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>>>Paladin QA, Hints and TEMPLATES <<< Read Prior to Posting Template questions

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Crippled, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. Crippled

    Crippled Guest

    i got 225 stats to work with so nothing i have been hearing about this 100 100 45 stats i can use

    so can someone help me out with my stats?! thanks
  2. Raven607

    Raven607 Guest

    STR 100
    DEX 80
    INT 45

    That's pretty much the standard for an Archer/Paladin, without stat scrolls. 80 DEX is the minimum needed to use Juka bows.
  3. Crippled

    Crippled Guest

    here are the skills im going with

    resisting spells

    the skill cap is 825
    im not gona be a archer, so should i still go with those stats?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It is fortunate the game has restrictions I would hate to see some of those 120 tank mages with 100 more points to use ...

    So far the Skill cap cannot exceet
    700 for new player
    add 5 points per year
    720 total skill point (veteran player status)

    I recomend that firts you consider what you want to fight with, then the Skills you will need to supplement that Weapon Here is my suggestion and the template of My dream paly

    with 700 skill cap and 225 stats

    Sword/fenc/archery 110
    anat 110
    tact 100-0 *i will explain*
    chiv 100
    parry 110
    resist 110
    healing / focus 80

    you can scroll anat and archery to 110 and wear a ring and bracelet with +10 to each effectivly giving you 110/110/100/110/110/80 of the skills listed respectivly.

    Tactics does not add much to your damage. In the old days it use to improve you ability to hit. now it's just a waste of 100 skill points *(incase it comes back it is really easy to gain)*

    you can drop tactics for a more favoral skill... perhaps a double weapon pally.. or pick up both Healing and Focus.. I have seen this work well with
    fench/anat/parry/resist/chiv only at 100/focus/ all skills 120 with 20 on tracking

    Some replace tactics for Hiding a very favorable skill in doom..
    other wear medable armor and replace it with meditation for back to back chiv and special moves ...

    100/80/45 pretty standard..


    100/100/45 my stats and increase speed..
  5. PvP pally Template

    120 Melee (mace/swords/fencing)
    120 Resist
    120 Medi
    105 Chivalry
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    40 Focus

    Any vet points into tactics for added damage. Wear 4/6 or 4/4 casting, stack hci and use a weapon with hit lower defense and hit lightning/fireball. You have to wear armor to allow for meditation or it will not be effective, because your mana regen will be very slow. Or you can dump focus, if you have stam regen on your armor, and sink it into tactics/anatomy or tracking (need 20.1 tracking)

    120 Melee
    120 Medi
    120 Tactics
    119.9 Resist
    115 Anatomy
    105 Chivalry
    20.1 Tracking

    This will only work if you have 720 skill points or skill jewelry. This is good for finding those who hide or stealth and arent in wraith form. You lose out on some stamina regen and some mana regen by dumping focus, but if you can get stam regen armor, chug total refresh pot, cast divine fury or eat food your stamina shouldnt be a problem.
  6. GSG9

    GSG9 Guest

    I ran into Shep in Felucca the other day (the Commanding Lord of the True Britannians Faction)...boy did he like to go gray and generally be a....not nice person....anyway, his template was very effective, and I'm curious if anyone else has had any success with a similar template. From the UO character search, he DEFINITELY has
    120 fencing
    110 magic resist
    GM anatomy
    and from fighting him, he also has
    and most likely has
    focus (he was wearing non-med armor, and used some chivalry and special moves during the fight)
    tactics (he did a fair amount of damage each strike)

    Now, that adds up to 8. The best way I could juggle this was as follows:
    120 swords (I prefer swords over fencing)
    100 tactics
    100 anatomy
    100 healing
    100 magic resist (He most likely has 20 vet points, I only have 5)
    80 parry (combined with 120 swords gives special moves for 5 less mana)
    65 chivalry
    40 meditation (Focus is yucky...stamina regen armor, divine fury, and red potions more than make up for the stam regen in focus)

    So, with Spirit of the Totem, stats will be

    I suppose I'm looking to see if anyone knows Shep's template with more certainty, and If anyone uses or has used the template that I just listed above. Mana will be a little tight, what with 40 meditation, but some serious mana regen on the armor, a mana leech weapon (my 25% SSI, FC1, 26% mana leech, 35% DI katana comes to mind), and careful mana management made easier with 100 healing, I think it could do quite well. Anyone?
  7. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I'll see your fishing Paladin and raise it a notch...

