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Part II - All hail Lord Casca, all hail our King!

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Bruin, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    With the sun beating down on him, Bruin awakens, unsure of where he is. He can barely open his eyes, but he can definitely feel his head pounding. “Man, what a hangover,” he thinks to himself as he sees the empty bottles of ale lying next to him. He scouts the area with his eyes to try and figure out where he is. The place looks familiar…it’s on the tip of his tongue…ahh yes, the grass patch south of Britain Bank and next to The Cat’s Lair Tavern.

    “What the hell am I doing here…what happened last night…Damnit!” Bruin exclaims as he realizes his pack is now empty. A thief must have rummaged through his backpack as he slept. “They will pay for this!” Another time, another place though.

    Hazy are his thoughts of last night, but as he slowly awakens, the memories start to return, as does the pounding in his head. Something about needing to escape…. something about needing a drink…. Then he realizes, his head, the pain, the voices…

    “Where the hell is a good alchemist when you need one!”

    The memories return. Last night, yes…the pain, it was unbearable. He needed to escape so he came here, to The Cat’s Lair for some ales. Realizing later that he had too much gold on him so he should bank before heading to sleep – he must have passed out on the way to the bank.

    But the voices, what are they saying? Apparently the ales did not work, and only made things worse.

    “Gahhhh my head!” Bruin yells out…

    The voices…yes they are clear to him now…very clear…



    OOC: This in-game story has a few goals of which one being an attempt to revive role-playing here on Siege. This is part 2 of about 4 that are already drawn up and will be posted in the near future. However after that it is open as I have not written any ending to it – so I highly encourage any others who wish to join in to do so.
  2. Nickster

    Nickster Guest

    what were the voices saying though? i can't help feeling upset... i thought they only spoke to me. perhaps i have dpne something to anger them now they seek a new champion.

    Since i began practicing the dark arts i have seen myself as favoured by the dark gods... this Bruin can't be allowed to sway their interests... i must redouble my work and sacrifice more to the dark gods... but perhaps i can learn from this one. I will have to keep a close eye on you as you decend into what i can only describe as the gloom.

    hear the voices, feel the pain and twist them and use them to your advantage, you are weak without them but with them as your companion you can posses power beyond your wildest dreams.... disturbingly dark dreams albeit

    i shall be watching you.....
  3. Mogluk

    Mogluk Guest

    *wonders wut the human was drinking*

    meeb iz watching lat....