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Petition Requesting Re-Instatement of Dor As Moderator

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Del_Xavier, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. Del_Xavier

    Del_Xavier Guest

    To Xena, and/or other Administrators:

    My name is Del Xavier, of the Sonoma shard. I am putting forth this petition, in the hopes to show the number of players who support the re-instatement of Dor, whose moderator status was removed without a formal statement to the people who use the UO stratics boards of why she was removed.

    Dor's impartiality is one of the MAIN reasons I frequent the boards. Her willingness to put the interest of the players above her own personal interests, has made me respect her and the stratics boards, and made the boards here one of my homes, a home that I come to see the first thing every morning, and the the one board I check 5-6 times a day.

    I am posting my feelings, and requesting that she be re-instated, and I believe I am not the only player to feel this way. It is for this reason that I am asking that everyone who has been touched by Dor, and all she has done for the stratics boards, post their support for the re-instatement of Dor as moderator of U Hall boards, as well as Sonoma boards.

    We are not asking this at the expense of Joram Soulrift, but ask that he also retain his moderator status on the Sonoma boards. We believe that Dor, as well as Joram, are an important part of the Sonoma community, both by the service they provide to the UO community, but by their contributions in time and support, both on these boards, as well as in game. It is for these reasons that we ask for Dor's re-instatement. Thank you for your time.
  2. spinkickr

    spinkickr Guest

    well, you have my support,

  3. Greatfellow

    Greatfellow Guest

    Dor has in my memory been a wonderful moderator--in addition to being a great proprietor of the Sonoma YMCA. She's been kind, generous, caring, and savvy, in all my dealings with her. I'm one of many who read all posts bearing her name.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    we want DOR back and we will keep Joram

    Ghost, The Virtue Knight
  5. Add me to the list of supporters....
    I never would have came to Sonoma if it weren't for her...
  6. Person

    Person Guest

    I'm confused, when did Dor lose her moderatorship?
  7. Elrond

    Elrond Guest

    Of all the forums I have ever frequented, this has, by far, been the best moderated one ever. She handled trolls with a most adroit skill, and nothing ever got out of hand for too long. She never applied too much pressure, and never let things run wild. Unless I see a nice, formal statement giving good reasons for her dischargement, I will not be satisfied and Stratics' otherwise exemplary track record with myself will be blotted with a stain that not even time can remove.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *signs his name*

    I dont know what happened, nor do I really care. I think they need to bring her back. There are few people in this game that have helped so many and/or brought so many players together as Dor. She did an excellent job Moding and was always fair.

  9. Wyrmsbane

    Wyrmsbane Guest


    *pens name*

    *hopes Dor comes back soon*
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *signing petition*

    Aside from being friendly, helpful and all that has been stated, Dor added a gentle voice of reason to this forum and made it a place we love to visit.
  11. spinkickr

    spinkickr Guest

  12. Sir William

    Sir William Guest

    Add me to the list... Dor is OUR Moderator, and we would like her back please.
  13. I agree, Every Day I go to work and I have U-Hall up all day. I read the posts from 7:30 AM till 5:00 Pm between sales calls. I then go home and at about 9 PM I have this Board up till I go to bed at 12 Midnight.

    U-Hall and the people here are a part of over 12 hours of my every waking day. I feel as if you are my Friends and Family. I have met several of you in Real Life, and Dor is one of those people. She is one of the main reasons that I come here.

    For what ever it is worth, I would gladly give up my privilages here and become Banned forever if only she could be reinstated.

    I will keep her in My thoughts and Prayers, as I do all of you.

    Peace be with you My Friends and Family

  14. korgoth

    korgoth Guest

    I am one of the MANY people Dor helped get started on Sonoma. A little newbie with nothing, she opened her arms and home to me, provided me with training and equipment, and introduced me to someone who gave me a house. I also echo everything the others have said about her as a moderator.