    Treasure Hunter/Paladin

    Stats (with Jewelry, +5 Stat scroll &amp; +5 AoS Bonus)
    Str 100
    Dex 80
    Int 65

    Skills (natural, with jewelry bonuses given in parentheses)

    Anatomy 100 (plus another 10 from a bracelet)
    Swords 110 (The bracelet above also has a +6 Swords, so I'd bee 116 with a 120 PS)
    Focus 100
    Tactics 100
    Chivalry 100
    Lockpicking 94.6 (going to 100 slowly - only going up from maps I do, not practicing)
    Cartography 93.3 (as LP)
    The rest in magery (7.1), set to go down, as a boost to using Telekinesis scrolls. If I actually run out of magery before next December (when account reaches 2 years old), will set chiv to drop in order to keep LP &amp; cart advancing.

    It's fun soloing a level 4 treasure map, and surviving through your skill &amp; wits (last night, took me almost 15 minutes to actually get to pick the chest - had to kill 3 Ogre Lords &amp; a Daemon from the initial spawn, without letting them gang up on me). I think Bard, Tamer &amp; mage/summoner THs are boring. Digging for treasure should mean getting your hands dirty, not "Hey, you - kill that monster for me" and sitting back and watching the fight.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I like your Style Basara!
    Why play it if it aint challenging! Right?

    Good choise and good use of Paly...

    Thank you all for you imput please keep it comming...

    Curious if any one has a Paly Necro, or Paly Mage IF so post it...

    Necro = Karma loss Paly need karma would be nice to find out how it's going..
  9. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith Guest

    here's my necro paly template that i use as my primary doom and champ spawn char /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    fencing 120
    tactics 100
    anat 100
    focus 100
    necro 100
    spirit speak 100
    chivalry 90

    i use chivalry mainly for enemy of one, consicrate weapon and devine fury. Works great while 'vile', i notice no change in duration of those spells no matter what my karma level is. Rezzing takes a few try's but thats cause of the low skill. cant remove curse. dispell evil doesnt work very well, i never really try it much though. Cant beat holy light when doing an undead champ spawn (get in a group of uglies and cast curse weapon and spam holy light)

    I use vamp embrace wich allows faster mana regen and keeps me from getting poisoned by everything but level 5 poison. I heal myself with each hit i make with 'curse weapon'. corpse skin works great when paired with consicrate weapon on monsters with allready low fire resist. pain spike/strangle does wonders on the df (it can vary on each DF, the best i got was around 40 damage per pulse).
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was reading thru on Paly tamer post and it sounded like it would make a good addition to this list of templates...

    Yet another good way to use a Paly

    120 archer
    110 taming
    110 lore
    100 vet
    100 magery
    100 med
    80 chiv

    This was the post
    Frankly IMHO i would take taming to 115 and drop lore to 100 this is why.
    at 114 taming with lore of 100 you have 99.9 chance of crontoling anypet Including fire steed. this saves you 5 point you could use in vet
    another option is droping your Med for Anatomy. doing more damage
    Or med for hiding. further savind mana for when you need to tagteam heal a pet.

    anyway read the following post liked pretty good discussion on paly usage.

