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Peerless Necro/Mage tanker

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Mercurio2234, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Mercurio2234

    Mercurio2234 Guest


    I am getting back to UO (5 year break) and have this following character. Sorry, I am not familiar with necro skill at all, but here it is (used an old soulstone from an account Ive purchased)...

    110 Eval
    100 Focus
    110 Magery
    115 Med
    100 Necro
    110 SS
    40 Wrestling
    35 Tracking (????)

    Most of this template came with outside of necro, so I am not entirely sure why some of the skills are there. What I am trying do is having this character strictly for PVM, mostly peerless, DF bosses. I do have a soulstone with 120 Magic Resist.

    Any recommedations would be highly appreciated.
  2. Chaosy

    Chaosy Guest

    40 wrestling is not even going to be worth having. It's all or nothing with defense for a PvM mage. Necro is an awesome skill for taking down large groups of low-mid level monsters because of the wither spell. At 100, you will never fail a wither, so unless you plan on using a lot of animates, revenants, or strangles you don't really need to go above 100 necro.

    Since SS affects your damage, I'd take that to 120, and the same with magery and eval. At this point you have:

    120 mage
    120 eval
    120 ss
    100 necro

    And you want at least 100 med for mana regen. The focus is not so important, and the tracking is pointless. Since you only have 5 skills, you have some options. You can either go wrestling for defense, which I recommend if you plan on fighting in spawns. Your other option is to use a mage weapon for defense instead (which is probably the best option as it allows you a free skill). You can get inscription for more damage, in which case you can put the 60 remaining points into focus or spellweaving. You can get 120 spellweaving, which is awesome for killing bosses. Or you can get resist, which I recommend taking to at least 110. Remaining points can be put into focus or spellweaving, and if you're using a crystalline ring in conjunction with a mage weapon you get +20 focus as well.