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PaxLair Statehood Meeting 6/24/08

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Calla Lily, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Calla Lily

    Calla Lily Guest

    Location: Arena outside Luna's south gate

    Date: 6/24/08

    Time: 9pm EST

    Who: All Statehood members, as well as anyone interested in becoming a member of the Statehood or allied guilds

    Officiating: Lady Treasure Isle, Acting Governor
  2. Sebrina

    Sebrina Guest

    Interesting! I searched for this post on this board last night starting at 8:30 Eastern time. Ran the calendar here...even checked the Paxlair page...

    About 9:20 after making a few runs to Paxlair and PaxOku, I checked the Stratics board, which I am not frequenting at the moment. Until I get word that things are fixed, I'm not even going to bug the mods.

    I'm not sure what happened to this post last night, but it was not there.

    -Not btchng, just looking for info and not sure what happened with this last night. T'was certainly not your fault Calla Lily, I see that you posted it early that morning.
  3. Calla Lily

    Calla Lily Guest

    Ohh, no wonder we had a small turnout :( Thanks for checking though!