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PC on Spider Silk Woven Shirt

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Anki, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Anki

    Anki Guest

    i've gotten it from pacific event years ago.. i'm not sure is it pacific the only shard got it all its across all shards but i think pacific has 8-12 pieces handed out
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey Bud,

    I know that there were definitely soem handed out on Europa as well, 6-8 I believe back then.. Only event i went too, and I failed to buy the shirt [​IMG]... Still feel sorry about that...

    Normally Event clothing without properties goes for 20-30m, so you should probably be aiming for the higher bracket here, as this is a cool item with a special hue... Id probably gun for 40m if I was you..
  3. GreenMonkey

    GreenMonkey Guest

    I sold my shirt for 100mil on alt :p , so id go higher
  4. Yea Green is right. I sold one a while ago for something like 60mil in trade value, and that was to a reseller. So it deffinatly can getch 75mil range if not more. 20-30-40mil, horribly undervalueing it.

    To generalize and say "non stat enhancing event clothing" sells for cheap, is a real bad assumption. I sold my Royal Navy Boots for 80 something million a few months ago. The "ostard skin boots" I just got are about to be sold for 175-250mil in gold/trade value (depending on what you price the items im receiving at).

    So while there are a bunch of these shirts out there, as there were with the navy boots, (not so much with the ossy boots since theyre real limited if not 1 of a kind). Dont count off non-stat event clothing as cheap stuff. You can absolutly clean up.

    Not to mention "Royal Guard Artisen" apron. I gave mine to a friend, but that is one of the most in demand non-stat EM item clothing. A lot of people want them but they are tough to find because people hold onto them. They can fetch over 100mil easily right now if you were selling.
  5. Anything that can be worn is going to sell for a lot...Simply because there are a lot of people out there who will pay it. 100 Mil on that definitely isn't unreasonable when Alec is getting 100 mil bids on the Tartan, and I just paid roughly 75 in trade for Dryad Sandles.