire Clan Tabard" - 35mil 35mil
    Lieutenant Of The Britannian Royal Guard (non replica) Sash - 120mil 125mil
    Europa Gold Robe - 2mil 6mil
    Green/Gold Angel Box - 15mil 15mil
    Gold "Royal Brit Guard" Sash" - 2mil 4mil
    Neon Swirl Box - 5mil 10mil
    An Enchanted Flask Filled with Vampire Blood - 3mil 76mil
    Quill of Justice - 1mil 26mil
    Two Story Statue - 95mil 175mil
    Executioner's Rusty Pen - 1mil 16.1mil
    2008 Valentine Hunt Champion (flower in vase) - 5mil 22mil
    3 Piece Rubble Log - 1mil 12mil
    2 Sledge Hammers stuck in a box - 250k 5mil
    Mutant Turkey Blood - 3mil 75mil
    Rubble Red Mushrooms - 100k 10mil
    Seahorse Statuette (tokuno dyed) - 8mil 20mil
    Bag of Orciez Fuud - 60mil 60mil
    Broken Crystals (small) - 2mil 15mil
    Broken Crystals (large) - 2mil 16mil
    Corroded Box - 5mil No Sale
    Neon Swirl Box - 5mil 10mil
    Bloodied Parchment (not blessed) - 1mil 5.5mil
    Soggy Parchment (prepatched not blessed) - 1mil 15mil
    Whispering Rose From Some Guy - 500k 2mil
    Rubble Fan Plant - 500k 1.1mil
    Statue (armless) stuck in a box - 2mil 12mil
    Potted Tree (tall) - 200k 450k
    2 Hanging Lanterns stuck in a box - 225k 3mil
    White Lamp Post (iced valorite) - 3mil 5.1mil
    Legendary Detective Of The Royal Guard (replica) boots - 1mil 6.5mil
    Potted Tree (short) - 100k 700k
    Bucket of water (full) - 3mil 5mil
    Member Of The Royal Britannian Guard Sash (black) - 1mil 3.5mil
    Scroll (unnamed from 1997) - 200k 200k
    3 Midnight Blue Ingots from 1998 (won't stack w/ any other black) - 300k 500k
    *Flowstone (New and Rare) - 500k 1mil
    3 Treefellow Logs - 100k 1.5mil
    *Block & Tackle (Arti 9 New and Rare-Not rubble) - 5ml 17mil
    Rotten Oars - 5mil 7mil

    March 28, 2010 (before shard crash) auction results:

    Hanging Lantern In A Box - 500k 3.5mil
    Leg of Lamb (purple) - 100k 200k
    Thin Hay - 2mil 5mil
    A Deed For A Potted Plant - 2mil 5mil
    Corroded Box - 500k 1mil
    Lemon Fudge (yellow lemon) - 1mil 7mil
    Christmas Angel Food Cake (white) - 5mil 5mil
    Equinox Wine - 25mil No Sale
    Elderberry Wine - 10mil No SaleBushel - 1mil 1.5mil

    April 3, 2010 auction results:

    2 Whispering Roses (Lancelot & Father of Souls) - 500k 675k
    Dbl X Platemail Made By Chris Everridge - 2mil No Sale
    Dbl X Platemail Gorget Made By Chris Everridge - 2mil No Sale
    Hanging Lantern in a box - 500k 2mil
    A Magical Lockbox - 2mil 15mil
    Brimstone (old necro reg) - 2mil 9.250mil
    Dragon's Blood (green-old necro reg) - 2mil 11mil
    Wyrm's Heart (old necro reg) - 2mil 26mil
    Eye of Newt (old necro reg) - 500k 8mil
    Pumice (old necro reg) - 500k 2.5mil
    Little Rubble Garbage - 50k 125k
    Flowerpot - 100k 350k
    Book (open) - 5mil 25mil
    The Head of Lord GrEmlo (lockdownable) - 1mil 18mil
    Ruined Painting - 50mil 70mil
    *Pink Stalagmites - 5mil 2mil (starting bid lowered)
    *Hanging Chainmail Legs (non wearable) - 5mil 5.5mil
    *Easel w/out canvas - 1mil 4.250mil
    *Small Stalagmites - 1mil 1.5mil
    *Ruined Banner - 8mil 5.5mil (starting bid lowered)
    *Hanging Ringmail (non wearable) - 8mil 2.1mil (starting bid lowered)
    *Slither (rare peerless item drop) - 50mil No Show
    *Venom (rare peerless item drop) - 5mil No Show
    Katana made with Blue Dye Bug (bannable offense in 2000) long before colored weops introduced to the game - 1mil 1mil
    Leg of Speedy of KGB (original player on Pac 1997-not lockdownable) - 1mil 2mil
    *Red Tapestry - 1mil 12mil
    *Giant Flowstone - 1mil 3mil
    *Plucked Chicken - 1mil 2.5mil
    Set of 4 rare ingot pairs (no names) - 4mil 2mil (starting bid lowered)
    Pac EM Event Robe - 200k 5mil
    Rare Color Boards and Yellow Potion set - 5mil 2mil (starting bid lowered)
    HCI Shields (set of 3) - 200k 200k
    Old Gem Jewelry (4) - 200k 205k
    666 Diamonds Necklace - 5mil No Sale
    Diving Bell Helmet - 10mil 11mil
    Diving Bell Helmet - 10mil 10mil
    Full Set Mini House Deeds - 30mil 30mil
    Sigil Ranger Armor set/Regular Ranger Armor set - 5mil No Sale
    Megencia Black Rift Pillar - 50mil 75mil
    Golden Compass (12-22-09 event looted off of Golden Goose 2 given out) - 40mil 46mil
    Rubble Showcase - 5mil 25mil
    Item Bless Deed - 40mil 50mil
    Skull w/Candle (not arti) - 5mil 40mil
    Golden Chess Board - 5mil 25mil
    Scroll "A Badly Damaged Scroll That Reads...." - 9mil 12.5mil
    Sickly Egg - 1mil 8mil
    Eggnog With Rum - 9mil 12.5mil
    Unused Tile (not in bag) - 2mil 7mil
    Light - 2mil 5mil
    Holloweenie Armor (orange bone helmet) - 10mil 71mil
    Blood - 1mil 4.5mil
    Tear of Sacrifice - 2mil 6mil
    Corrupted Exodus Energy Cells (blue lg vase) - 10mil 86mil
    Dark Seeker Suit (4 pc) - 200mil No Sale
    Rowan Tree - 10mil 10mil
    Naughty Shirt - 30mil 30mil
    Irish Whiskey - 20mil 20mil
    Reindeer Booties - 20mil 25mil
    Mistas Cider - 5mil 45mil
    Gingerbread Cookie from Napa - 500k 5.5mil
    Naughty Switch - 500k 500k
    Pan of Cookies - 500k 3mil
    Special Reindeer Treat - 500k 8mil
    *Wind Spirit Replica- 15mil 15.5mil
    *Rocks With Water - 15mil 20mil
    *Blackthorn's Kryss-Museum of Vesper Replica 2mil 2mil
    *Ringmail Armor Set Hanging (non wearable) - 6mil 6mil
    *Flowstone (2count) - 2mil 3mil

    *Not rare but hard to obtain