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Personal Bless Deeds List

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Guest, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey All ,
    I know there is a post for these already ,but i have a good amount of them and thought i would post this list incase someone is looking for one they lost or just wanting to collect them. If i have one your looking for please send me a icq (242139394) Or PM me . I will update the list as often as needed.

    1. Aaa , Ack , Angelle, Amun-Ra, Arc Nampah.

    2. Lady Belle, Lord Beowulf, Big Johnson, Big Papa Pump, Bronze.

    3. CASSANDRA, Castle Maybe, Chasity, ChumlnMyl, Cinda, Clarence Whorley, Cohen,
    Contessa, Cracker, Creeps Sharky, Crinca, Crispy, Crowley, Cupid, Cy Kosis.

    3. Dadasfasf, Dark Angel, Debbie McCloud, Denier, Desire, DevilLynn, Dis Be Five, Dis Be Four,
    Dis Be Three, Driller

    4. Easy Open, Elelo, Elefteria Crete, Epiphany, Emperor Kal'el, Evil Death.

    5.Lord Falcon Regas, Falstaff, FayRay, Fay, Fishing Fred II, Flip Steele, Frenchie, Funky Fry.

    6. Gabe, Gavin Scott II, Gavin, Genna Moonsinger, GO TRIBE, GO BROWNS, GoD,
    Golddigger, Lord Gorel, Graven, Greeks, Greenie.

    7. Heathcliff, Heaven, Hill Jack, Hiloft, Honor.

    8. Ian Of Wood, Ikarus, IronWing, Ivan Svyatoslav.

    9. Jj , Jack Steele, Joe Miner, Jon Steele, Julianna.

    10. Kaine, Kane, Kasandra, Katherine, King Arthur, Kobe Tai.

    11. Lews Therin, Locke, Lucky.

    12. Maliosa McLean, Mangela, Matthew Tooley, Maura, Mav, Medellai, Minute Man' , Miranda,
    Miranda, Miss Fishalot, Myst, MysticGodess.

    13. Newbe III , NewOne, NewTwo, Nigel, Nitsut Ran Garn.

    14. Octavius, One, Lord Osiris.

    15. PAMILINA, PAMMIE, Phoebe Halliwell, PlumWine.

    16. Queen Sutanith, QuinTessa.

    17. Sage Beoluve, Sage Of Wind, Samantha, Scharcks Valince, Scriptor Rylar, Serena
    Windsong, SHades, Shadowman, Shannon, Lady Sheba, Shinobi, Shriken, Sister Alia,
    Slayer, Slayer, Slighter, Smithy, Smithy, Spatter, Star Of Twilight, SuckySucky.

    18. Rage, Rainbow Brite, A Rat, Ravens Rash, Regina Beoluve, RenobboneR, RugMaker.

    19. Tal Gilad, Taylor, Temple, Lord Thaddeus Swift, Tommy Hilfiger, Trashy Hooker, Tray,
    Troll, Trubadix.

    20. VALTHONIS, Vamp Willow, Vassago, Venya, Victoria Dee.

    21. Winger, Wishful Thinkin, Woodsman.

    22. Lord X

    23. Lord Zartanian, Zidane, Zlandor, Zoso, Zoyie McCloud.
  2. i have gathered a ton on atlantic also, and will try to make a list
    these things have become worth something ?
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    To someone that lost theres i am sure it can be worth alot, but that is not why i do it. I do it return those that are lost , or so those that collect such things have away of finding them. Plus it just feels wrong to throw such things out. And some are reather funny i think. [​IMG]
  4. glorypaxson

    glorypaxson Guest

    If anyone found one for an item blessed for Limlight I would be ever so grateful...I cannot find it and am stuck thinking I blessed something and forgot
  5. I think the best one I have is A Personal Bless Deed For Atlantic

    I love that [​IMG]