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People of Britannia!

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Guardsmen Militia, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. *An open letter to the citizens of Britannia.*

    Divided and discordant; two adjectives that could easily describe what our once great nation has become in the absence of our true king. So great was our division that upon the throne of our kingdom now sits a usurper.

    We can no longer ignore the evidence; we can no longer cower behind the false hope that others will pry freedom from the slippery coils of Casca.

    The obvious threat of the Republic of Vesper massing upon our borders must be addressed but the insidious influence of Casca must be our priority.
    The Red Menace and the Tyrant may squabble like children at the expense of innocent lives but they should be regarded as one and the same; both are scheming, calculating thieves and both cannot be allowed to extend their corruptive power.

    It is time to unite loyal citizens of Britannia; no more should you lie awake at night fearing the inevitable reprisals for refusing to kowtow beneath the heel of this malevolent fiend.
    With full knowledge of what awaits us Yew shall open its borders to all legal citizens of Britain, offering them shelter and safety until order is restored.

    Whilst we are prepared to rise alone against this threat, we shall issue an open invitation to all true Britannians to attend a conference this Saturday at 8pm in Yew's State Offices.
    This conference shall see an appropriate course of action discussed; rest assured however Yew shall act with or without input from her allies.
    Action must and will be taken to preserve the future of the kingdom.

    Bladius Dart

    Yewish Combined Forces and The People’s State Committee of Yew