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Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Victory Dance, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. probably a stupid question, (I took an 8 year break from UO), so bear with me all you vets out there:

    the higher your peacemaking, the longer the effect lasts on monsters?

    how long is the longest effect you can have on a monster?

    also, how in god's name are you supposed to raise peacemaking? it is the slowest thing EVER for me to raise. and musicianship. i am bard/tamer and ironically it has been about 1 billion times easier for me to raise taming than peace.

    i've already GMed animal lore and gotten taming to 90.3 in the time it's gotten me to reach 85.0 music and 54.3 peace (*embarrassed*).

    i area peace myself all the time, especially around those orc camps on arctic island. i also went to wyvern island in lost lands and peaced there for about an hour. raised about .3

    as with all the other skills, is there a certain type of monster/creature you should peace from 50- 60, 60-70, etc.?

    if this keeps up, i'm going to get in a bad habit of falling asleep at my keyboard.

  2. Nenime

    Nenime Guest

    These are definitely not stupid questions :)

    In fact, the duration thing made me wonder as well. I searched a bit but I found no information about that the duration can vary. I never made this experience either. Maybe this was the case in former times - but I'm curious too for other answers. What I found on UO Playguide was this:
    About gaining, there is indeed no better way else to strike the area-peace makro key again and again. Boring, I know, but eventually you'll make it there. I remember that Music and Peacemaking were actually my first barding skills which reached Legendary status. But if you're not so much a fan of grinding (neither am I) then try this:

    1.) Check the stickies. They can offer you some suggestions. I recommend taking Music to GM first. But everything is explained there very detailed.

    2.) Go to the Advanced Search page of Stratic's Hunter's Guide. On {Barding Difficulty} type in your Barding skill heigh and maybe alter the "10" in field {Average}. Then {Sort by:} -> Barding Difficulty. Pick one monster from the list which seems to be appropiate to you.

    3.) Go to the Stratic Barding Success Calculator. Fill in your values and click {Calculate} (just ignore the second target). Depending on how dangerous or fast a monster is, try to stick within the 50-80% success chance range.

    I hope this could already help you a bit. If not, just keep asking.
  3. Gama_Isisson

    Gama_Isisson Guest

    The reason peacemaking seems to be taking so long, is because you haven't gm'd music yet. This means you are failing the music test as well as failing peacemaking tests. Concentrate on gm'ing music first, then worry about peace.
  4. the part about moving makes a LOT of sense about how the monster will retarget you. i will work on GMing music first. thank you guys :)
  5. uoBuoY

    uoBuoY Guest

    Training Peace

    GM Music and lock it. Get a Satyr (I think that's the one) at the Twisted Wield to Disco you, invis until he's not agro then area Peace until the cows come home. Stay with the Satyr or his Disco will wear off. This lowers your Peace by as much as 28% so you gain faster.