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[Patch Notes] Patch notes for Incarna

Discussion in 'EVE News' started by EVE News, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    Patch Notes for Incarna

    Released Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Table of Contents


    Captain's Quarters

    • Station hangar has been replaced with Captain's Quarters where characters can for the first time step out of their pod. Please check out this Dev Blog for more information.
    • Captain's Quarters include the Hangar Balcony, allowing a view into the hangar with the active ship.
    • New 3D user interface has been built to support interacting with Captain's Quarters functionality.
    • Main Screen feature provides information about things happening in the EVE Universe, including Sovereignty changes, Incursions and more - stay tuned.
    • Main Screen includes the Interstellar Correspondents News Feed.
    • Captain's Quarters have direct access to several features; Agent Finder, Corporation Recruitment, Planetary Interaction, Character Re-customization and Ship Fitting.
    • A new camera system was built from the ground up to support avatar movement and various state transitions.
    • An extensive avatar movement scheme using Natural Motion's Morpheme has been developed to control your character; this includes an eight directional movement scheme accessible via keyboard controls, click to move and mouse driving.
    • Separate keyboard shortcuts contextual to walking in stations and flying in space together with a slew of options to customize the walking in station camera.
    • New user interface has been built for interacting with the Captain's Quarters.
    Character Creation and New Player Experience

    • New players start in a capsule not a rookie ship, and start out in the Captain´s Quarters rather than in space as before.
    • You are now required to have a full avatar created. If you are still without a new portrait you will be required to create an avatar before entering the game.
    • Initial missions and tutorials have been redesigned significantly, both to encompass Incarna gameplay and to make the first few hours in the Eve universe more accessible and instructive.
    • Initial tutorials include new Aura voice overs and images (in all supported languages) to help new pilots get familiar with basic EVE gameplay and interface.
    • Captain's Quarters Main Screen promotes content relevant for new players; Career Agents, Epic Arcs, Skill Training and Clones.
    • Aura has been created as an agent, and will distribute the new player experience. Old agents and the crash course mission string they hosted have been removed.
    • Various optimizations have been made to the categorization and presentation of tutorials, allowing new players to more easily find specific lessons.
    • If you were in the process of playing the tutorial missions, you may wish to start the tutorial over from within a station, using the tutorials tab of the help menu (F12).
    • Many of the piercings now deform and stretch more naturally with the characters face.
    • Code optimisation now cause assets to be switched out faster and more smoothly than ever.
    • The male body shape has been re-sculpted to look more natural.
    New turrets

    • EVE's turret system has been completely replaced. Turrets now have more intricate animations (activating and de-activating for example). Turrets are animated in hangar and fitting window. Players can now preview turrets from the "show info" option, even on turrets that they don't have the skills to fit/operate. The turret attributes are not changed.
    • The following types have been updated: Energy weapons, Hybrid weapons, Projectile weapons, Mining lasers (standard, strip, ice, deep core), gas cloud harvester.
    • Turrets can be previewed in 3D by clicking on its icon.
    • Turret graphics represent the onlined state of the turret.
    Virtual store

    • The Noble Exchange (the actual name of the virtual store) is now accessible through the Station Services.
    • New and exciting items can be purchased from the store using AURUM. Please check out this Dev Blog for more information.
    • A collection of classic military clothing supplied to the marketplace for male and female characters.
    • Dynamic banner ads are displayed in the store interface. All Noble Exchange offers are dynamic, meaning they can be changed on the fly without requiring a client update.
    • All clothing purchased from the Noble Exchange will appear as an item in your Items Hangar.
    • All purchased clothing items in your Item Hangar, for your gender, will now appear within character recustomization.
    • These clothing items can be sold, bought and traded on the market for ISK.
    • Players can now convert PLEX into AURUM via the Noble Exchange.
    • 1 PLEX is converted into 3500 AURUM. (Multiple PLEX's can be converted at the same time).
    • AURUM transactions are logged in the Journal.
    • All clothing items purchased from the Noble Exchange can be viewed on a 3D mannequin model via Show Info.
    • Optical accessories added to give players a cybernetic vision of the future
    • Optical accessories added to give players a cybernetic vision of the future.
    • Two mannequins produced to allow users to hang their threads in preview.

    • Six new generic missions added to bolster the mission selection of non-Empire factions.

    Behind the scenes stuff

    • There was a rather massive engineering effort to refactor Dogma. Dogma is the bit that handles attributes on items and how they are modified. This change shouldn’t affect players or change gameplay in anyway but is the groundwork for features in following releases.

    • Strip miners have an updated beam effect. It is still based on the old effect, only a lot cooler.
    • The following ships (and their variants) have a new thruster glow inside the "cone": Scorpion, Maller and Punisher. The plan is that all ships have this in the near future.
    • When players undock, the camera angle has been changed slightly. This makes the undocking process more visually pleasing.
    Turret Graphics

    • Tractor beams and salvagers now have their own turret models.
    • Turret Icons now correctly represent the look of the turret. Factional variance is also represented.

    • MarketOrders - orderID is now a 64bit integer instead of 32, and typeID is now a 32bit integer instead of 16.
    • WalletTransactions - transactionID is now a 64bit integer instead of 32. This applies to both char/ and corp/ pages, .csv and .xml.
    • MarketOrders should now only return a list of active and non-expired orders.
    • If you or your corporation produced more than X transactions between cache refreshes then the WalletTransactions pages would only give you the oldest X of those. Now, on the other hand, the API will give you the latest X and then you can page back to get the rest of the latest transactions.
    • Error Throttling – the API will start to throttle 3rd party applications that are generating a lot of preventable errors in a short period of time. This means better quality of service for everyone using the API so we hope this will be well received by the masses.

    • It is no longer possible to set up a ship to be impervious to scanning while uncloaked.
    • All probes can now contribute to a scan result, as opposed to the previous limit of four.

    • Several changes for consistency and linguistic issues have been made throughout the game.
    Corporations and recruitment

    • Corporation Recruitment has been redesigned to make searching corporations easier and more fun.
    • Searches are now universal rather than by region as before.
    • Corporation searches are now universal rather than by region as before.
    • Corp ad duration can be now extended.
    • Existing ads must be edited for the new options. They will still show up in searches, but will rank very low.


    • Client start up mechanics have been improved to heavily reduce black screening issues.
    Need for speed

    • Grouped-weapons have been optimized to further increase their performance gain compared to ungrouped weapons.
    • Improved the way that the names of channel participants are retrieved. It was causing large waits under load, holding up cross-node session changes.
    • Reduced some for communication overhead between certain server components. Please check out this Dev Blog for more information.
    • The server-to-client physics update message is now more efficient, both in size and in processing power to create and parse.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the client to take longer time to load than it was supposed to.

    • You are no longer told you are stealing when only stacking or moving items in the same jet-can.

    • Owners are now notified correctly about who is attacking their outpost.
    • You can now board ships directly from a ship assembly array and you can no longer move ships between arrays while in a pod.
    • Sound emitters were pointing in the wrong direction. This was a result of the work that made EVE's co-ordinate system right-handed. This has now been fixed.

    • Miners have incorrect sounds.