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Parizad Please Read and Respond If Possible

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by VeronicaV, May 14, 2008.

  1. VeronicaV

    VeronicaV Guest

    Is there any chance that the payout on money objects can be increased for the remainder of our time. I took the bullet train and lost everything, thinking I would have time to build again. Unfortunately with the diminished players, making enough to build is impossible. Can you help with this?
  2. TKSpeedy

    TKSpeedy Guest

    I second that! I lost so much simoleans with the bug when I was building this week. While I'm waiting for a customer to come buy some of my stuff so I can finish my house (one of my goals), it would be helpful if payouts would increase so I could make some decent money and have a shot at reaching my goal.
  3. elkhartware

    elkhartware Guest

    what would really be nice is for ealand to give free play, and paying customers, the same treatment now that the games closing, and everyones getting put on free trial.... my sims in ealand can do nothing now, but sit in my store and visit resedential houses, now that their considered as free players.... and a response by anyone would also be nice:thumbup:
  4. Raisin

    Raisin Guest

    Can't you just call customer service and have them make your account Premium again?

    I agree, increase the payouts for the people, should be an easy enough adjustment. Increase Pizza and the other objects too if possible, people think it's fun to do them. :)
  5. Founder

    Founder Guest

    Parizad won't reply to this. Wasn't she fired by EA or something? That's what one source told me and no... it wasn't TMZ.com either!
  6. Fire Dragon

    Fire Dragon Guest

    Was she fired in the past day or so?


    Oh and VV, how much do you need hun? I can give you some cash to spruce up your place if you want.. The bear sent you mail. :)
  7. SimTripps

    SimTripps Guest

    Totally! Increase everything! Let us all be sim millionaires so we can at least have some FUN before the end! :thumbup:
  8. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Money objects, pffft, I say give each account unteen millions of bucks and let people go crazy until July 31, yepper that's what I say, lol.

  9. culbert123

    culbert123 Guest

    May as well give us umpteen million bucks and all that jazz. You'd think EA would want to do whatever they could to make us relatively happy in the couple of months that are left since they want us to keep buying/playing EA games.

    I'm sure if it was completely up to Pari, it we'd get a couple of kajillion each. I don't think TPTB will let it happen. They figure that for every 10 people who are swearing not to support EA again, at least half will cave, so why bother?
  10. Spacey

    Spacey Guest

    I'm with Mavric. It would be nice to have unlimited resources. It's the least they could do...
  11. labyrinth

    labyrinth Guest

    LoL. The cap in TC3 needs to be removed completely.

    And, yah, payouts should go back to what they were pre-merge of all cities...since the payouts were cut due to bots. But, who cares about bots now.

    If they can come in and fix the freezing/booting bug, then how hard can it be to remove the cap and set the payouts.

    I am happily glad that they fixed the freezing/booting bug, and even if they didn't fix the payouts, I'd still be happily glad.

    But, we're all wishful thinking for things, so I added mine.:drool:
  12. Raisin

    Raisin Guest

    In my opinion, it's too soon for "unlimited funds".

    I don't think it would make the game more fun - only for a few hours.
    After that there would be no point in continuing.

    Increasing the payouts on objects WOULD however make the game more fun. It would give people a goal and something to do, and let people earn money rather quickly.

    "Unlimited funds" might be implemented like the last day of the game or something, if at all.
  13. Milton

    Milton Guest

    I agree. Raise the payouts now to a level that will make Jobs and Money Objects worthwhile and more enjoyable. Then let us go hog wild for the last month or 2 weeks with unlimited funds and full catalog. That gives us enough time to build party houses, party, recover, repeat.