    *Signs name "Korgoth of Catskills... AKA MistyPixie of Sonoma"*
  15. Person

    Person Guest

    Hmm, I've personally seen Dor only be a nice, caring moderator who took care of trolls and other such ROC violators. I can't imagine why they would take away her moderator position or take away her posting priviledges.
    She has my support unless stratics gives a good reason for her dismissal and what appears to be banning.
  16. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest


    I would like Dor put back as Moderator for the Sonoma forums, I like Joram as well and would like him to keep his status as well. Dor has continued through the years to try to help make a place where a community can grow be it in game or here on Stratics.

    thanks to her she made a place where people on Sonoma could go and communicate without being swamped by flame and massive ego fights. She is

    When I heard she was going to moderate a message forum on Stratics I thought GREAT! and went here and found a home here.. and because I came here I found some good ads and got DSL through an ad banner and life has been good since then.

    I was really shocked that she was taken out. Anyway this is my signature and the 2nd to the last post on UO Stratics as far as I know. It really isn't worth staying if Dor is going to be taken out like this.

    Thank you for the good stuff,
  17. Dragon Valor

    Dragon Valor Guest

    Count me in!

    Those people made a HUGE mistake taking
    away Dor's mod status! They dont even
    realize how IMPORTANT she is to US!

    If they did this to Dor then im afraid
    of the people that run stratics. I mean,
    who would not be afraid of people that dont
    even THINK!?
  18. *signs with great flourish*

    Here's to you Chicky Poo! I am all the way behind ya Dor! Pushing as hard as I can!

    Rose Bush
  19. Khal Drogo

    Khal Drogo Guest

    Hers to having both Dor an Joram moderate our beloved forum!
  20. Vidala

    Vidala Guest

    I don't play Sonoma, and I don't know Dor personally real well, but from what I've seen she deserves her moderatorship (if that's a real word /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif) back! I have seen her keep her cool through all sorts of "stuff", and she is what a true moderator should be, not a big boss with lots of power, but someone that interacts with everyone as an equal /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    *signs petition*
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think now is the time to quote those famous words, which have been uttered by many important and indeed, non important people, through the ages. Those words of course being :

    "What in the name of heck is going on here?"
  22. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    Xena, I'd like to put in a few thoughts here as well ...

    I've known Dor for a very long time. She used to be an active part of the Sonoma Notepads prior to moving over to Stratics. When she moved over here, I followed.

    At that time there were only a handful of regulars on the Stratics Sonoma boards and posts would hang around for weeks before moving to page 2. Even before Dor became moderator of this forum she took an active part in building the community that now exists there. She encouraged many die hard regulars of Notepads to come on over and give Stratics a try.

    In recent years, since she became moderator, I've seen her handle many difficult situations with professionalism and tact. She always promoted free speech and the exchange of ideas on the Sonoma forums. She's always remained neutral in the midst of heated discussions and kept things under control without stepping on anyone's toes.

    There have been times when shes had to be stern and punish those who have gone too far, but for the most part she's been able to keep a lid on things with friendly reminders and carefully worded persuasions.

    I believe Dor is one of the reasons why the Sonoma boards is successful today and I'm saddened by the removal of her Moderator status. I don't know the specifics behind this sudden change, nor is it any of my business. However, I do believe some sort of statement needs to be made to the regulars of that forum. Her sudden dissapearance already has several well respected and frequent posters talking about boycotts of Stratics (not just the forums, but the entire gaming network). Dor was a part of our community. Her dissapearance has had a tramatic effect on us which I can only liken to the loss of a family member.

    As a member of the Sonoma community and as a representative of the Stratics network I ask that you seriously reconsider recent actions against her. The least that the Sonoma board members should expect is some sort of statement there explaining the loss of someone we all respect and admire.

    Thank you.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *signs name*
  24. Count me in. I want Dor back! (Oh, and keep Joram too. *smiles*)
  25. Buckchop

    Buckchop Guest

    What are the reasons Dor had her status revoked? I find it hard to believe Stratics people would do this without reason.

    But even if there are good reasons, I still don't see how this is the responsible solution.

    Bring Dor back. Give the people what they want. It's not too much to ask.
  26. Wolfran

    Wolfran Guest

    *signs name!!*

    Dor has always been friendly to me, although i know her mostly from these boards i have met her quite a few times at the Y and found her to be a geniune nice person!!!