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Agent Smith... Thanks for you imput on necro paly ... 40 damage per pulse coupled with you Eoo damage sound visious..
    Any Artis yet?
  12. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith Guest

    glad to help /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
    i stopped going to doom for awhile. got burned out a bit. i think my count was up to 8 arties.
    40 damage per pulse was the max i ever got and it only happened once. curcemstances must have been just right. I usually get about 30 per pulse, but i've seen it as low as 10 depending on the DF.
  13. AncientGamer

    AncientGamer Guest

    My intended PvM template:

    Swords 120 (Best chance to hit/dodge not counting item mods)
    Parry 120 (Block 1/3+ of hits)
    Tactics 110 (Damage)
    Anatomy 110 (More Damage)
    Meditation 100 (More effective than Focus IMO)
    Resist 80 (Good enough for PvM)
    Chiv 80 (Good enough for CW, DF, &amp; EOO)
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good template. I like the Parry Sword Combo tough to hit..

    Here is a good template for some one even hardere to hit then that
    Drop meditation and get 6-12 mana regen from items, I currently have a suit 6 pieces total 2 mana regen per peice 12 mana regen i have no problem casting spell after spell... plus armor is not that important when you don't get hit. (i dont' have the parry but Anat/eval int combo)

    120 Weapon Skill
    120 Parry
    110 Anatomy
    110 Eval inteligence (combined with anatomy almost 150 evasion)+parry wooo!
    110 Magery
    80 Resist
    80 Chiv

    I know this ads up to 730, You need a ring for 10 on what ever skill 2/1
    will spell-chan shield and spell-chan weapon, and 2/4 jewlery
    Both pally spells and mage spells are really fast.
    Heal with both magery and Paly,
    plus cast poison and para/weaken/and a finishing Flame stike to kill
    don't forget also remove curse, cost less mana in magery then paly.. alot less.
    in doom ... you can hide no problem.
    you can also bring up two EE.. sent them to do your dirty work and sit back and shoot from far away... this template is most effective with Archery. or fensing
  15. MacDeath

    MacDeath Guest

    Geezzz... 150% evasion? what and how can anything hit you.
  16. drgn

    drgn Guest

    As a post based on helping the newer players, the advice given here is ... less than factual.

    First major flaw is the fact that you cannot regen your mana, nor your stamina EFFECTIVELY throughout your uo life, good regen and resists etc were harder to come by when i played, so im not too sure on that now. Not to mention that you would aim for those kindof specs ontop of ATLEAST meditation, and in most cases focus aswell (and of course for those without medable armour).

    the misinformation is the other thing i would like to remove. your evasion is based on your highest defense skill , be it unarmed evasion (which is capped at 120), wrestling or a weapon skill. based on this you can only have 120raw evasion without parry. and this does not stack.
  17. <blockquote><hr>

    120 Weapon Skill
    120 Parry
    110 Anatomy
    110 Eval inteligence (combined with anatomy almost 150 evasion)+parry wooo!
    110 Magery
    80 Resist
    80 Chiv

    For pvm, you may be able to get away with this, but don't use this template for pvp.

    If you have a weapon equipped it will check the melee skill for your evasion, and then add in Defense Chance Increase. The anatomy/eval int formula only works when disarmed and is capped at 120.

    After something gets past your primary evasion, whether it be your melee skill or anatomy/eval, your parry skill will be checked. Technically it's not cumulative, but it does give you a good chance to block.

    plus cast poison and para/weaken/and a finishing Flame stike to kill

    Poison - 9 Mana
    Para - 20 Mana
    Weaken - 4 Mana
    Flamestrike - 40 mana = 73 mana altogether with low mana regen will wipe you out. You will have very little mana, if any, left over to heal (10/11 mana), remove curse (20 mana) and special moves.

    <hr></blockquote>don't forget also remove curse, cost less mana in magery then paly.. alot less.

    Only chivalry has Remove Curse, which completely negates all debuffs and some some necro spells. It costs 20 mana no matter what other skill you have unless you have lower mana cost. But getting high resists, lower mana cost and mana regen is near impossible unless you start burning barbed runic kits and/or high end runic hammers.

