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PaxKratOkuT_T Auction. SAVAGE TAKE OVER Tuesday!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Lord Gareth, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    (RP storyline below advertisement.)

    PaxKratOkuC auction house has been taken over by the vile Niva The Savage, Sinhi and Sinthe. They will be in pure character as much as possible. This will prove to be a very interesting auction.

    For this occasion SOME items will be sold for the following

    Tribal Berries
    Savage Masks

    Yes Berries and Savage masks you HAVE TO PAY WITH THEM! So if you bid 50 Tribal masks on a potted plant you HAVE to pay 50 tribal masks by the next day.

    Most items will be bid on with gold but some special items will be opened for 5 tribal berries or Masks.

    Few items up for grabs.

    Flower Pot - 20 Tribal Berries Open
    Demon Statue 5 Savage Masks Open
    2 Roses 10 Tribal Berries Open


    This afternoon Lord Gareth took Niva the Savage out to an IDOC. He wanted to show her the many different things you can do in the world. Niva was not impressed at all but tolerated the human leading her around to different homes.

    They came upon a spot in trammel located where PaxLair city is in Fel. They marked the spot and continued on their way. Some time later the house caved in and items were all over but, Niva and Gareth missed that part. Once they arrived they looked at the land and Gareth decided to buy it from the Realtor. Niva didn't seem to understand why they couldn't just take the land with Spears and Bows.

    Gareth survayed the land for some time then told the builders to build a keep!. The open land was large enough to build one. The keep was constructed but Niva did not seem happy. She closed one eye, turned her head then stuck her toung out and said "Blah".


    Gareth was not pleased with that look. He took a moment then explained how they could sell the keep. Niva became very excited. She helps at the auction house and knows that selling an item is good. So Niva grabbed some bark from a tree and a white rock from the ground. She started to draw something then slapped it on the door. Niva turned around and stood proudly by it.

    "Keep for Sale! 30 Savage Masks and 50 tribal Berries"

    Gareth shook his head and said they cannot sell a keep for that.

    Niva turned to the sign scratched out the drawing then quickly drew below it.


    "Keep for Sale! 15 Savage Masks and 25 1/2 Tribal Berries"

    Gareth became frustrated because they were losing valuable selling time.
    He from what he told me. Nicely moved Niva aside and scratched out her drawing and wrote. "Keep For Sale 250,000,000 Gold"

    Niva shook her head slightly angry.

    (English) "What Niva going to do with GOLD!?!?!"
    Gareth went to reply but Niva said in an angry tone.

    (English) "Niva show Gareth how to sell items! Niva show Gareth on Tuesday when Sun going down!"

    Gareth went to object but Niva had already mounted her ridge back and started towards the Minoc/Vesper moongate. Gareth stood puzzled for awhile on what she was exactly doing. He went about his business and started to mark runes. An hour or so later it hit Gareth like a ton of bricks. Niva was going to take over the auction house on Tuesday at 8pm and sell items for Savage Masks and Tribal berries! He quickly recalled to the auction house only to find Niva, Sinthe, Sinhi, Karawyn and Vek storming the auction house with Spears and Bows. The auction house was being defended by a few Blue Guard members. The cannons were to inaccurate at close range and over shots the savages. Finally the savages took the auction house. Gareth and the Blue Guards stood outside and then Niva came out and put a bark sign over the auction house sign.

    PaxkratOkuT_T Auction house. (No Orcs allowed and NO GARETHS!)
    Tuesday at 8pm EST!