    At least give us a reason as to why stratics would do something so stupid!!!
  27. Jade of Sonoma

    Jade of Sonoma Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I am Jade of Sonoma. I add my name to Del Xavier's petition, whose hopes are to show a great number of players who support the re-instatement of Dor! What is going on? How can anyone remove DOR after witnessing the way she has faithfully and honorably served these boards?

    Until satisfactory action is taken, I refuse to post on Stratics Boards any further.

    Dor is the backbone of UOSS boards and a very good person!!! With such a person as Dor around monitoring the boards, things never got far out of hand. She is very ethical, kind and wise. I am surprised by this turn of events and know something is very wrong. What ever is at fault, it will not be in Dor's court. The best people are always the ones to be attacked by others for all the wrong reasons. I can't imagine any exlanation that will be satisfactory. The only thing that will improve the situation, will be having DOR reinstated.
  28. equinox976

    equinox976 Guest

    Maybe she doesnt want to come back?
  29. Kerrigan_DP

    Kerrigan_DP Guest

    *signs name*

    Dors been a great source of encouragement on the Sonoma board. Some of us "newbies" have her to thank for opening up.
  30. Jade of Sonoma

    Jade of Sonoma Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I wouldn't blame DOR if she doesn't WANT to come back. After all the work she has done and the time she has devoted to the boards, this must be a terrible insult. Why would she want to help any further?

    I just want DOR to know I stand with her, not against her, no matter what the reasons are behind these actions against her. She has proven to me by her words and actions, she is made of great metal!
    Every one makes mistakes & even a person like DOR is no exception. It is so easy for others to find one thing wrong and crucify a great person for it.

    In this case there is no jury and judge. Seems like another power play. If you read this Dor :) smile - for you know best.
  31. spinkickr

    spinkickr Guest

    oh, she wants to come back

    and, the reasons cant be discussed, thats private

    we just want Dor, and Stratics, to know where we stand
  32. Millicent

    Millicent Guest

    She has been a good moderator for Sonoma. That board is very busy and it's rare to find flames. It's a very community oriented place and I believe that she had a lot to do with that by using her fire extinguisher. I hope she is brought back and it would be nice to have two moderators, I would hate to see anything taken away from Joram.
  33. spinkickr

    spinkickr Guest


    What makes stratics great, is not the nifty doodads, nor the sponsors, nor the colors even.
    What makes stratics great, is the people.

    The people who gather information, who help things to run smoothly behind the scenes, who share information, who share their time, their effort, their work, their souls to make this a place people WANT to be

    Every time i get in a disagreement with stratics, I am told,
    We are just like you, only we have "jobs" here
    Well, I say, the people here, news reporter, moderators, admins are NOT just like us, they go the extra mile, they take the extra responsibility of insuring stratics IS somewhere people WANT to be

    Now, what with the harassment I dealt with when getting close to 10k posts
    and the SNAFU of me moderating, which, like this, I am respecting stratics and not making all of public, but through all of that, It was people like Dor, and Sparrowhawk, and Priam (and so many more too). Good people at all the levels of stratics who stuck with me long enough for me to see that, despite its problems stratics is good, who supported me when I needed it, who MAKE this place feel like home. Somewhere I not only want to be, but truly love to be.
    It is people like Dor who make others feel welcome, who put others first, who give stratics the amazing reputation is has.

    It is people like Dor who make stratics thrive. She has ALWAYS gone out of her way to help others, she goes to bat for posters, to make sure we have our wonderful forums. She cares, which is something that, though it is not their intention to appear this way, many of the moderators and most of the admins dont appear to do.

    without getting into personal issues and hurts and slights and particulars,
    Dor is good for the forums and the posters and stratics
    Will stratics die without her, i doubt that very much
    but, is it a worse place without Dor of Sonoma moderating UO Sonoma (and Uhall)
    most definitely
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Im in bring her back.
  35. Lady Starr

    Lady Starr Guest

    Dor has NEVER that I have seen done anything worthy of being banned from the boards she has helped build to their current state!

