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EM Fiction Pants And Prejudice

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by EM Gotan, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
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    The door to the Royal Bedroom clicked shut, and the King leaned upon it heavily, before letting out a long sigh. His people, yes he was proud of them, it was true. They’d once more come up with an incredible variety of ways in which to improve the lives of their fellow citizens. And yet… he’d arrived a little late to the throne room to find a strange replica of the Governor of Skara Brae, Alaster The Mad running around, demanding the citizens of Vesper be made slaves again. He’d eventually managed to best it’s magical resistance and imprison it first within the book cases of a nearby house, and then forced it into the safety of the very rocks of the nearby mountains and away from the people of that city. Later he’d asked if anyone knew where it had come from, but bringing it out to examine again it immediately attacked the King’s Council, whilst stripping off some of their clothes. None recognised it, although many now swore they’d always been suspicious of it’s behaviour as soon as it arrived in the Hall. But were they? The Council Hall seemed to be taking it’s oddity in their stride when the King arrived… Was that just a compliment to the lovable oddity of The Mad?

    Vesper, as represented by the fair Lady Goodward, hadn’t taken it’s threats of enslavement seriously though. That was a relief: Peace between those two realms seemed to be held safe in their mutual trust, for now at least. But what of the thorny question of the Sultan of Nujel’m? Skaros the Spymaster had passed on the names of quite a lot of Royal Investigators who had brought supposed “gifts” from him. Inside each had been found a mirror which, when looked into, poured forth insults. Blackthorn had placed it in the Throne Room assuming it was a prank gift, a reflective Jester, but now the things were piling up all over the castle. Was it really an innocent gift to be sent so often, or was Nujel’m intending a more serious insult? Or worse, were his trusted advisers the innocent cats-paw of a malicious plan, or even it’s willing participants?

    Skaros had made no comment except to vouch for the Investigators past loyalty, and to give to the King a sheaf of papers containing the reports they’d submitted on the nature of the curious request made, alongside their parcels delivered. An answer to their loyalty at least would be found there. But… Nujel’m? Snox was leaving soon and would want to visit his old boat, which the Sultan now also owned the deed too. Yes, this was a way to get those questions answered still. The King could wait until Sunday before taking any action, despite the request from one returning warrior, Drake by name and apparently by temperament, to strike before suspicion became invasion…