    Also the damage from the melee attack wont be that high, and you would have to rely on your magery to do most of the damage. If you have no mana regen, you will find yourself having to rely on melee attack with a low dex/stam and no tactics.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ehanced items
    Gorget(12/8/6/8/12) with 2 mana regen 3 stamina incr Night site
    BL-bone helm (9/13/4/11/11) with 2 mana regen 1 mana increse
    chain mail leggins (6/6/5/2/15) with 2 mana regen/80% dura
    studed lether arms (8/8/4/4/10) with 2 mana regen
    BL lether gloves (14/5/4/4/9) with 2 mana regen 1 mana incr 2 stamina incr 1hit regen
    BL Studed tunic (7/7/7/8/6) with 2 mana regen 2 mana incre 1 hit regen

    Plus Shield (4/4/3/4/4) SC HCI 11, DCI 13
    Ring (phy res 12, poison res 11,) Fc1/fCr2
    Brace(Enegy resis 5, fire resis 11) Fc1 / night sight

    All together

    72/62/33/52/72 mar char see only 70/62/33/52/70

    I have hunted blood, double balrons, Treausre maps, MIBs, and some doom runs
    I have collected little by little ... then the 2 mana regen pieces exist all ove the place ... I have found 2 gorgets with 2 mana regen on the floor near banks..

    add it up a total of 12 mana regen ... I have actually placed this same suit on my elder mage and have no problem what so ever casting spell as she would normally cast with 110 med..
    yes all the spell i mentioned add up to 73 mana ... my stats are as follow

    st 90
    dex 100
    int 65

    It is possible to fight with out Med or with out focus, but you must be patient and collect your loot

    Good feedback from "KelibeK" i should have said 120 evasion + Parry good point!

    If you have question about templates, please feel free to ask

    "This post was edited, because of it's flaws. please forgive.
    anyway any post is welcomed thanks to all who have participated.. and those who have read and benifited from this."
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My template is:
    120 Swords
    115 Anat htinking of buying a 120 scroll.
    120 Tactics
    100 Focus
    100 Healing
    105 Chiv
    50 Hiding

    Stats without my helm of Insight

    With Helm
    83 BUT make my mana 98

    I use 2/3 bracelet, 1/3 ring, FC one clever, FC1 shield, and a lower mana cost 40 suit.
    Add the 10 LMC my bracelet ggives and my holy lights cost 5 mana and I can spam about 40 of them and a bleed attack...

    I drain Tithing like mad but I kill people in three five seconds.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    pretty impressive... Good post. this will give new players some nice stats to aim for..

    Is this Strickly a PVP char or PVM or do you dabble in both... with your stats i would immagine both
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I let this post expire and move back about a day and you see! Template threads Starting poping up like wild fire... Not that i don't mind Answereing or reading question but it seems like every single question is a Template question,

    IMHO i would like to see less of them

    If anyone knows how to make this sticky please let me know

    Here is another example of the many template posts that have come up

  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I believe that 90% of new player are seeking guidance on the direction to take their characters, due to lack of experience. This game is so complex for the new players that most just make a melee char and kill orcs for their short-lived free month. (ok could be less) I would like to retain more folk in this game. More players mean more fun, more human interaction. But, It is also hard for us to help each other on other more complex areas when every other post is a template post, or template question. I hope that we can come together collectively in this forum to avoid the numerous Template questions.
    If you would like to participate, I thank you. If not be prepared to reply to the many template questions that will be posted in the future.

    Number one question on a new Paladin is. Why and how, and what is the best template.

    Paladins are very versatile, we can wonder and explore solo, have the ability to travel with ease, and are capable of defeating in-game top creature single-handed.
    Most of the new player see and read DOOM! Artifacts Ooohh! They think “I want in!”
    Well doom belongs to (mages/tamers/thieves/and Paladins). Other variation have been seen but none as effective.

