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Paladin Spells: Tweaks and Additions

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Geralfi, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Geralfi

    Geralfi Guest

    I enjoy playing my paladin, however sometimes I feel it is a marginalized class especially when I have devoted a lot of skill points towards chivalry, the lower and upper echelon of paladins (grandmaster through Legendary) should enjoy more versatility and benefits of playing this class. In summation they should be just as viable to the PvM oriented player and the PvP oriented player. They should be able to confront and defeat monsters of greater intensities and be on par with samurais who seem to have a greater advantage. So here are a few of the ideas, I've gotten from reading other posts, and looking at other paladin spells from different games.

    I'll begin with the tweaks.

    Cleanse by fire- Paladin spells should be versatile with both defensive and offensive capabilities. If casted upon an engaged enemy it should deal fire damage to the enemy, damage dealt is based on the paladins karma for the purposes of guild warfare, factions, spawns etc. If the target has negative karma the effects of the attack should be more powerful. Targets with positive or neutral karma will not have any damage reduction they simply will not suffer extra damage that a player with negative karma would. However if the target is poisoned the poison will be cured. For the spell to work as an attack the paladin must be targeted or target another player/monster for the benefits.

    Close wounds- So far so good, but let it be cast while moving, standing still is for mages and paladins should get this advantage.

    Holy Light- I believe this does energy damage, I won't go into the physical nature of light, or the divine suggestiveness of this spell, I will just say this, Holy light should do a lot more damage in PvP and PvM The amount of skill it takes to always succeed as well as the karma needed is proof enough. Holy light should automatically target the lowest resistance of an attacker or target, and do a minimum base damage of 25 hp in PvP at GM level and higher, and higher for PvM targets.
    It should also have the area effect of healing, curing, and removing curse of nearby friendly targets, Healing friendly targets would work with the strength of the mages heal spell, curing targets would be limited to greater poison, even at legendary level so as not to take away from the CBF spell, and will not remove curses poison, or heal the caster.

    Consecrate weapon- Longer duration at least as long as EoO or as another person posted limit it to a specific amount of attacks, The higher the karma the higher the amount of successful attacks the weapon is imbued with.

    Dispel Evil- <font color="red"> Through an act of pure will, the Paladin can summon the power of good to disrupt all evil in the area. This ability attempts to dispel all summoned creatures of an evil nature, as well as causes all other evil creatures to flee from combat. The disrupting nature of this holy ability can also drain a transformed Necromancer of mana and stamina! </font> Paladins should be able to dispel revenants, plain and simple, In PvP this spell should work like the curse spell against engaged targets that are not summons.

    remove curse- Lower mana cost of this spell, also once activated it should act as a buffer from more curse spells similar how magic reflection used to work, one would have to break the magic reflection before direct damage spells could be dealt to the target, this would only be applicable to curse effects though not direct damage spells. This would also effect necromancy spells like corpse skin and strangle.

    Divine Fury- This should be on par with the lightning strike of the Samurai for SSI, the duration should last longer, and it should also effect nearby players, In other words give players the ability to cast it as an area effect spell to benefit parties.

    Sacred Journey- No change neccessary

    Noble Sacrifice- instead of nearly killing the the paladin, keep the spell as is but effectively curse him by half of his stats for an alloted amount of time. something like faction stat loss.

    <font color="red"> Additions </font>

    Exorcism- It is much more suited for those who follow the divine path, not necromancers. They can keep it for them, but make it available to paladins as well.

    <font color="red"> Taken from Ultima 3 </font>
    a) Pontori - attempts to kill skeletons, ghouls and zombies in combat
    d) Luminae - short duration light
    e) Rec Su - up one dungeon level
    i) Sequitu - return to surface from dungeon
    j) Sominae - long duration light
    k) Sanctu Mani - powerful healing

    <font color="red"> additions</font>

    Divine intervention, summons an etheral warrior that will attack your enemy until dead or until it is killed or dispelled (Paladins version of the revanant)

    Flagellation- effectively like strangle, the target repents his evil deeds by flogging himself for a duration of time physical damage

    I know it's not perfect but those are some ideas, and I'm short on time so I cannot post everything I want, but I welcome comments and exchange.