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Paladin's End Pt.1

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Guest, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    With Age of Shadows coming out, it is time for me to revamp ideas on my characters. Two new classes can open up alot of roleplaying for me, and I know I will be happy with whatever results I can create. As some of you may know, my main character Zeromus Lightbringer is a Paladin. However, due to the new skill requirements to be a "Paladin", he will become something much, much different. I have decided to write some fiction around the events of my characters and their transformations within the next few weeks. Please enjoy my latest piece of Ultima Online Roleplaying Fiction

    Paladin's End

    Dig harder, mighty ones. Dig harder. Find the truth, and find it soon. The hour is at hand.

    "I haven't found it yet, brother! Keep trying!" yelled Donovan Lightbringer as he searched the ruins of his father's castle; his brown goatee and ponytail covered in mud.
    "It must be here somewhere, Donovan. We have to find it!" Zeromus called back; his blue hair caked with dirt and dust.
    Zeromus took his pitchfork and with an odd, clumsy motion, he hit the ground hard again and again. Donovan chuckled to himself and skillfully hit the ground with his shovel. It was apparent that Zeromus was not only a terrible miner, but he was also beginning to lose his temper. Deep within the ruins of their father's castle lay a powerful and ancient tome written by Lord Silas Lightbringer himself.

    How long had it been since they started their expedition? Neither of them were sure. They only wanted the truth that was lost so many years ago.
    "This is surely a hard quest indeed, my brother. How are you sure the book lies in these ruins?" asked Donovan.
    "I just know, Donovan.. I just know. I can sense it in my heart that Father has called us here for a reason." replied Zeromus.
    "Yes, Donovan.. I received a dream from Father not too long ago. He told us that the 'hour is at hand' if that makes any sense to you."
    "Not at all."

    "I must admit that I am stumped myself. I hope this dream was truly a message, and not just a figment of my imagination."
    Zeromus hit the ground hard with the pick again. He could tell it was beginning to break and threw it to the side in frustration.
    "I guess I should have my lunch now." Zeromus mumbled to himself as he climbed up from the dirt hole and onto the surface. Donovan followed him, and they sat together on a fallen log.
    "Bread and water as usual for me." said Donovan to his youth.
    "Fish steaks and cider for me, Donovan. I don't know how you survive on that.. don't you like any kind of variety?" replied Zeromus to his elder brother.
    "Bread and water is all a man needs to survive."
    Zeromus chuckled and hit his brother on his rolly stomach. "Looks like it takes alot for you to survive, eh?"
    Donovan shook his head and bowed it. Zeromus looked at him oddly.
    Donovan began to utter odd chants which Zeromus had never heard before in his life. He was very amazed to see how Donovan spent his life as a trained monk. After Donovan finished the chant, he began to take to his food.
    "What was that, brother?" asked Zeromus in wonder.
    "They call it the Cleric's Prayer. We all pray before eating to thank God for what we have."
    "Very interesting, Donovan."
    "Unfortunately, many do not hold my same beliefs. I try my best though."
    Donovan said in a smile.
    Zeromus smiled back. He was very glad that Donovan was finally happy with himself, especially after doing so much in his life.
    "Monk, Tinker, Tailor, Blacksmith, Mage, Martial Artist, Miner, Cleric, Carpenter... you've done many things in your life, Donovan."
    "I try to keep busy, anyways."

    "Father would be proud of you.." said Zeromus in an ashamed tone.
    "Would he not be proud of you as well, Zeromus?"
    "I don't think he would. I've had too many evils in my life to be considered the son of a Lightbringer."

    "Come now, Zeromus.. don't say that. You have always held the virtues in your heart so many times."
    Zeromus shook his head sadly. "But I still feel empty inside.. do you know what I mean? I may be a Paladin, but my heart does not feel it."
    "I'm not sure what you're getting at."
    "I guess it's too hard to explain. Let's get back to work."

    Zeromus finished his lunch and grabbed a fresh pickaxe. He carefully made his way down the ladder into the dirty pit and started to dig again. Inside his heart he could feel the virtues, but deeper he could feel something dark and sinister arriving. His stomach tied itself into a knot and his worry filled his mind.

    Donovan's shovel hit the ground with a fervor, and soon he could hear the sound of hard metal. "Zeromus! Over here!"
    The Paladin dropped his pick and walked to Donovan's side. He dropped to the ground and dusted off all the dirt covering a case made of powerful bronze metal. The brothers opened the box and inside they found what they had been looking for...


    To Be Continued.