    In a group Paladins have been know to be a key component of any expedition.
    Their large damage ability and independent fighting style, makes a group rely on a Paladin heavily. For Group resurrections when all have failed to stay alive. And delivering the final striking blows to the monsters faces.

    This and many other reasons, which I hope people will post, makes Paladins an excellent part of any character manifest.

    I morphed my fisher into a Paladin and turned out to be so effective.

    Here the first post on a template

    Archery or Sword 110
    Anat 110
    tact 100
    parry 100
    healing 100
    chiv 100
    Fishing 100

    str 100
    dex 100
    int 45

    This is not traditional but I haven't met a monster out at sea i can't handle. I also used Mana regen armor of +10, 4 piece have +2, 2 pieces have +1..

    Please post your templates and give a brief description on what you use your Paladin for. and reason for your skill choice.

    Thanks and all posts are welcomed.
  23. Migcor

    Migcor Guest

    PALY wana Spanking.

    110 sword
    110 anat
    110 tact
    110 healing
    110 eval int
    110 magery
    80 med (with 2 jewls for 105 med total 2/4)

    What to drop?????
  24. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    To convert that to a paladin/mage, I'd drop 10 from anat, tact, healing, eval &amp; magery, and 25 from med (so that the jewelry would give you 80), and put the 75 points gained into chivalry (or 65 into chiv &amp; 10 into swords).
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Pvp &amp; PvM, mostly doom for the pvm :p
    Yeah he was pretty devistating, but I lost my ornimant last weak thanks to the insurance bug ;(
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok, I usually don't say anything about spelling and grammar, but if this thread is going to be sticky, Panica can you please correct the typo in "template" in the title? My thanks.
  27. bbr

    bbr Guest

    115 Chivalry
    115 Anim Taming
    100 Anim Lore
    100 Veterinary
    100 Archery
    100 Tactics : or hiding
    50 Meditating
    20 Focus


    This should work nicely.
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank... didn't notice..

    I have changed it...
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank you *grins* Now I shall post my template for an archer-pally suited for general purpose hunting-

    120 archery
    100 tactics
    100 anat
    100 heal
    100 resist
    100 chivalry
    100 focus
    720 skill cap
    100 str
    100 dex
    55 int
    +25 stat scroll and +5 stat from AoS gift

    Resist can be swapped out for hiding if you plan to live in Doom. Archery is also easily swapped out for a melee skill if that is your preference.
  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here are my "rules" for a PvM pally template-

    A paladin needs at least 80 chivalry. 80 to GM focus is also needed. Meditation can be used in lieu of focus, but remember that it doesn't regenerate stamina and that you will have to use mage armor for the skill to work. That's two skills.

    Decide on archery or melee. You will have to have these skills: GM combat, GM tactics, GM anatomy. We're now up to five skills, so here's how I would suggest picking the last two. Most of the decisions come down to personal preference.

    For archery, decide if you want healing, hiding, resist, or a melee skill. If resist is no, then take healing. If you want to live in Doom or Champ Spawns, take hiding and healing and don't worry about resist. For general purpose hunting, resist and healing are recommended. If you can't decide between melee or archery or want some weapon flexability, take up a melee skill and healing.

    For melee, decide if you want parry, healing, hiding, or resist. Lumberjacking no longer gives a worthwhile damage bonus. If parry is a no, then you need healing. Most especially, if resist is no and parry is no, then take healing. If resist is no and parry is yes, then healing is optional. Either hiding/healing, hiding/parry, parry/healing is recommended for Doom and Champ Spawn templates. For general purpose hunting, resist/healing, parry/resist, or parry/healing will work well.

    Vet point allocation: The first thing you should do is GM focus. Additional points should be used to powerscroll your weapon skill only. The benefit from scrolling tactics and anatomy is relatively minor compared to the goodness of having GM focus and GM+ weapon skills. If you still have leftover points, raise chivalry above 80. Higher chivalry skill will increase the effectiveness of your spells.

