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Personalize Your Avatar with Heraldry

Discussion in 'Shroud of the Avatar Discussion Hall' started by SotA Stratics, May 16, 2018.

  1. SotA Stratics

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    Feb 11, 2014
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    Screenshot taken by community member Oakenhammer

    Personalize your avatar and your home with custom imagery via our Heraldry system! Heraldry is a broad term that encompasses the design and display of coats of arms. Heraldry is can be added to various items worn by your Avatar including all four types of armor (Cloth, Leather, Chain, and Plate), Shields, and Cloaks. It can also be added to several decorations including Banners and Chests.

    Heraldry can be created using our Blazon Generator or you can submit a custom image (providing it meets our visual guidelines). Once created you can then use the Heraldry patterns in the game on an item to turn it into a heraldry item and display your coat of arms. Note that the heraldry displayed is determined at the time the pattern is applied by the person who applies the pattern.

    As of Release 53, heraldry is open for everyone through the sale of Heraldry Eternal Patterns in the Add-On Store and Crown Merchants! Note that these items are visually distinct from the Founder versions delivered in Release 52.

    Did you know that our Blazon Generator and our rules for coat of arms generation were started by a player group called the College of Arms? They studied traditional heraldry and were instrumental in insuring that our heraldry followed traditional standards.

    We have a large selection of Heraldry items to choose from and each release we add more. In Release 54 for example we are adding Standing Banners and Chests!

    [From a Dev+ Forum Post by Starr “Darkstarr” Long]

    Heraldry Standing Banners: Inspired by our battle banners, several players suggested making free-standing banners for heraldry. Michael “Hutch” Hutchison made these amazing double sided Heraldry Standing Banners (Long & Short) that can be placed without taking valuable wall space.

    Note that where you see the Lord British silver serpent on these items is where your blazon would appear, if no blazon is selected this would appear blank.


    Heraldry Chest: Michael “Hutch” Hutchison created this beautiful chest out of “the finest in Novian elm burl, lavishly adorned with gold leaf hardware, proudly emblazoned with your own unique crest”.[​IMG]

    Heraldry Cloak:

    Heraldry Shield:

    Heraldry Brewing Casks: Brewing is coming in Q2 and Michael “Hutch” Hutchison has created a suite of casks for Beer, Wine, and Spirits including versions that you can apply Heraldry to![​IMG]

    Heraldry Beer Cask: [​IMG]

    Heraldry Wine Cask: [​IMG]

    Heraldry Spirits Cask: [​IMG]

    They will be available in the Add On Store as Eternal Patterns that can be applied on craftable Standing Banners.

    Community Heraldry

    Meanwhile, players are posting screenshots of their heraldry in the thread they started and the results are still wonderful! We also started a new thread to help players with heraldry creation.

    Here are some of the latest screenshots: [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]


    Get Heraldry Patterns!

    Currently you can get the following heraldry Eternal Patterns on the Add-On Store:


    Heraldry Cloak Eternal Pattern
    Heraldry Rectangle Shield Eternal Pattern
    Heraldry Banner Eternal Pattern Set
    Heraldry Tabard Cloth Armor Eternal Pattern Set
    Heraldry Tabard Leather Armor Eternal Pattern Set
    Heraldry Tabard Chain Armor Eternal Pattern Set
    Heraldry Tabard Plate Armor Eternal Pattern Set
    Heraldry Eternal Pattern Mega Set

    We also added a Cloak to the growing number of items on which you may display your heraldry.

    To submit your heraldry request, see this forum thread.

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