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Paladins To Weaken Warriors?

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by imported_Edward The Less, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. For all thoes Warriors in the Horde what do you think Blood Elf Paladins will do to grouping?

    For lower level instances will a Paladin be enough for tanking? Will you hear this:

    You: LFG Wailing Caverns
    Group Leader: What class are you?
    You: Level 20 Warrior
    Group Leader: No thanks we have a Paladin

    Could this or something like this happen?

    For Alliance Warriors, have you ever had a Paladin take your spot or a spot that you could have filled in a group?

    Will Paladins help Horde Warriors more than they hurt them?
  2. Honkwomp

    Honkwomp Guest

    You must never have played a paladin....
    Your fears are unfounded. Currently, pallies do not replace warriors in alliance groups, why would you think they would be a valid replacement in horde groups?

    Paladins cannot hope to match the DPS or the durability of a warrior. They cannot heal as well as the healing classes. They are not great at much, but are a valid class because they can do a lot of things okay, being able to heal in battle is one of them.

    Paladins will never replace warriors any more than a good lock will replace a warrior. Each class has a niche and whether that class is a horde or an alliance has little bearing
  3. NeroRathe

    NeroRathe Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 24, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Geez Honk, I'd almost be tempted to ask if you have either played a Paladin, or had much experience with them in the end game, especially if you think they dont do anything well.......

    Truth is, Pally's can be, with the right talents and gear, be some of the best healers in the game. There buffs are also stellar. They'll never replace a priest, but their ability to off-tank and play as a healer make 'em pretty darn solid.

    Pre-end game, I enjoyed having 'em in a group. When I leveled my warrior, it was nice to have a priest/pally combo with me. Multiple instances where I could MT, and the Pally could secondary tank until first mob was DPS'd, and then shift to a support role.

    Some of the new skills, the snap taunt and such look nice, but they'll never be able to hold aggro like a warrior can, and as such, dont see 'em ever replacing a warrior as a main tank in a group. At best they'll push a Shaman or Druid as a utility class in a group.
  4. As far as leveling up is concerned, a warrior doesn't have to tank. In fact, you don't even have to tank up until mid 50s, and even then pretty much any mail/plate class can "tank" the bosses. As far as threat generation goes, paladins in end game cannot come close to warriors, especially if the warrior is trying.

    But their buffs are going to be so incredibly sweet, I can't wait. Blessing of Kings will put me up to 9500 hp without a flask easy and devotion aura will help me break 11k armor.

    Also, everyone and their mother will be rolling blood elf, and a majority of them will reach level 30 and then it will cool off as leveling can be a little bit more of a pain after that. And since a majority of "tanking" classes at that level will be paladins, they will fit in just fine.