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Pair of Unicorns vs Poison Elementals

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by UONanook, May 6, 2009.

  1. UONanook

    UONanook Guest

    Why Unicorns?
    - I like the aesthetic looks...
    - Unicorns are immune (?) to Poison Elemental's nox?
    - I was gonna run Unicorns with 64-65 poison resist and 60+physical resist for Poison Elemental's melee, little worried about the spell damage against Unicorn with 30-35 fire resist and 30-35 energy resist.
    - I can hop on the Unicorn for a cure if I'm below 40% health and poisoned (but I only need one Unicorn for this).
    - I cycle through Malas Unicorn spawn as fast as I desire by turning in weak Unicorns to Moonglow Zoo and it is great for gains (I'm in GM+ ROT on Siege).

    - That it will be a bear (no tamer pun intended) to keep Unicorns alive against Poison Elementals and/or other spawn in the are because of low hit points/resistances.


    - Ride Unicorn as needed to keep it alive and pair it up with a Rune Beetle.
    - Realize this is a lost cause and just tame one to ride when I feel like having a Unicorn mount for appearances.
    - Another use for a single Unicorn or pair of Unicorns (albeit with different resists) that I'm not seeing.


    - Fairly new to taming, so I have no clue whether this would work at all.
    - I have a stealth mage tamer but I would maybe stone 100 Hide+ 80 Stealth for 90 Resisting Spells + 90 Meditation since I need to be exposed to vet and I think I will need Greater Heal to boost Vet. heals (115 Lore/115 Vet with enhanced bandages).
    - This is on Siege so I'm not gonna be running an awesome suit of armor.
    - I would possibly have an axer paladin along with Elemental Slayer Geoffrey's Axe (think Shame dungeon) with max poison resist and high/max physical resist.

    Thanks for any input or advice about if this is reasonable or barking up the wrong tree because Unicorns just ain't gonna handle it.
  2. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Once you have a pair of bonded unicorns, you can use them to kill tougher stuff that will help you build up your honor virtue. If you get the honor virtue and your taming skill high enough, then you can take advantage of being able to honor yourself to tame better pets (e.g., greater dragons).

    You can also use the unicorns to complete the quest to donate to the library. Once you have the quest done, the unicorns can kill wyverns, drakes, regular dragons, lizrd men, tsuki wolves, centaurs and others that yield various types of leather you can donate at the library to get the Birds of Britannia talisman that gives +5 taming and +5 animal lore. (You can also tame, release, kill and skin the released unicorns for leather. There's no karma loss for killing a released unicorn or ki-rin.) There are other things they can kill, of course, to help you build up your gold supply.

    Unless you are looking to maximize your stable slots, I wouldn't take animal lore higher than 110. At 110, you can lore any monster in the game. (At 100, you can lore wild but tameable critters, but you might still want it higher to help control pets with a higher taming/lore requirement.) Vet also doesn't need to be that high. I usually lock it somewhere between 105-110 on the tamers that I do a lot of hunting with and even lower (85-90ish) on tamers that I use more for PvP type situations.