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Part Duex

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by HectorFirebrand, Jan 24, 2002.

  1. The Escape

    The overwhelming smell of brimstone was thick in the cavern as Hector slowly regained his senses. The battered old man sneezed loudly trying to rid his large nose of the oppressive scent. My imps slathered in anticipation and inched nearer the robed figure as he struggled to his feet. The imps looked to me for permission to ravage the ancient one again but I did not give it. Instead I merely leaned forward on my Throne of souls and watched him, waiting to hear what he would say.

    For two Sosarian weeks I had held the decrepit fool in my lair, watching him, sensing him, trying to gain a better understanding of what kept him going through all the suffering he had endured I had done everything in my power to pry his secrets from his mind. From allowing my imps to feed on his flesh to probing his mind with my magicks to even flailing his for hours with my whip of flames nothing has worked. I was at a loss.

    I was growing frustrated. I knew on site that this man was indeed a shadow of the Dreaded Daemon Lord who had led me and my fellows to many vistories over the humans but try as I might I could scarcley find any sign that he was who I knew him to be. His mental fortress was astounding and during torture he merely babbled incoherantly of sheep and llamas. At times I thought I had found the answers I sought but the remnants of these memories drifted away like sparks in a bonfire.

    I had never before been thwarted in my attempts to drain the past from a human as I have now. This one held the answers I sought but I could not find them. He stood and looked upon my evil visage. “Umm... excuse me Mr. Big Hairy Guy? “ he stammered. I leaned more forward, perhaps he was breaking, perhaps now he would tell me what I needed to know, exhultation filled my daemonic vessels as I waited to hear his words. “Do you think you could let me go in time fer me to attend the Tavernica Stratica Grand Opening?”

    Rage overcame me! The insolence! The disrespect! Never before had I been talked to so thoughtlessly! I roared aloud and stood with my whip held high. The whip ignited at my command and I brought the lash down fiercely on the infidels back, knocking him to the ground. I roared again, “HOW DARE YE SPEAK OF SUCH TRIVIAL MATTERS BEFORE ME!?”

    The old man rolled to his back and locked his gaze with mine. “Well its only a few days away,” he muttered. He broke eyecontact with me and found his feet again mumbling something about party attire. His lack of fear only angered me further. I raised my whip to strike him again but held when he caught my eye again.

    His eyes glowed red like those of a daemon who he seen the face of evil incarnate and I felt the strength draining from my arm as I struggled to strike. “Besides,” he continued, “it would be a shame to miss it. Everyone who is anyone will be there.”

    My fury knew no bounds. I stood dumfounded with my whip at my side. My jaw fell open as his words rolled round and round in my mind. A party? A great Lord of the abyss has him held in his custody and he cares about a party?! I looked upon my imps and servants and could hear them giggling at my seeming ineptness. I decided them and there to rid the world of this man, this lone human, this frail old man who found it so easy to control my emotions.

    I then drew my terrible sword in a fit of rage. It too felt my desire to sever this old creatures heart from his chest and it exalted in my fury. I stepped forward to strike raising the massive sword above my head. The old man merely stood before me without fear as though he were clad in the hardest of platemail instead of an empty pack and a deathshroud. I brought my arm down for the killing blow and just before I struck him I noticed a small smile appear on his face.

    Suddenly I say a flash of blue as a moongate appeared between the two of us and a green a purple clad mage leapt out astride a ridable llama! “Maness!” Hector exclaimed and the foolish mortal chanced a bow. “What are you doing here?”

    “I’ve come to rescue you old man!” the flamboyant one answered. “Now hold yer tounge and get in yonder gate!” My imps set upon the man witha inhuman quickness but their magical claws merely raked against this ones invisible shield. He laughed aloud at me as Hector stepped into the moongate. I was furious and moved to place myself between him and his escape but I was too late. As I took my position he spoke a few words of power and was gone in a puff of green smoke.

    My quarry was gone. I had been thwarted by a cunning court jester and a over the hill old fool. My servants shook their heads as I took my seat back upon my throne. I heard a chuckle from my imps as one by one the winked out of existence returning to the plane from whence they came. My tenure as the Collector of Souls had come to an end. It wouldnt be long before the next upstart daemon would find his way here to destroy me and take my place upon the Throne of Souls and send me back to the nether realm. In a way I looked forward to the solitude that the abyss offered. At least my path would never cross that of Hector Firebrand again...
  2. Kerrigan_DP

    Kerrigan_DP Guest

    Great story Hector!

    I enjoy the fact that so many good writers frequent the boards here.
  3. BranWyn

    BranWyn Guest

    WOW interesting angle :)

    HEHEHEH :) stratics party hahahhaah :)
  4. If this is part Duex...when did I miss part one?

    Very nice work Hector!
  5. its right above this one

  6. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest

    HEY!!!! That was VERY good Hector. *big grin* Thank you. Very good indeed. :)

    I liked it! :)
  7. *bumpoed cuz theres no stupid internet in my room in Korea*