    Stat balance: For the basic paladin with no stat scrolls, I suggest 90 str 85 dex 50 int. In an ideal world, you have a +25 stat scroll and the +5 AoS stat gift. There is plenty of room to play around to suit your personal preference, but I would not go below 50 int. If you do not have healing or resist, I would suggest a minimum of 60 int.
  31. Tark_Smash

    Tark_Smash Guest

    Double Post, sorry
  32. Tark_Smash

    Tark_Smash Guest

    Here are my 2 pally chars.


    110 archery
    110 tactics
    110 anat
    100 med
    100 resist
    100 healing
    90 chivalry


    110 swords
    110 parry
    110 anat
    100 tact
    100 focus
    100 chivalry
    90 resist
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    nice looking Templates

    a note to add ..." never under estimate the power of some nice blin blin"
    I know you char should not revolve around them, butt!
    used properly it can make a good template, better..

    example ... Scroll up weapon skill to 120, and another skill .. use one blin blin for the other skill.

    I will use your archer paly as an example... This template is obtainable for some one with 700 skill points by using ring and bracelt for tac and anat
    110 archery
    100 + 10 blin blin tactics
    100 + 10 blin blin anat
    100 med
    100 resist
    100 healing
    90 chivalry
    I recomend to alway supplement Non weapon skills incase you loose or have your blin blin accidentaly *poof* you will at least not have your accuracy from weapon skill affected

    for a char with 720 skill points Scroll up archery or weapon skill and gain it ..True skill..

    120 archery
    110 +10 from blin blin tactics
    110 +10 from blin blin anat
    100 med
    100 resist
    100 healing
    80 chivalry
    in this case i recomend a slight drop in Chiv. more anat=better healing, and more damage.
    Resulting Template:
    120 archery
    120 anat
    120 tactics
    100 med
    100 resist
    100 healing
    80 chivalry

    Hands down a bad ars pally..
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

  35. Huzza3

    Huzza3 Guest

    Magery 110
    Eval int 110
    Medi 100
    Anat 100
    Resist 100
    Archery 100
    Chiv 80

    I'm not entirly sure on this template, so ill have to play around with it.. not used
    to AoS yet, everything has changed since i used to play, back in 1999
    i have no idea on the stats are gonna be like on this, i imagen i can get around my dex using pots and DF..

    well, ill play with it see how it plays... mostly pvm, with some light pvp..

    any sort of imput would be nice tho

    Regards Huzza
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Great Post
    The Glorious LAdy Algranna, my main Pally has the follwing as a template
    Strength 90
    Dexterity 100
    Intellegnce 35

    That allows me to wear some half decenmt plate with DC enhaced to lower requirements, sometimes even through a debuff, like Curse.
    I carry a 20% Swing Increase Kryss, which when coupled with Devine Fury REALLY rocks through most creatures, and enough intelegence to pull off an Armour Ignore and a heal with MR.

    Skills are currently:

    Fencing 100.6 (Cap at 110)
    Anatomy 100.0
    Parrying 100.0
    Tactics 100.0
    Healing 86.7
    Focus 84.9
    Chivalry 72.4
    Resist 32.4

    I'm in two minds whether to drop and add the points to resist due to living on top of a Red Encampment in Fel.

