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Pet Control Question

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Linius, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Linius

    Linius Guest

    I'm a new Tamer and I've finally been able to tame up and do some training with a pair of Bake Kitsunes. Generally I have tons of fun with them. I do however have some "control" issues. By way of background I currently have 110 animal lore and 99 animal taming. From everything I've read I should have 100% control. The pets are always kept at "wonderfully happy" loyalty.

    I have had 2 types of issues (which may or may not be the same control problem).
    1) I often have the pets in a dungeon and one (sometimes both) of them will go running or teleporting off to attack a mob. Despite my running up and spamming "stop", or "follow" the wayward pet will usually ignore me or sometimes start following me only to turn right around and head back to the mob it is fighting. This continues till the mob dies, or all too frequently, till I die trying to keep the pet alive.
    2) Occasionally in chaotic fights with many mobs, I will accidently target one of the pets with a kill command. Then of course the 2 pets start fighting. When I try to stop them by saying "stop" or getting them to "follow" me (or trying to get one to "stay") they completely ignore me and fight tilll one dies.

    I assume I am doing something wrong to have this little control. The 2nd problem is due to my own fat fingers and the pathetic targetting system (cursor drag) and I can accept that its entirely my fault. Even so, it would be nice to be able to cancel the unintended fight between my supposedly "loyal" pets.

    Suggestions? Insights? Blatant flames? I would welcome anything at this point.
  2. Motom

    Motom Guest

    Your problem is not really one of control as far as game mechanics go. When your pet attacks a mob and you tell it to stop or follow etc and it does, then you have controlled your pet. The problem is that the mob is then aggressive towards your pet, which in turn causes your pet to attack again, sometimes very quickly after your command. The real problem is that you have brought your pets into a situation that they are unable to handle. You will be much better off choosing an area in which you can control the situation better (ie less spawn). Kits are alot of fun, but they are vulnerable and you just can't go walking into heavy spawn with them.

    If you had peacemaking on your tamer things would be much simplier. A simple area peace would stop your pets from fighitng each other. Likewise walking your pets through heavier spawn would also be easier since you could area peace, "all follow me" repeatedly (limited by skill delay of course)
  3. Llewen

    Llewen Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I have three words for you, "pet balls" and "spam". Pet balls are a great way to extract your pet from a nasty situation. If you use UO Assist have using your pet ball on a key bind (I have them bound to key pad one and two for two pet balls). I think you can do the same in the KR client. The other thing you need to do, and this applies to both situations, is have your commands bound to keys, and just spam them.

    If they aren't in great danger but are running off on you, then just spam "all follow me". Hit the key as many times as you need to to get them to listen to you and move away from the problem while you are doing it. If they are in grave danger, run away, hit your pet ball keys and spam "all follow me", the same way as above. They will get the message. Just be careful if you get more than one or two failed commands in a row you can have loyalty problems, so have the food ready as well.

    If your pets start fighting, spam "all stop" and "all follow me" one after the other, if one is poison make sure your cure it, because they won't stop fighting if they are poisoned. Usually I find that they will stop fighting after spamming those two commands six to twelve times. You may need to heal one or both of them quickly while you are doing this, so vetting each pet also needs to be bound to keys (this is pretty simple with UOA, I haven't figured out easy one keybind vetting for KR yet...).
  4. You're biggest problem is that Kitsune can hit with their 'Rage' special attack which does damage over time. Every time that ticks for damage they will attack the creature again. This is a good thing for certain situations as it will keep them on their target.

    If you have two Kitsune fighting each other, it's a pain in the rear to get them to stop. Either peace both of them until the Rage wears off or spam (and I mean SPAM) all stop until the Rage quits ticking or they will just go back to fighting.

    All pets will go off after stuff that attacks them. If they have a few of the persistant special attacks or cast a delayed spell they may start coming towards you then turn back to attack the thing again when you tell them to follow. I find it easiest to eliminates whatever they are attacking and then keep going on most of the time.
  5. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Don't have any experience with Kits, my experience is mostly dragons beetles or mares, but I've had problems with multiple pets fighting each other. I usually invis them both. Sometimes have to do it twice or more but it usually stops them.
  6. Linius

    Linius Guest

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll give peacemaking a shot as that seems to be likely to succeed. I'll continue with my constant spamming, perhaps get some pet balls, and if the pets are fighting each other I'll also try the invis idea. I appreciate knowing I am not the only one with this problem and there are some potential solutions or at least ways to mitigate the damage.

    Thanks again!
  7. joblackjon

    joblackjon Guest

    I thought pet control peaked at 99%?

    Many times I will have my pets stay in a safe area and I'll check out the spawn before I bring them in.

    Every tamer has said All Kill and accidently targetted a pet. Wait until you target yourself! I've done that more times than I care to mention.
  8. Fluffi

    Fluffi Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 11, 2004
    Likes Received:

    If you have two Kitsune fighting each other, it's a pain in the rear to get them to stop. Either peace both of them until the Rage wears off or spam (and I mean SPAM) all stop until the Rage quits ticking or they will just go back to fighting.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I'm certainly not a highly experienced tamer, but I thought that spamming ANY command was a bad idea...

    ... ignored commands lead to a drop in loyalty, which leads to potentially wild pets?

    When the foxes go off into their own little world I spam targetted peace on them and hope that they calm-down enough to respond to an "all stop", but if they don't respond to the initial stop command, I go back to peacing.

    Have I misunderstood something concerning failed commands and loyalty? [​IMG]
  9. I dont have a tamer that can fail enough commands on a kitsune. If you didn't have max control you might have an issue. If you have max control, which he said he had, then spam away. One failed command is going to be immediately countered in loyalty by the next two successful commands.

    If pets refuse a command loyalty will drop. When they obey commands it increases loyalty. I use this fact when I tame some pack critter thats running around wild so I can use it. I just tame it and spam All Follow Me until it is wonderfully happy.
  10. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    Well they are spamming commands but they are not failing per se.

    Failing commands leads to your pet making a different sound (something to listen for if you twink and die and spam "All Follow Me" without your + 45 power bracelet on).

    Like my Cu makes the biting sound when he accepts the command, but he makes the "I'm Hit" sound when he does not obey the command.

    This post is more about why does the pet "appear" to disobey my command and keep attacking. The pet accepts the command but a millisecond later, self preservation kicks in and he runs after his attacker.