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paldin mixed template looking for advise

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by dupadupa, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. dupadupa

    dupadupa Guest

    ok bit of history.. started playing like 5 years ago well around that time, AOS had just come out, quit for a long long time and only just recently upgraded to ML and activly started playing agagin

    my first char "the one im gonna list" has quite a mixed template and i would like some advice on where to go with it,

    It a paladin... here goes....

    Swordmanship 105.6 have scroll for 115
    Tactics 100
    Parrying 100
    Anatomy 96.9
    Chiv 75.5
    Focus 67.0
    Resist Spells 43.7
    Magery 31.1

    cant remember why i trained focus.. cant even remeber what it does...

    cant really remember why i trained magery either.... i think as a secondary healing is the only thought..

    i have chiv locked at 75.5 and as far as i can tell im sure i locked it as that because long ago i was told there is no need for more than 70? dont know if thats correct....

    the reason im posting this is because while playing recently ive noticed im really still not that happy with how well this template heals.. nor damages....i seem to get damaged ALOT even tho im using a Full 70's resist suit and have a total of

    91% damage increase
    3 Fast cast recovery
    57% reflect physical Damage
    24% Defence chance increase

    any help is much appriciated as im lost as where to turn or what to do....
  2. GFY

    GFY Guest

    There are several things you could do here. Most players add Bushido to their templates but we'll stick with a Paladin for now.

    Before chivalry came out everyone had magery on their templates. That may be why you have both. Drop magery, this is the easiest way for paladins to go.

    Focus allows you to regen stamina and mana while fighting in armor. It can be substituted for with the paladin spell divine fury for stamina and a mana leech special on your weapon.

    With the rest of your skills this allows you almost 200 skill points to spare. You could push every other skill to 120 if you wanted or experiment with different skills.

    Just remember the rules have changed a bit. You'll need a shield for parry without Bushido. Dex is king as far as any warrior template is concerned so you'll need to push that as high as possible (150 with item pluses).

    Lastly use your paladin buffs for every opponent, enemy of one, consecrate weapon, and divine fury if your stamina gets lowered. Not to mention chivalry macros for healing and curing poison.