    This particular template is VERY effective agains none magical creatures I have found. Ogre Lords and Drakes specifically as they are my main targets at the moment.
    With an Ogre Slaying Kryss, using Enemy of One and Consecrate Weapon I don about 65 points of damage a slap, if I use armour ignore (due to a low mana pool 99% of the time this is without CW, I do about 90, I HAVE pulled one off with CW on and did about 120 points of damage to a fresh Ogre Lord!)
    Chivalry may be locked at 80, and the spare points pushed to 120 fencing or 110 parry.
  37. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    I'm rather fond of The Glorious Lord Rainanar.
    110 tactics
    110 swords
    110 archery
    100 anatomy
    100 focus
    90 chivalry
    90 resist
    100 str, 80 dex, 70 int
    I set up some UOA macros to switch out his four main weapons, undead and deamon slayer crossbows and axes. Not haven't healing is not a problem, but I mostly just PvM with him. He has solo'd balrons, ancient wyrms and the ancient lich of Khaldun many times with little trouble. He can kill a lich lord with three hits without using enemy of one.
  38. ExPago

    ExPago Guest

    How good is Focus for a Paladin? And is it true that we don't need Tactics now?
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'd reccommend reading through this thread for your answers. =/
  40. Patty Pickaxe

    Patty Pickaxe Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Here's the info on my new pally. I went with a paladin/bard/archer. This is what I currently have.... I need advise on what to change, drop, or increase.

    I have created this char on Test Sosario so Im not interested in scrolling her. After reading the previous posts I think i want hiding also, for PvM, but then that would be 8 skills. My skill cap is 720, would there be a good way to keep all 8 skills and still have a playable decent char?

    *For those of you familar with Test, I used the pally skill gate so I also have 85 resist. Should I just take the resist over hiding? FYI-I will use this char mainly for PvM, but not Doom. I have never been to Doom and I never plan on going.
    I may do a champ spwan if the opportunity comes along, but it wont be my main activity.
  41. DirkCam

    DirkCam Guest

    I'm looking for a Doom Paly. I've read through all these posts, maybe I missed what I'm looking for. Here's where I'm headed:
    110 Fencing
    90 Healing
    100 Anat
    110 Tactics
    0 Resist
    90 Focus
    85 Chiv
    120 Parry

    95 Str
    100 Dex
    30 Int

    I'm really not looking for Hiding, but if there is any other adivice I might need to take, please, hit me up. I need a good balance with my 705. I just need to know if I can camp doom with this Paly. I have camped with my mage for weeks at a time, great and all but he has a tough time sometimes and seems much better with PvP. I need a Doom Char hard asap. :p Do I really need the Resist for Doom? The great question I know.... please help.

    ~Newb Paly
  42. Peter-PL

    Peter-PL Guest

    Well i started to play at new pvp shard theres 225 statcap and 700+ skillcap
    I was thinking to make a pvp pala
    Str 95
    Dex 85
    Int 45
    Fenc 100+
    Chiv 100+
    Anat 100+
    Tactics 100+
    Resistances 100+
    Focus 100 +
    Parrying 100+

    Well im playn' pala 1 week , i was thinking about healing but then i need to delete one of those skills maybe Close Wounds would be good ? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Like i said im playn pala 1 week so plz answear this reply if u have better ideas !! ^^ thx
  43. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Heres my "Doom Baby" archer/pally/bard template. *comments to follow*

    Provo...........93.5 (115 cap)
    Healing.........92.8 (dropping to 90)
    Chivalry........80.0 (locked)

    (250 stat cap)
    Str 95 (ring is +2)
    Dex 110
    Int 47

    She wears a suit that is:
    Physical 70
    Fire 69
    Cold 70
    Poison 70
    Energy 45

    Now shes very effective in Doom most of the time. (shes gotten me 8 arti's so far this month) I can provo the smaller spawn while I plink the DF with me lil bow. (which does 150-180 per hit) I do have to back up and heal now and then but not often. I just slap on a bandage and keep firing. I can rez when needed (2 ways) so I spend a good amount of time in Doom doin that. lol

    I dropped peace for chivalry and I dont regret it (well at least not often).
  44. Geran

    Geran Guest

    here's my pally template, well at least its what i'm aiming for atm

    110-120 swords
    100 tactics
    100 anatomy
    100 healing (healing is good, healing saves me, i like healing, i trust healing)
    100 focus
    100 chivalry
    100 resist

    i might stop chiv at 85, and resist at 80, and leave swords at 110, and put 45 points into parrying, (I always wear a shield anyways for extra resists, fc, and defence etc)

    Oh, btw, this is a 6 year, account, so i do have the extra 20 points to work with

    any imput would be appreciated
  45. Padre Dante

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    May 28, 2004
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    First in response to Hannah Hellfire and her Test Sosaria Archer/Peacer/Pally:
    I just started the exact same templated character on Chessy and as long as I'm not headed to Doom, I see it working quite well.

