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[Parry] Parry Training Made Easy

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Credinus, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Credinus

    Credinus Guest

    Most of you know the sheep training method for parry and there's plenty of threads about it for those of you who don't, so I'm not going to explain how to do it in this thread. This thread is dedicated to tips for making that training even EASIER.

    If you've ever done the sheep training technique, you know that the two weaknesses of the method are: 1) equipment damage and 2) constant healing needed once equipment breaks. Well, here's an easy way to get around those two flaws:

    First, do your training in horrific beast form. Just get to 40 necromancy and use a scroll to cast it for ease if you have to. The HP regen of this form is very nice. To accompany the regen, get a bracelet of health (if you're lucky, you'll find an old cursed one cheap; I snagged one for a mere 50k). This is actually all you will need if you're human; if you're elf, go ahead and get either a trinket with 2 hp regen (totem of the void, for instance) or a ring with 2 hp regen. Of course, you can always have both if you want to be extra healthy.

    Second, do your training with GM+ resisting spells. This is easy to obtain and everyone should have it on a soulstone anyway. GM gives you 40% physical resist with no armor on, which means the sheep will not do more than 1 damage per hit to you.

    Using these simple steps, your natural health regen will completely outdue the damage the sheep will be doing, and you won't need any armor thanks to the resisting spells. Stack those sheep up, sit back, and watch your parry max out without any assistance.
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  2. Turdnugget

    Turdnugget Guest

    You can also throw on a Primer on Arms or Totem of Void which gives an additional 2HPR, or go into dog form using ninjitsu. Similar to Horrific Beast.
  3. Hildebrand

    Hildebrand Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 12, 2005
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    I like the Jehlom training pits. Get as many disarmed warriors (females) and use them to train parry.
  4. Radix

    Radix Guest

    i tried with sheeps, cows and bulls (about 10-12), in horrific beast form, a little too much damage without healing, but it took me half an hour to get a 0,1 gain (i am currently 101)

    how long would it take to raise to 120?

  5. Do you have Bushido? If so, you must equip a shield and a wep you have no skill in. If not, you should have a 2 handed wep equipped that you have no skill in. Gains should come faster than what you're getting.
  6. Credinus

    Credinus Guest

    As Connor mentioned, make sure you have the right weapon setup to be able to gain. As far as the healing, make sure you've got the bracelet of health at least, and then a little more regen on a ring or talisman if you've got some; it's that extra 10 HP regen from the bracelet that makes it doable without healing. The resist from resisting spells is also necessary a little ways in to keep them from doing 2 HP per hit.

    As far as how long it takes to get from 100-120, when I did this a couple weeks ago, I don't remember how long -exactly- it took me, but I know that it was around an hour and a half total. I had to take a couple breaks in between, though. The gains will be slow for the first 15 minutes or so as the sheep or whatever you're using get their dex and wrestling up high enough to hit you fast and every time, but then they'll start soaring.

    A side note that I forgot to mention in the first post: while you won't need any armor, you -will- need to bring along several weapons (and shields, if you have bushido). Your best bet would be to make about 3-4 dull copper weapons/shields, as that should be plenty enough durability to last you from 100-120. Alternatively, if you have some soulstones and a holy sword, you could just stone off swordsmanship and bushido, then you won't need to worry about that either. ;)
  7. Radix

    Radix Guest

    Then, unlike logical, i am samurai, i parry better without shield, but it's better to train with a shield? i don't understand but i will do :p

    "Soulstonice" my combat skill (sword) is for dropping all my base defence and get hit more, right? I have read that it's even better soulstonice bushido for better gains.
    The "false" weapon skill to train (by example: maze) must be unlocked to raise? (for sheeps to gain?)
  8. Credinus

    Credinus Guest

    I'll answer all three of these for 'ya real quick:

    1) You do parry better without a shield when you have bushido (in fact, if you have bushido and use a shield, your max parry chance will be a mere 5%). This is exactly why you -do- want to use a shield for training. Your gains come faster when you have a lower chance of blocking a creature, much like in crafting where you'll have a higher chance for a gain crafting something you have a lower chance of success with. The harder the task is to do, the better the gains, and thus you'll want to use a shield if you have bushido trained already in order to train parry.

    2/3) The only reason I suggested soulstoning off swordsmanship is in the case of having a holy sword, which has self repair 10. By doing this, you won't need to have extra weapons on hand. In any case, you want to have a weapon for a skill you are untrained in, and the reason is that if you are trained in the weapon you're wielding while training, the sheep/cows/whatever won't be able to hit you as often, if at all, which means no gains. Using a weapon you have no skill in means they can hit you just about every time, which means more gains.

    I think the source of a lot of misunderstanding with parry training in general is the fact that to train it better, you have to set yourself up to be worse at it. The initial thought someone would have is "If I parry a lot, I'll get gains a lot because I'm always succeeded at the parry" but it's basically the opposite... If you parry hardly at all, you'll get gains a lot because you're always failing the parry. Weird, but hope that clears up any confusion.
  9. Rocklin

    Rocklin Guest

    And it was easy once I got the Bracelet of Healing. Thank you for the tips. I didn't get the high Resist Magic though, but I wore items that had 10 Self repair or no durability stats. This gave me about 24 Phys Resist. I used a DC Shield because my Bushido is at 70 atm. I hit Legendary in about 5 hours. Thank for the information once again!
  10. Radix

    Radix Guest

    It's works fine!
    I took the health brazier too, and changed to horrific beast form, 38 hpr!! Jhelom pits looks a little dangerous (i do not took with me a disarm weapon ^^),
    with sheeps, cows and bulls i had no problem fighting a lot of them, until some armor pieces got damaged, and even so, as you say in the first minutes it raises slow, but more and more gains get soon ;)
    raised from 101 to 109 in an hour or less,
    now seeking for a cheap legendary xD

    Thank you very much.