    *signs names proudly*

  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've been playing on Sonoma for 4 1/2 years now, and I've seen a lot of good people and a lot of bad people come and go. Never has anyone ever been more qualified to be planted firmly in the list of good people than Dor of Sonoma.

    I don't even agree with her views on PKs and punks--she's too unbiased and neutral for my taste. We haven't always gotten along perfectly, Dor and I. But that's just part of what makes her such an excellent board moderator--class and objectivity (and the amazing thing is, she manages to pull this off without coming across as holier than thou).

    In a time when every other Sonoma-related message board has gone to weeds and thorns, full of nothing more than flames and spam and endless ego inflation and rude behaviour, the Stratics Sonoma board is the one place we can go that has not even begun to succumb to such idiocy. I don't know Joram personally, but I gather from everyone else he should make a good moderator--but DOR is the reason why the Sonoma board has remained an entertaining, useful, informative, largely on-topic place for the community to meet outside of the game to discuss in game topics, plan events, ask for and receive advice, and just generally get a great deal more out of the overall UO experience. UO is what it is--and so addictive it is--because of the community, and in 4 1/2 years I have never seen a more focused, friendly, free forum for that purpose. Because of the Sonoma board, I have yet again had my interest in actively playing UO rekindled. NONE OF THIS WOULD BE TRUE TODAY WITHOUT THE GUIDANCE AND BOARD MODERATION OF DOR.

    (If she wants to come back,) BRING BACK DOR!
  37. imported_tyr

    imported_tyr Guest

    *signs petition*
    Stratics has good Mods, but Dor was an excellent Mod.
  38. *signs his name*

    Sonoma is my home shard. I frequently read about 8-10 boards each day, and from time to time, I also check out the shard forums other than Sonoma. There is no question in my mind that the Sonoma forums are by far the best I've read, and I believe Dor is (not was, is) a large part of that. She handled all potential problems extremely well before they got out of hand, and trolling posts were few and far between among the posters while she was a moderator.

    I don't know the reasons she was removed, but she's done a far better job than anyone could have asked on the Sonoma forum. It's difficult to imagine that there could be any plausible explanation as to why she was removed.
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *signs name*

    Realize the mistake you have made, and re-instate Dor.
  40. Sonoma Sam

    Sonoma Sam Guest

    Dor is so much of what we love on our board. Please please please let her back...our community is being dealt a potentially fatal blow...

    Thanks for listening....and Dor- we love you.
  41. Zarn

    Zarn Guest

    She did a good job!
  42. sse_goku

    sse_goku Guest

    *signs name*
  43. Icarius LS

    Icarius LS Guest

    Dor has always been a wonderful lady and an exceptional Moderator. I even created a character on Sonoma just so I could meet her! :]
    Please let her return, she is greatly missed.
  44. *signs name as well*
  45. bug

    bug Guest

    *puts pen to parchment and signs in favor of Dor's return*
  46. -Elrond-

    -Elrond- Guest

    OMG no way. Bring back Dor...how could they possibly see fit to get rid of her?
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have met Dor at the YMCA and at fight night in Felucca, both times I was impressed with her wit and charm. Her posts here are full of good sprirt and bring joy and laughter to many. Therefore I cast my vote in favor of this petition and ask for her return as a moderator.
  48. Akanah

    Akanah Guest

    You should know well enough that Stratics cannot discuss reasons why a mod is removed, for a few reasons. They are not obligated to explain why things are done, as they are a private matter between the mod and the admins.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Dor, but I don't believe that any number of signatures will change anything.
  49. Torquemada

    Torquemada Guest

    Hello Stratics,

    I have just recently begun to post on the Sonoma board and compared to many of the other boards this is one that see's alot of volume, action and meaningful posts regarding shard issues and events. I wonder why that is? The moderator? Thats my guess to, I knew you would agree with me.

    As has been stated in many, many previous posts this board saw no action until our Moderator Dor turned it around with time and commitment. One word.........

    *signs petition*

    Torquemada of Sonoma