    I also have a question for the Pally gurus out there. I have an old school axer with the following skills (715 total cap and a straight up PvM):
    Swords 103.3 (110 cap)
    Anat 100
    LJ 100
    Parry 100
    Tactics 100
    Healing 91.5
    Focus 90.1
    and then something like 30.1 in magery (mainly for recalling, but set to go down)

    Now, I am thinking of possibly converting to a Paladin (90% PvM, 10% Doom), but that would require me either dropping Lumberjacking, one of my personal fav.'s on a sowrdsman, or healing (to be replaced with Chivy). I know most out there would say drop Healing, but is LJ really that useless now? Doesn't it still garner a big enough DI? And have you actually tried to GM LJ???!!?? It's darn hard.

    My original thoughts were to drop healing and focus (and obviously magery) and use the 205 remaining points amongst chivy, focus, and resist. But after reading this thread I am afraid it might not benefit me anyway.

    Help Please!
  46. -Rasahjin-

    -Rasahjin- Guest

    Ok, so I really wanna make a Archer/Paladin Doom Hunter... but I am having trouble with template..

    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy
    120 Healing
    100 Chivalry
    100 Focus

    This leaves me with 40 points left, and as for stats I have no idea... This char will be strictly in Doom camping the Gauntlet for artifacts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  47. nova

    nova Guest

    What will work better for a doom pally med or focus? im already gm med but its not that hard to gm either.
    Also whats better for doom archery or fencing? Im almost gm fencing but im thinkin of switching to archery for that distance fighting.
    Should I have resist if this is strictly for pvm (doom and champ spawns)? or should i scroll all skills?
    Im thinkin of
    fenc or archery 120
    tactics 100
    anat 115 = damage and better healing
    heal 100
    resist 100
    chiv 80
    focus or med 100
    str 100 I may buy a sc but kinda poor right now..I do have a +5 on him
    dex 55
    int 75
  48. Geran

    Geran Guest

    archery will probably work better if your only going to do doom, and if you decide you pick up archery, you can drop healing too and rely on close wounds since you won't be hit that much anyways This way you can scroll all skills and still have resist, but resist is not worth if it its just a doom pally. so you might want to take hiding or keep healing instead. Or you could just take archer instead of fencing and leave the template like that. you might have a slightly less effective doom pally, but he will be better all around
  49. Eleonardo2k4

    Eleonardo2k4 Guest

    Ok so I'm thinking about making a Paladin specifically for Doom, but I can't decide on these two Templates

    95/100/45 (+15 Stat Scroll)
    120 Fencing
    100 Anat
    100 Tactics
    100 Parry
    90 Focus
    80 Chiv
    60 Resist
    50 Hiding


    120 Archery
    110 Anat
    110 Tactics
    100 Focus
    100 Healing
    80 Chiv
    50 Hiding
    30 Resist?

    I'm so confused, I'm a returning player, Paladins didn't exist the last time that I played so I'm just trying to figure out what I should do by reading these boards. However, it seems there are so many different templates to choose from. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it, I'm just looking for the most effective character in Doom. (Probably like 90% of the other people out there.)

    As far as playstyle goes, if it depends on that, I'm just as lost, I love archery but it doesnt seem right on a Paladin, something more like Swords or Fencing would seem more feasible. I'd really love to hold a Lance and be able to use one, but again I love archery just as much.