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Personal GW2 Stress Test Results from May 14th

Discussion in 'GW2 General Discussions' started by Zosimus, May 15, 2012.

  1. Zosimus

    Zosimus Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    You just have one of those great weekends and surprisingly the dreaded Mondays come along but that is just as great as your weekend? Well I just had one of those with a great friends, best damn soccer title run I have seen in years, and to top it off we had the ‘GW2 Stress’ Test on Monday the 14th.

    As I stated in my last personal review of the BWE weekend I was planning to focus on crafting but since it was just running for one day only at 2pm to 9 pm Eastern Time for me I decided to focus on WvWvW again. So I decided to tell my boss that I was taking the day off to beta stress test GW2 and he said ok. I am my own boss so I agreed with my own decision :p

    I wanted to try other things differently than the first BWE in the WvWvW environment. This time my team of guildies ran into smaller groups or solo exploring more of the land and trying out different options that WvWvW offers. So basically we avoided running with the zerg groups as much as we could. We all were on the red team and kept in contact in vent letting each group know what we found or discovered exploring. We tried many different tactics that the first BWE to try the many flavors it offers for all us who enjoy PvP.

    While on one of my solo runs I was on my archer. I had came across this small lake area and decided to jump in for a quick swim to the other side. I came up out of the water and was running up a hill to a cliff over hang area towards our Keep. I could hear a fight going on near me while I was standing on the cliff and had to look down and see two other red team members fighting a green invader. (For the ones who do not know the teams are blue, red and green and are on servers that decide your color you fight for.) So I decided to jump in on the situation but was too high for any of my attacks. I run and follow the cliff edge and the green invader jumps in the water to get away from my fellow red team mates. I jump off the cliff into the water and my weapons change to my spear gun and I swim to the action. After a brief battle in the water the green invader is actually still alive and gets out of the water and try to run away. We 3 red team members come out of the water and give a short chase and get him finally. Was a good fight and the green invader was very good at using his evade and knew when to time his heals. Remember, in GW2 you are dependent on your own healing since there is no holy trinity.

    On another team run with my partner in crime from Australia (she is very, very, very talented at PvP) we did some side exploring of the game in WvWvW coming across some of the little things many players may over look. The land that have crevices, or large rocks, cliffs and hills that some players may just run by in a rush to find some action can be used to help do sneak attacks or give advantage in large battles of groups near you. Both of us used the land and environment many times to our tactical advantage to snag small groups of invaders or solo players. This really helped in large scale battles when both or sometimes all 3 groups would come across each other in battle and we would use the environment as part of our strategy and flank them from above or behind them.

    Some players from all sides used the same strategy as above but we did notice when large groups ran across each other it was more of fighting a zerg and they would focus on the battle in front of them. So for the GW2 player nation out there, explore and get to know the land. It is your friend if you get to know the land. It is your worst enemy if you do not and your enemies do.

    I also had my settings for the the stress test in GW2 for part of the time at best performance and the other part at highest graphic resolutions. Ran smooth for me both ways in heavy battles and small group/solo battles. If you have not tried the highest graphic options yet I would suggest trying it and seeing the true difference what eye candy really and truly looks like.

    I know there have been some issues with some of the GW2 Player Nation concerning the melee professions. I came across many talented Warriors and Guardians during the stress test. GW2 professions are very unique compared to many MMO’s out there. You just don’t tank a character in GW2 like you do in other MMO’s. You have to use ranged weapons also and not just tank fully in and expect to live. Learn to use your variety of weapons, and choose smartly on skills and traits. Know when to evade direct attacks. This guardian came out of nowhere and saved many of our butts in defense of our keep on our walls. Many warriors I saw go from using a bow and then jump into the fray of battle with their sword or axe and survive by using their profession right.

    The little things that amazed me about WvWvW is not just all about PvP. The things I decided to do, the things I chose I wanted to do, the things I thought that may contribute to help my server was the best experience I had. I could run with the zerg, I could run solo, I could run with smaller groups. I could disrupt the enemies supply lines or pick off or slow down solo players running to the battles. I could stay back and protect my servers supply line. I could scout out and relay information of enemy groups running to areas that we need defended. It was all my choice and I still gained experience and contribution achievements in what I wanted to do.

    I also was a victim of zergs and small groups I came across. Not all my stories of glory benefit me and my E-ego. I decided to wipe out some harpies attacking my supply caravan and did not see the large group of blue invaders coming up behind me. I noticed the spell attack at first and by the time I turned around I saw a rush of enemies coming at me. I stood like a deer in headlights. Did a measly attack knowing all too well I was epically doomed. I took my death like a man. Yeah, I said a few choice words in vent for doing a rookie mistake and not paying attention to my surroundings around me while in battle. It will happen again and again but that’s life in a game.

    As a former DaoC RvR player I really truly think they caught that magic and more when they created WvWvW for GW2. You can see how ArenaNet has really paid so much attention to detail and what players are looking for in a game. The game may not be perfect for everybody, but to me, it’s a game that I know I will spend countless hours of playing and enjoying for years to come.

    Like I said, the game ran pretty smooth for me in many situations overall and no crashes or issues on my experience. Hopefully for most players will have similar results. I know the ones in my guild just one had issues during large scale battles lagging to no end.