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peace tamer template

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by imperterritus, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. I'm developing a peace tamer, currently with the following template in mind:

    120: Taming, Peacemaking
    120: Animal Lore, Music
    100: Vetinary, Magery
    40: Meditation

    A guildmate has suggested it would be useful to have discordance also, but I don't know how I'd squeeze it in without popping Vetinary out:

    120: Taming, Animal Lore
    120: Peacemaking, Discord, Music
    120 Magery

    How viable would this template be, with no Vetinary skill available? Any other suggestions (even if just stick with first template...)

    -- Rock
  2. milk

    milk Guest

    it is actually very doable with the right items. especially considering the imbued jewels are almost tailor for a tight template like this.

    Currently I run a template exactly like your friend suggested.

    I chose human since it has base 20 focus 20 meditation for mr, and my items are all loaded with luck lrc and mr (just a minor plug here still looking for better arm/leg and glove pieces that ideally have all 3 properties in high intensity thank you!)

    I got

    120 - taming, lore, music, peace, discord

    100 - magery

    eventually i will have 89 vet real skill. If i can get another imbued ring that has taming/lore/vet/luck/lrc, plus 3 years and 9 months playing (20 more skill points) I then will have

    120 - taming, lore, vet, music, peace, discord.

    100 - magery

    It is potentially get 120 in all skills but then you would sarcrifice a lot of other very useful things such as high luck, 100 lrc, decent resist, and most importantly very few mana regen.

    Also at this stage, I after training both disco and peace, I think I probably get provoke at some point instead of peace.
  3. Milk, thanks for the reply. I assume you're saying if I build skills to 100, not 120, then I can fit in both Discordance and Vetinary. Then one can use jewelry and other enchanted items to boost the effective skill levels to 120. That's a lot of boosts, though (five: taming, lore, music, peacemaking, and discordance). Is it really possible to have all of those boosted by 20 or so at the same time?

    Oh wait, with my 720 points, I'd only need four of them boosted. Still, that seems like it might be hard to find just the right items for 5x legendary, plus GM on magery and vet.
  4. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    If you match 2 skills up together I'd recommend either provo/disco or provo/peace rather than peace/disco. Then you have provo for groups and you can either peace other mobs or disco something before you provo it.

    Now, if you're going with a tamer who has two bard skills like that, I'd suggest when you come to adding in the inevitable items, that you stick to boosting up bard skills. Then, regardless of what's happening or whether you're newly resurrected, you have your pets under control all the time. It also saves you shuffling items around when you visit the stables ;)

    What I did with my 2-skill bard tamer was to cap her taming skills at 110 as that was the real skill she needed for controlling all the pets she uses. If you wanted a dread or greater then you could always use the talisman and that won't affect your suit too much. I use those with my other tamers so it wasn't necessary for me. To tame new pets I put on skill items to hit 120 and take them off when I'm done.

    Vet is at 100 real because a) disco and voke supports my pets pretty well and b) I have vet skill on one of the jewels she usually equips so she gets a wee boost there.

    As for barding skills, I decided that disco was the skill I wanted maxed out at 120 at all times, because I use it all the time and it's the first thing I hit big mobs with. Then, instead of having music at 120 real I added the song woven mantle (arms) with +10 so I could drop her real skill from 120 music to 110. You can sneak +10 in from different spots, I just found those arms suited her suits nicely and they're cheaper than some other +skill kit :) And, this sounds girly, but she looks cute in them because her other armour is elven lol.

    My real skills in magery and provo took quite a hit - from memory my real magery is at 85 and provo 90 or so. I don't use provo all the time, and often it's on smaller spawn that doesn't need anything like 120 skill. I boost to 120 provo with items if necessary and I carry a +15 magery spellbook for when I need GM magery.